William Barr = Bad PicK
He sees no evidence
of a Witch Hunt.?? FR F.N. RL..?
Why..? Because William Barr has been one of Robert Mullers best friends for over 20 years. Their wifes and children play together for christ sake.... Bad Pick Yo!!

Also ,
What Stinks More..?
The F.B.I. or A PiECE of SHiT?
Robert Muller,
James Comey,
Hillary Clinton,
And the rest of the F.B. I.
Fucking Stink...!!!!!!!!!!!
Attn:...!!!! To the F.B.I. ..!!
This is a RED FLAG ALERT...
Your Organization, The F.B.I. and the D.O.J. have lost all respect from ALL conservatives in O.U.R. G.R.E.A.T. Nation...
If you can't shape up, then We the People will no longer be able to take you seriously...
No REally, It's already
2 dat point...


HEY MR. ROBERT MUELLER, we have a couple questions for you that we would like answered...
We were curious about the nude selfie that you have been carrying in your brief case...
Question 1. How long have you been carrying this nude photo of a dick, around in your suitcase..?
Queston 2. Since you , James Comey and the FBI are the going joke of the Century, we were curious
if you will be investigating the dick picture by making the people who you think are owners of the dick, drop their drawers. Because we are not sure how else you will be able to investigate...
Unless you already have dick pictures of the people that you think are the owners of the dick, in the dick picture selfie...
Question 3. Was there some distinguishing characteristic that we will be able to tell by the picture of the dick when we are looking for the owner. Like for instance, is there a mole, or wart, or maybe a tattoo, or rainbow colored hair on the dick. How will we be able to tell who's dick it is just by looking at the picture Robert????
Question 4. Since the FBI is now a laughable joke,
How will you Robert Mueller , and James Comey,
fix the reputation of the FBI..?? Because you two and Obama, and Hillary just used the FBI, and the FBI is trying to let you guys get away with ruining good people lives just because you don't like Trump.. How will you restore honor in the FBI.??

Conservative and Liberal... Who assigned these two slanderous names to Republicans and Democrats...
They are both mis leading terms by most common definition....
When you were in grade school,
what definition did you learn for the term Conservative? When i was in grade school we were taught that it related to such words as sober, conventional, catious, unflashy, square, strait, prude, but was more referred to as a measurement of an amount ... A controlled amount ...
And as for the word "liberal", when in grade school, we were taught that it related to words such as abundant, ample , plentiful, generous, but again, was more often referred to as a measurement of an amount . Wether it be an object, liquid, or thought....
So, by being taught those definitions of conservative and liberal when you were a kid,
your brain automatically defaults when talking about conservative and liberal pertaining to politics, and the basic and first definitions of the words and how they were taught to you in grade school, are automatically affiliated with and trick your brain into assuming and conecting how you were first taught the definitions, to the
political use and meaning of the two names...
Why i'm telling you this is because, when it came to college, and the introductory of politics in to young minds, we WERE NOT taught the propper definitions of the words conservative and liberal... Those to words were just somehow kinda swept under the rug and not explained to us as students in grade school or college...??????
But being in College, you can only imagine the pressere on kids to join a group, club, click, gang, or what ever you want to call it. And in order to feel like one would fit in, you would have to pick a side..
And i don't know to many college kids that are watching the news and up to date with real time politics in our great nation. So, the question now becomes, Q: which side do you think the uneducated college kid would pick solely by ones comprehension of the definition of Conservative and Liberal.... I can bet you more than not, a college kid will pick the word liberal and the side liberal, based on the students P brain sized database of informed political involvment... And the fact that the student knows that when it comes to the word liberal, he and she knows they are going to get more out of the government...????
More amounts of what you lazy ass snowflakes..!
So this leads me to another question...
What year did the brainwashing of our children start?
As far back as the early 80's...?
Or even further back?????
Who pushed the two words conservative and liberal on Republicans and Democrats...
ARen't both the words conservative and liberal,
misleading in definition when pertaining the words Republican and Democrat????
So when you think Republican or Conservative, as taught by default , you automatically think prude, no fun, lack of, ???
And when you think Democrat or Liberal, as taught to us by default, your brain automatically thinks of words like more money, more party, large amounts of in stone and thought...
If it wasn't for my dad explaining this to me, i wouldn't have been aware that the word conservative when talkin politics actually means more money in your pocket, more money for party, more money for new car, bigger house, more freedom, better life style. Less taxes, less crime, less drugs, less disease....
I wasn't aware that the word liberal when pertaining to politics actually means less money in your pocket , more taxes, more laws, less food, shitty cars and houses, no money for your kids, no jobs, no health care, a shitty economy, no nothing .... A life socially engineered for people that don't want to help themselves, with out accountability for their actions on society....
Now Im not saying that we need to swap names with liberals and call us conservative folk liberals also. No , that just wouldn't work..
More to come....

