We/Hi Clic is a Hialeah, Florida based rap group consisting of various members. Originally started by J Da High, Murdah Mouse, SupaNova, RMK, Nevaeh and several more. Fans to the group have stated this may be the best combination of local artists ever to be assembled.

The group is preparing for their album’s underground release with promotion from companies such as Budweiser in the works. Local performances and radio play is main priority for the group at the moment. Various social networks have already been presented with sample of the group’s music.

The group has members that spread through various corners of Miami Dade County. Many producers such as Titanz Entertainment, etc are responsible for helping create the groups dynamic sound. The group would like to also express thanks to all other channels that have helped the group in the past. Single albums from members of the group are also in production.

Blue Mike Gieson
Ding Mike Gieson
Saturn Mike Gieson
Signs Mike Gieson
Mixer Mike Gieson
Tester Mike Gieson
Shadow Mike Gieson
Snake Mike Gieson
Night Killeen and Gieson
Think Mike Gieson
Alone Killeen and Gieson














































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