Quick, RuN, It's the thought Police. How could you get in trouble for having a thought ?

what are the first two things that come to your mind,
when you think of the saying " Thought Police?

1. Pre Meditated ?

2. Suspected ?

3. Thought to have been plotting ?

4. Had thee intent too, or intended to ? We will show with proof
in the court today that he was thinking of going through with it ?


So, basically with what they would call proof , that is they are saying they new what
your brain was thinking and that your going to jail for thinking something ??

Have you ever thought about robbing a bank.
I'll bet you that almost every poor person in America has thought
about it at one time or another in their life.
So does that make me guilty and as a result, mandatory jail time ?

So what constitutes permission for someone to say they were in your head and knew what you were thinking at any given time in your life.
Do people really think they know what other people are thinking ?
And how they think. ??

How could you get in trouble for having a thought ??

Has society actually accepted the fact that we have elected special people to tell other people what they were thinking at any given time.

So where do you go to school to be able to get into someones thoughts ?

And are there only so many different human emotions, so as to be predictable as
to saying how some one would react in a given situation. Or Human experiment ?

So, take for instance a ant colony. Think of this as an experiment. So you introduce water
into their ant hill. And so you witness a set of reactions. Record those.
Now introduce fire into the ant hill. Witness the set of reactions.
Now introduce smoke into the ant hill. Witness the set of reactions.
Now introduce an army of different ants into the ant hill. Witness the reaction. Record results.
Now introduce poison. Witnes the reaction. Record the results.

Ok, so there was a experiment done on the ants. The experiment consisted of introducing all the elements ofl nature that an ant colony would encounter.
The results were recorded.
There were only so many different types of ant interactions and reactions when different variables were introduced into the colony.

Ok, so now we know exactly what to introduce into the colony in order to make it act or interact a certain way. Now after knowing all the different reactions to variables,
we now have the ability to make the ant colony act exactly how we want any time we want
because we know exactly what to do in order to make them act that way.

Ok, but ants don't think right? Their just animals. Right ?

So are we Humans animals.? or are we humans and not animals. LoL!
So is it the thought process that sets us aside from animals. ? Our reasoning skills within thought?
So then that would mean that we remember words, their sounds and their meanings.
So would it be safe to say that , as with the ant experiment,
instead of just introducing physical variables such as rain, fire, enemy ants,
we could also introduce not just physical variables but mental variables also.
Those would be words.
What I'm trying to get at is , by implanting the thought of something into peoples brains, consciously or subconsciously, then you can make humans react any way you want.

Is this starting to make sense to you. ?
What is the number one conscious or subconscious information planter on the planet. ?
Answer: Propaganda through Mainstream News and Television,