Savage Rhymes is calling for all democrats who own guns to give them up...
You Will Not be needing a gun anymore....
And after we round up all you democrats because you won't be able to protect yourselves
, we are gonna ship you all to Mexico for the Vacation of your lifetime, after we build the wall, so you can be with the rest of your Anti Gun Amigos....
That means anti gun "friends" in case you don't speak spanish...
And for a limited time only,
if you turn in your gun within the next 24 hours,
we will pay for your Dream
trip to Mexico for FREE...
So "you the democrat",
can see just how safe it is in Mexico,
which by the way is out side of OUR FRONT DOOR. Because guns are not allowed in Mexico,
you will not have to worry about any criminals or villians... But during your vacation,
you will see how Mexicos People celebrate ...!!!
By hanging colorfull pinata's off of ropes...!!
But if you look closer,
they are not pinatas,
but they are actually cut off human heads....
So what are you waiting for "MY DEMMY"?
Come get your free trip to mexico today..!!
Just Turn over your guns........ :)
That's all you have to do...
Just save one more baseball player,
and one more country music fan... ?

Hey California People..!!!
Here's a thought to ponder for all you peeps here...
To Mr.Jerry Jackoff Brown and all you brainless zombie democrats living in Cities like S.F. who support open borders... ATTN:!!!
W.E. H.A.V.E. A. C.H.A.L.L.E.N.G.E. F.O.R. Y.O.U..!!
So listen up. I Savage Rhymes am challenging every democrat in California to remove the front door on your house aaaaaaand the door jamb...
What will this prove you may ask...
Well let me tell you after living here in L.A. and San Diego for 22 years this is what will happen you ...
If you have a young daughter, she Will get Rapped while your sleeping and so will your wife. But you will never know that because you got stabbed first by the person that just walked in your front door while you were sleeping.. If you have anything of value in your house, when you leave for work and then come home, your valuables Will Be Gone.... Your house will turn into and intstant homeless shelter crack house full of undocumented illegal aliens, that of which can claim squatting rights, and you by law, will not be able to have them removed. They will have the right to stay at your house while smoking crack and injecting heroin from Mexico and other south american countries, even though you don't want them there. If you take your front door off of your house in California, every thing inside will be stolen and taken from you...
I promise you this will happen to you ...
The one thing I Savage Rhymes have learned since living in Cali, is that you NEVER LEAVE YOUR DOOR UN-LOCKED... This is a B.i.G. NO! NO!
And because of the open border, CALiFORNiA
You are not safe from criminals or police, in Cali..
So, for you my Demmy, to sit here and tell me that on our side of the border its safe, you would have to be fucking nuts.
So, I will challenge you again...
Go ahead and remove your front door and doorjamb for just one week,
if you don't believe me......
But i still don't think you get it...
The front Door to Our, We the Peoples House,
doesn't work and is basically wide open already...
Hey Trump, you said you would build the wall....

If you wouldn't leave the front door to your house open because we know it's not safe outside, then why would we leave the front door to our Great Nations border open to Criminals, Drugs, Disease, and Evil???
What are you waiting for Trump?
It's time to "BUiLD THE WALL"!!

Which one will it be... A. HeartBeat of America
or B. Sell Out of America...?...?...?
What is this Bull Shit about Chevrolet having cars and trucks made in China...?...?
Are you gonna be a sell out to China Chevy...?
Are you reeeeeeeealy going to pay Chinese people to build our trucks over American citizens building our cars and trucks...?...?
What kind of BullShit is this Chevy...?
ARe you really going to assume the name
" Chinese Piles of Chevy Shit "...?...?...?
That's just not and would not be fucking cool... :(
This has to be a laughing joke right...?...?

No Chevy...!...! Your not going to trade American workers for Chinese workers are you...?...?
Every American knows that almost everything built in China,

Is Fucking Junk...!
And that Ain't, NO JOKE...

11/28/2018. Who is supporting and promoting and furthering the music scene at the moment in the U.S.A. ????
The answer is , Not A Lot of Peeps or Websites..
myspace sucks, youTube is a buy per play illusion,
Who or what website is outthere currently promotiing and helping new artists come up in the muzic world????????????
Savage Rhymes is.... ;) !!!!

Hey, by the way.,,,, Build that Fucking wall.. ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

11/26/2018.. When you report " Fake News ",
" you ARE, the Enemy of the People "... True Dat..!

Google the current population of the United States
Now divide the number of illegal aliens by the current population. If the number 12.5 million is correct for illegals, then 1 in every 17 people currently in America, should NOT be Here...!!

"Nosotros tienes un Grande Problemo Amigos!!... "
In other words, we have a Big
Fucking problem Folks...!!!

Rick Scott Wants to change the legal age you can purchase a gun from 18 to 21. This is what we have to say to you Mr. 2nd Amendment Hater...
Rick Scott, you are a
"True American
Dick N Gun Grabber...!"
Please Read Below My Friends...

Comment - it's amazing how fast things get done when
white people start dying.. ( From the Liberals Play Book )
Strategy #1. >> Killing our children in the name of more gun control....

Deeper - no where in the 2nd amendment is age stated or noted
as a requirement for your god given constitutional 2nd Amendment right to own a gun and defend yourself against criminals, robbers, murderers, and Rogue Governments.

Deeper - Between the time when the 2nd Amendment was written
to current future, the United States Government has slowly been chipping away at We the Peoples gun rights... Slowly chipping away, because most human beings don't have a very long memory, thus the U.S. Government has been taking advantage of this fact over the last 100 years and longer... The U.S. government knows that if they were to all the sudden try and take our gun rights away in a rash mannor, that the vast majority of people in the U.S. are willing to spill blood, for their countries freedom. We the people, are the greatest army in the world with more guns per person than any other nation in the world. But the U.S. Government knows, the only way they can take our guns away, is by doing it very very very slowly.. To the point where we don't notice or remember past laws up to this point in time...The whole idea of writing the 2nd Amendment was not to ensure our hunting rights. No where in the 2nd Amendment does it say anything about hunting. The 2nd Amendment was soley written so that We the People can retain the fire power to stand up to an out of control, over controlling, and over bearing government as we have had to do in the past... Now one of the normal liberal arguments is that the founding fathers only had muskets back in time, and that they would never have invisioned the guns we have now... But the fact of the matter is, the U.S. government has been chipping away at our gun rights to the point that if we did have to stand up to our own government went bad, that the playing field isn't equal now... The weapons and guns that our current U.S. government has, are far superior to anything that any so called adult citizen of the United States is allowed to own. Thus, they have chipped away to the point where we now Do Not have the fire power to stand to our current government or gangs if we had to. We are to the point where the U.S. government has already taken away most of our gun rights.
What gun rights do we even have left..??? It's to the point where there are 8 month waiting periods on some semi auto guns because the gun is considered a rifle but with a short barrel. A class 3 weapon. Look up N.S.A. 200$? tax stamp..?? Where in the 2nd Amendment does it say the U.S. Government is allowed to tax our god given gun rights.?? ARe we taxing GOD now.??,,,,,, , 10 years in jail for ataching a front hand grip to a pistol.?,,,,,, 10 years in jail for ataching an A.R. lower on a rifle to an AR pistol, because the recoil tube has a shoulder rest atached to it.?,,, 10 years in jail for ataching and AR lower from a pistol to an AR rifle upper.?,,,,,But you can buy an AR rifle upper with a short barrel, which is still considered a hand gun, that does not have a shoulder brace, but instead an arm brace.?,,,,,10 years in jail for cutting a barrel shorter on a rifle.?,,,, ... All of which are federal felonies = 10 years in prison. No bump stocks? We have 3-D printers now or, just use a belt? Bump stocks don't allow you to shoot with accuracy anyhow.. Check out Silencer co... They make a musket with an atached/fixed silcer that you can get shipped mail order to your door with out a tax stamp because a musket is not considered a gun.?,,,but, 10 years for having a silencer without paying the tax stamp.?.... Last time I checked " REAL " assault rifles were outlawed in 1938 then again in 1986. Then " ALL ASSAULT RiFLES "were banned again in 1994 ???? There are too many grey areas,
of what is legal and not legal with guns anymore,
as a result of U.S. Government gun grabbing and people control.
Now, they are grabbing for magazines, and the number of bullets you can shoot in a gun, and pinning an age at which you can legally buy and protect yourself with a gun, and sayin you cant own a gun if you have a felony even if the felony doesn't pertain to violence,
and on, and on, and on... Hey, anybody know how thick this government gun rule book is?? And how many gun laws are in it that seem no different than the tax code book. Too many to understand...
Watch out for your 18 to 21 year old daughters now.
They won't be able to buy a gun to protect themselves now....??
It has already gone waaaaaaaaaaaaay too far my friends.
I, Savage Rhymes, after thinking about it, am humbly calling for a rollback on gun laws pertaining to what you can and can't own... Too many technicalities...
Too many ways to get in trouble for just owning a gun....
Remember, a gun owner is a partiot and not a criminal..
There are all ready waaaaaay to many gun laws.... It's time to roll back gun laws and stop making more.... This is, the next push... So please, join me , in the roll back effort... The government is spose to be by the people for the people. But is is now, do as we say, or go to jail...
Because, the U.S. Government has the True Automatic weapons,
and We the People have been subdued, tricked into and left with one shot at a time plinkers... JOiN Me In the RollBack my friends...
This is the Next National Push by Savage Rhymes...
Join me my friends and true american patriots..
The time is now, before it's too late........ .....................

Deeper - gunowners would be fools to ever believe the gun controllers will be satisfied...

Deeper - By limiting the age to 21 and older to buy a gun, you "AUTOMATiCALLY" force all other human being below the age of 21 to buy a gun on the black market. You inadvertently create a demand, and thus enrichen the sale of guns on the black market.
No matter what age you are, you have a right to protect yourself...

Deeper - iF you raise the age to buy a gun from 18 to 21, that leaves a small segment of law-abiding adults vulnerable to home invasion or other criminal acts in their residence. Not legally be able to defend themselves. Leaving girls 18 - 21 as PRiME RAPE TARGETS...

Deeper - A girl is 18 and lives alone. She is threatened by a stalker, she calls the police and they will get there when they can. Left wing lunatic gun grabbers left her hanging out to dry. Think about that.

Deeper - “Passing a law that makes it illegal for a 18 to 21 year-old to purchase a shotgun for hunting or an adult single mother from purchasing the most effective self-defense rifle on the market punishes law-abiding citizens for the evil acts of criminals,”
You gonna tell me 18 to 21 year olds now can't go hunting by them selves with their own gun. YOu can get a hunting license at 12 years old. You gonna tell kids they can have a hunting license, but can't purchase their own gun to go hunting..????
So who's gun will they use? Fact of the matter is, kids from age 5 to 18 can just be given a gun.. By a family member, or a friend, or maybe a gang member... There is no age limit when " Giving a gun " to another person...
So, why is there even an "age limit" to purchase a gun..????

Deeper - Great. Now the shooters have to be 21 years old to murder children. Problem solved.

Deeper - What Gov. proposes is more lawlessness catering to emotion and disregarding the rights of 18 year old adults.This is pandering.

Deeper - Either you're an adult at 18, or you're not. Lets make up our damn minds and have some consistency with our laws.

Deeper - If 21 should be the legal age to constitutional rights guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment then 21 should be the age required to for all rights and privileges of adulthood.

Deeper - So, 18-20 year olds can get sent to war but they will be too young to be trusted with a gun? LOL You can't make this stuff up folks.

Deeper - According to the military, young men at 17 have to sign up for selective service i.e. draft papers in order to vote. So, why should anyone be forced into being 21 to own a weapon? It's repugnant.

Deeper - What part of taking away a Constitutional right from the people of any age group become a good thing? When did giving Constitutional rights to illegals entering America become the normal?

Deeper - So we raise the age to 21, does that mean that they will raise the age of being able to be drafted or join the military to age 21 also?

Deeper - If an 18 year old joins the Florida National Guard, and is required to carry an M-4 rifle, they are now in violation of this STUPID Law. Not to mention, their 18 year old spouse at home with the kids is no longer legally allowed to DEFEND their lives while the Soldier is away from home.

Deeper - We cannot restrict the rights of anyone having attained the age of 18 as they are an adult legally for all intents and purposes.

Deeper - So once again, the "conservative" solution is to infringe on the rights of 18-21 year old CITIZENS? Gee, haven't we seen this before with booze?

Deeper - So...,. If the laws are changed to require a minimum age of 21 for weapons and liquor, why should we allow an 'immature' 18 year old to vote? I certainly don't want voting rights for anyone who can't be trusted to make safe decisions about weapons or alcohol..

Deeper- Kids are protesting away their own rights. Maybe they shouldn't be making gender changing decisions at that age or be voting either.

Deeper - There is no gun debate, just an agenda to render us defenseless as the students in our schools.

Deeper - Everyone already knows, that most mass shootings happen at a "Gun Free Zone"!

Comment - At the moment schools are just shooting galleries for these nut cases, that NEVER attack police or army bases, because they know they will be guned down the moment they raise any weapon.

Deeper - Cities that have the strictest gun laws have the highest crime rates.

Deeper - “Banning specific weapons and punishing law-abiding citizens is not going to fix the bad guys,”

Deeper - More gun control in a nation with 300 million guns out there already won't do anything.

Deeper - If you raise the age, do it uniformly. You cannot have double standards, 18 an adult to vote and serve in the military but 21 to buy a gun or a beer. Stupid, one age for adult status, pick one 18 or 21 and stick with it and make it universal to all things requiring "adult" status.

Deeper - Change the age? Wouldn't have changed a thing..FBI still didn't follow up on a creditable threat, and the resource officer still didn't do his job to protect the kids. Failure after failure, but yeah, let's punish law abiding citizens with even more laws nobody will follow.

Deeper - f you're going to raise the minimum age to purchase a firearm to 21, why not go ahead and raise the voting age to 21?! If you're going to make a blanket statement that you're too immature at 18, to understand the consequences and responsibilities of gun ownership, you're definitely too immature to understand the responsibilities of voting. **By the way, raising the minimum age to purchase alcohol hasn't stopped people from obtaining alcohol at 18, or 17 or even 15 years of age. Making drugs illegal hasn't stopped drug usage. What makes you think raising the age to 21 is going to stop anything?**

Deeper - So if gun laws don't curve turn gang violence, then what makes ya'll think gun laws will prevent mass shootings?

Deeper- Terrorists and thugs could care less about new or old laws..

Deeper - A sword never kills anybody; it is a tool in the killer's hand."
- Lucius Annaeus Seneca

Deeper - Guns are Guns.. Murderers are the problem..
People with emotional issues/mental illness with no way to see an outlet or wisdom to let some things go/ overcome / ignore...

Mental illness is, the #1 gun issue

Deeper - There are already laws that restrict people with diagnosed mental issues from getting one. Maybe he should start with voters with mental issues. Specifically, those who vote to take away their own rights.

Deeper -
All mass killings in the US do have one thing in common; psychotropic meds. " Big Pharma, always gets a pass, in this situation..?" Reason being, your ill health is the number one money maker for the U.S. Government.

Deeper - 4400 people dead on American streets due to drunk drivers already this year. What is the government doing about it??? I want answers and I want all alcohol selling to stop right now!!!Gun ownership is a constitutional RIGHT, unlike drinking which is only a privilege. This age 21 nonsense will be struck down by the supreme court. Adulthood for all constitutional rights begins at 18.
But to be real, when your born...

Deeper - Opioid abuse killed 30,000 Americans a year. Where is the outrage??

Deeper - More kids are killed every year by cars than by guns. Where's the outrage?
More kids are killed every year in the liberal run inner cities in one year than all the school shootings combined in the last three decades. Where's the outrage? It's not the gun, it's the degradation of moral integrity of the people that is the problem.

Deeper - We don't need tighter gun laws, we need people with guns guarding our kids, who are not cowards, who will actually go in. THE DISGRACEFUL FBI WONT INVESTIGATE, and we all know SHERIFF s ISRAEL DEPARTMENT< WONT GO IN ! GET A AR 15, ARM YOURSELF< DEPEND ON YOURSELF< THE FBI and THE SHERIFF ARENT COMING>

Deeper - Since liberals have no problem in limiting or taking away 2nd amendment rights, lets start with the 4th and 6th first. If they had taken away his 4th amendment rights against unauthorized searches and seizures and his 6th amendment right to a sped trial and legal counsel if detained he would have been stopped. Over 1,600 children under 15 years of age die each year in car accidents. Nearly 8,000 people are killed in crashes involving drivers ages 16-20. Why not ban cars while we are at it.

Deeper - They put 50 armed deputies at the entrance to every government building except schools. Kids only get one guard while politicians get dozens. Pathetic.

Deeper - LiberTards think AR stands for "assault rifle".
Which it doesn't.

Deeper- Snowflakes hate the 2nd Amendment just as much as they hate America.

Deeper - IF you do NOT follow The US Constitution to the letter, you truly are NOT a Legal Citizen of the USA

Deeper - You can count on it that the Florida governor wouldn't have said a word if the tragedy occurred in Oregon or Wisconsin.

Deeper - Gun Restrictions ? Did he not witness his Coward County Sheriff Israel have his wimpy deputies hide behind their cruisers until the building was stormed by another department ?

Deeper - Cowards will no longer be allowed to work as police officers, security guards, or allowed in the Military and armed forces..

Deeper - Armed guards at every door that actually do their job? That actually WILL confront an active shooter?

Deeper - I'm not against tougher laws, however the police and the FBI have proven that they can't even enforce the laws that are already on the books.

Deeper - Recall this moron Rick Scott. He swore an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution against ALL enemies both foreign and domestic. HE HAS BECOME part of the domestic enemy.

Deeper - The purchase and possession of firearms should be limited to US citizens. All non-citizens should be required to turn them in within 30 days. Any illegal alien found in possession of a firearm after that shall be deported.
Surely liberals will support any common sense gun law that gets guns out of the hands of criminals, right?

Deeper - it has become clear to me that the government and liberals want to ban all guns. why? so when us normal americans get fed up with the immoral world they are creating, we cant fight back. i say lets do it now.

Deeper - Liberals kill children by abortions and adults by promoting violence in response to every perceived grievance.

Deeper - We need criminal control, not gun control. But they are pu$$ys who don’t have the nuts to combat the ACLU by PUNISHING criminals.

Deeper - Democratic Senator Bill Nelson said, " I have hunted all my life. I still hunt with my son. But an AR-15 is not for hunting. Its for killing."

Response - Ummmmmm you actually do kill when you hunt.. Typical liberal non logical thinking.. Read the second amendment and find me where it mentions hunting.. My AR-15 works just fine for hunting...

Comment - YOu say other firearms besides the AR - 15 arent used or designed to kill people. I'm not sure what your smoking, but i always thought all firearms had their origins to kill just about anything including but not limited to people...?

Question: So,,, why are the kids having walk outs in school.?
It's not like someone just all the sudden talked to all the kids behind the teacher and parents back...No...

And the kids aren't having walkouts because of the parents tellin their children to walk out of school .... No...
So why are kids walking out.??
If you think about it, Obama was in what's hard to say " Power ", the last 8 years. And what's one of the first things the Obama administration did to schools.?? They changed the school curiculum and the way the history books read.... Kids don't get into politics much below middle school. They are too busy just being kids... And it's just recently that kids have started to act this way. In part being scared to have a school shooting at their own school. This shouldnl;t be a constant worry for a middle school or High school student, and you can't blame the kids for being scared. This is, a real life horror movie that's effecting everyones emotions. And along with liberal teachers, together with the new revised history books and teachings of the gay culture at early ages, the teachers have actually successfully brainwashed our kids in front of our eyes.... It doesn't make sense that kids would be protesting their own gun rights away for 18 to 21 year olds... Nope doesn't make sense. It didn't just come to this point in history all at once. And so in order for the teachers to keep their manipulative " molding of our kids agenda " under the radar,
the teachers don't let you see what they are teaching the kids. They don't let you know what they are telling kids behind the classroom doors.. Because kids minds are so easily manipulated, you could tell a kid just about anything with a strait face, and they would believe it... Kids minds are easily tricked into persuasion.. And thus, i'm going to have to put the blame on the Teachers at the Schools and what they are telling and teaching our children behind our backs....
Teachers are to blame.... Liberal Agendistic Teachers...
I'ts time to start firing school staff and teachers who have taken it upon themselves to inject their political agenda into the mind of your kid with out the parent knowing......
Teachers are responsible for the school walk outs because the students have been mis informed....

Yo Trump...
You want to change the purchase age from 18 to 21 in order to purchase a gun...????????
For one, what about " Adults " who are 18
and join the armed forces??
You can actually get a waiver to join at 17...
You going to take away the 2nd amendment right to own a gun
to soldiers who fight for the freedom of our nation and come back before they are 21..?????
So a soldier is allowed to protect ones self by purchasing a gun, but not his 18 year old wife?
For two, what about being below the age of 18 and being tried as an adult for a crime...?????
So are we now going to change the age at which you can be tried as an adult to 21...?????
Are we now changing the age at which you become an adult..???
Your gun laws are directly messing with 18 to 21 years olds freedoms to self protection...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Or is it that that people are becoming stupider by the year,
and we are unable to teach people the rulez and respect for the gun as quickly as we use to...???
If that's so, then it is a teaching issue......
This would amount to what our children are being taught in school.
Or is it the chlorine and flouride in the water that's dumbing our brains ...???????????
I can't believe that kids would be protesting against themselves to change the age at which the protesting kids can get a gun.....???
That doesn't make sense...
Mr. Donald, if you move foreward with increasing the age at which you can buy a gun, then........... ,
you will automatically lose a whole lot of your support from me...
Savage Rhymes.... This will be a point, in which i, Savage Rhymes,
will actually start casting negative vibes your way...
I promise you Trump, that if you change the age at which you
can buy a gun, I will POLITICALLY ruin you, your family, and the respect that you currently have IN OUR GREAT NATION....????
It's one thing to claim that your a conservative that's against any infringment on We the Peoples 2nd amendment right...??
It's another thing to claim your a conservative and claim your support for the 2nd amendment, and then not support it...
Mr. Trump , you said, Quote, “I’m a fan of the NRA,” “There’s no bigger fan. I'm a big fan of the NRA. These are great people, these great patriots. They love our country. But that doesn't mean we have to agree on everything.”
This is where your wrong mr. Trump. You D.O. , have to agree with everything the NRA says.. The NRA is, the 2nd amendment...
I'm going to tell you this Mr. Trump once.....



A man was MURDERED after "some type of device???" exploded on the front porch of his home in Austin Texas, HaverFord Dr. on Friday March 2nd 2018, officials said.

i Savage Rhymes Think we need to ban packages...
New regulations, raise the age limit on sending packages. Tougher background checks on people mailing anything.. Just ask Feinstein...


"Democrats are holding America's government hostage, in order to grant amnesty, and over throw our great nation.." What a disgrace, to see all the Democratic Congress sitting on their asses thee entire time through Trumps Speech. There was nothing but "good things to say" about the prosperity of our nation.I now think of liberals after seeing the No Moral ass sitting character show, as a complete waste of time on planet earth. Your lives are a waste of space in our nation... Fuck you Liberals. Every last one of ya. Go shoot your selves in the head, for having no moral character what so ever.. WE'll supply the Gun and Ammo. LoL.....! "Congress"
Nancy Pelosi, another ultimate cunt trying to bleed her menapause all over our nation.. One disgusting old wrinkled ass wretch. Peel Old Seed...Feb,1,2018

Savage Rhymes Says No to Mental Mind Fuckery..!

The best code of conduct is to let those who are behind
doors, do what they want behind their own doors...
There's no need for you to be thinking about what other
people do behind their doors in their Drawers..
That's Private..!
But for someone to force a behind the door agenda on you, whether you knowing or not, is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. Period.
We can "All Agree", that a person with a phsycological problem or mental disorder, "Should not own a Gun"..
We can also "All Agree", that a person should not be allowed "Access to a Gun", such as police or military personel, if one suffers from a mental disorder, or phsycological problem in the head...
When you ask a phsycologist if being gay, or
identifying as an opposite sex, is normal, they will tell you with out hesitation, that it "is" a mental disorder and a phsycological disfunction. What is your first instinct when
you see a guy dressed as a woman. Most people would
think that there is something wrong in the guys head. What's your first instinct when you see a guy wearing makeup going in the girls restroom. Most would think, "that dude shouldn't be in the girls bathroom".
So here's my question to you the reader.....
Why are we allowing people with phsycological disorders and mental problems, into the Military and Police Academy to have access to buttons connected to missles and guns to use as Power Control Devices..???
"We The Mentally Stable People", Do Not accept allowing gay men, and opposite sex identifying lost
souls into positions of power with guns or buttons. Savage Rhymes says, you really want some mentally unstable mind fuck telling you what to do with a gun in your face or else...?? What are the odds, that if there were enemy missles coming in from a foreign country, that the mind fucked man in the army suit, decides not to push the anti missle button because it was a conservative city?... REMEMBER FOLKS, a mental disorder mixed with a liberal agenda is a threat to our country and national security... NashVille got leveled,
but HillCrest Sandiego still stands?? I don't give a fuck if your willing to die for our country or not. You life is not an excuse for your mental disorder. I can't imagine that any guy identifying as a woman is humanly capable of being a conservative. There is no excuse what so ever,
for having mentaly unstable people in positions of power
when it comes to protecting our Great Nation "MiLiTARY" or Patroling our American Streetz............. " COPS" . .
Beware America. HEED THY WARNiNG...
The Traps are being set.
Altering our thoughts about mentally incompetent people,
and placing them in strategic positions amongst the rank,
is one of the predecessors to the take over..

at least in the United States...
At this point , and anything past this point,
I, Savage Rhymes am now calling BULLSHiT!,
on anyone,,, who shouts out " RACiSM, AND YOUR A
I'm gonna tell you exactly why
there is no racism anymore.
" Racism, might have ended when Obama became
president... Of course that's old news, but, here is the
reason why there is no more racism, and oppression of
blacks in America... It can be answered by asking
one question... ARe you ready..? Here's the question..
Q: Can you name one thing, just one thing, that a
person with colored skin cannot do, because they
are not white in America..??
I can't think of anything.... Can you?
This means there is no opression of people becase of
their skin color... And if you can say that with confidence, then you can easily say that Racism, past this point,
is now made up and fabricated. Let's be real.. The butt of a most jokes have to do with making fun of different races, but if your just not comfortable in your own skin, or not proud to be the color you were given at birth, then your not helping the situation with your insecure backlash to nothing anymore....
Yes, the news stations, are now creating and fabricating racism where there is no opression of black folk....
This is very dangerous..!!
Any news station, news reporter or government official who creates and fabricates fake racism in a news story or any story propagated to we the people, should be put in jail, or beaten alive FOR CAUSiNG TENSiON.... For causing tension between different races of human beings when we have finally come to a point in history, where there is none anymore. At least in America.. You have to remember that pressure bursts pipes. Fake News just isn't right and should be punishable.......Meanwhile, in recent news, Africa just voted to take all "white owned land" away from the white people.. And you wanna talk about racism..?






" iS IT RiGHT,
NEVER LiVED TO SEE ..????????



" iF ,


With the election of Trump,
we are seeing a rare moment of clarity,
in the deliberate chaos,
that Liberals call progressive thought.


Proposed 28th Amendment to the United States Constitution: "Congress shall
make no law that applies to the citizens of the United States that does not apply
equally to the Senators and/or Representatives; and, Congress shall make no law
that applies to the Senators and/or Representatives that does not apply equally to
the citizens of the United States ."

We as animals of the planet earth
will not be bound to a piece of paper
saying we can or cannot group together
and communicate as human beings.
We will not tolerate boundaries of communication.

" 98% Of All M.A.S.S. SHOOTiNGS,


Do it for the children... the easiest slogan to use when curtailing freedoms.

Yo! What Up BiTCH!
cHECK THis out my Republican Friends..!
Pictured above is C.E.O. of Google and guess what
he's saying about us deplorables...??
All you have to do is just Google the word "Conservative"...? YUP... :) And you can read the Google C.E.O.'s definition and thoughts about us Republican folk. Just to say a few of the words..
Red Neck, Right Winger, Radical, Square, Strait..??
I think the Google C.E.O. is a Racist Piece of Shit.. Yes, the Google C.E.O., by his definition of us is fucking racist....


Hey Africa = Take All White Owned Land
Away From All White Folks in Africa..
Who is the HEAD RACiST in AFRiCA?
Your going to take land away from people who
rightfully paid for it through sweat, just because
their skin is white?????
Savage Rhymes must ask,
Who is the leader of the Most Racist Nation
in the World .. AFRiCA .. ??? .. RACIST LEADER?


" I can't believe that kids would be protesting against themselves to change the age at which the protesting kids can get a gun.....??? That doesn't make sense...
What are teachers teaching our kids???

April 7th, 2018
Our Freedom of Speech is
Under Attack.!!

U.S. law enforcement agencies have seized
A website where we " Savage Rhymes Radio ", connected with musicians and artists in the music world.. Why should you punish law abiding website users for the actions of a few?
We have no control over what other people post on websites.
The U.S. Government is getting OUTTA CONTROL, with their censorship bullshit....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Control of communication is what's happening here..
THiS iS T.O.T.A.L. B.U.L.L.S.H.i.T.

- Comment. I thought that websites were not legally responsible for what their users write on it.

- Deeper. Websites can't control user based content unless you completely censor all communication online.

- Deeper. If two consenting adults decide to trade currency for pleasure, why is that anyone's business?

- Deeper. Amazing! Perfectly legal to give it away for free but illegal to pay money for it

- Deeper. And whom exactly decides which websites, books, music, films etc are to be shut down next?

- Deeper. I can only imagine that all other social media sites will be outlawed soon too. Facebook, Twitter, Periscope, etc. It's not fair to condone the actions of these websites. I'm not sticking up for the sites however there is a constitutional right of free speech. If the government can take take away one of our constitutional rights, how long will it be before they take all our rights away?

- Deeper. If it was regulated properly then it wouldn't be an issue.

-Deeper. Governments loves to control us.
They just make up new laws to fit their agenda

- Deeper. And the erosion of free speech begins..

- Deeper. sounds unconstitutional to me

- Deeper. where are the "it's my body my choice" people at???

- Deeper. Anyone else think christian mingle and LDS singles dot com are next?

- Deeper. Our freedoms are under attack, if you can’t see it WAKE UP! Repealing the second, closing down sites for material posted by others, government intrusion into our privacy. All these are within the last two weeks.

- Deeper. Only because the government makes no money off of it. That’s why it’s illegal.

- Deeper. Now how about shutting down ebay for selling millions of dollars worth of stolen property and pirated goods from China??

- Deeper. Criminalizing prostitution doesn't stop it and allows the trafficking of children and adults to blend in among the consenting adults that aren't hurting anyone and shouldn't be turned into criminals for doing what people have done throughout human history. Legalize prostitution among consenting adults and law enforcement can focus on the actual criminal side of this that needs to isolated and eradicated.

- Deeper. Not personally familiar with it but if it's used primarily for adult interaction then there is definitely a 1st Amendment problem with shutting down the entire site. A less restrictive alternative is just going after those posting for something illegal. (I'm assuming that law enforcement knows how to monitor the illegal chatrooms). But shutting down an entire website is dangerous precedent no matter how well intentioned.

- Deeper. Just how far are we going to let our government go?

- Deeper. Just going to force this activity onto the deep web, where it will be encrypted and untraceable.

- Deeper. Trump does not understand not everyone can buy a beauty pageant to get dates.

- Deeper. Just go to Vegas. It's legal there.

- Deeper. the morality police have once again chipped away at your freedom.

- Deeper. This is a bad precedent and eroding of free speech. Soon they will shutdown tinder and many dating sites for that matter. People should be worried about this. The better solution is to legalize prostitution like many countries in Europe and treat it, tax it, and regulate it as a business. That would be the best solution. Sex should not be considered as evil rather more as a natural part of being a human. It is sickening what the government is doing.

- Deeper. How much of your liberty are you willing to sacrifice for an illusion of safety?

- Deeper. Well they need to shut down Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, those websites do the same thing...

- Deeper. Read the law that was passed. It's "for a good cause" which is how we always end up losing civil liberties. It is in direct violation of first amendment. It's not going to stop human trafficking and we have lost civil liberties in the process. Now they are going to have to shut down OK Cupid, POF, Tinder and all those kinds of things. Tons of prostitution on those apps.
Hows about just legalize and carefully regulate. It's working great with weed and if people have access to willing sex workers then the market for people that have been trafficked goes down considerably. Seriously. Think about it.

- Deeper. This idea that there is rampant sex trafficking is BS. 99% of them on there were doing exactly what they wanted to. They provide a needed service. Leave them alone.

- Deeper. Just a guess...but I'd say less than 1% of ads on BP were related to "forced prostitution" or "child prostitution". Another example of the Gov't trying to control the vast majority over the actions of a small few. The sad think is that in many of these cases it's the people themselves that are asking for more gov't control. Be careful what you wish just might get it...and then the gov't will control it.

- Deeper. I've never seen a child or anyone nearly underage on backpage so I don't know what these people are talking about. Seems like there's more to it.

- Deeper. forced prostitution is one thing, voluntary contract between adults is nobody's business.

- Deeper. Do it for the children... the easiest slogan to use when curtailing freedoms..

- Deeper. This is setting a bad precedent and violation of the first amendment. People should be worried about this because where does it stop? Soon many dating sites will be shut down for the same reasons. The better solution would be to legalize prostitution like in many European countries and regulate it and tax it like a business. Legal age sex should not be considered evil because it is part of being human. People need to open their eyes before any more so called "freedoms" are taken away.

- Deeper. BREAKING NEWS!! You’re never gonna get rid of the oldest profession in the world.

- Deeper. Just another example of government taking control of our lives. Craigslist was first, now the Backpage, what's next?

- Deeper. Going back to good old days of street walkers and side of the road negotiations.

- Deeper. This is B.S. the cops have known about backpage for years, and many also saw the escorts themselves. Honestly prostitution needs to be legalized. I don't agree with underage women working, or women being forced to work against their will. It's a victimless crime. The woman is happy , so is the man, and no one gets hurt. Screen the women for diseases, and make them get a license, and legalize it. Make sure the locations aren't near schools or churches. It's that simple. NUMEROUS Asian massage parlors are full service prostitute parlors everywhere in the U.S. i guess the cops will pretend they don't know about those either.......It's all b.s.

- Deeper. When ever the gov tells you they are protecting you BEWARE

- Deeper. Well...back to walking "the track" girls...sigh

- Deeper. Slippery slope when you start limiting free speech on the net.

- Deeper. I don't like Backpage, but if they loose their lawsuit, say goodbye to the 1st Amend. If Gov can bar this site, they can bar any..

- Deeper. Sex is illegal now.

- Deeper. If two consenting adults decide to exchange money for pleasure, the IRS wants to see a 1099

- Deeper. No demand, no supply. If American woman would put out more, you would not see this kind of thing. Lower divorce rate, better relationships. Woman own their own bodies, if they want to sell, it's up to them.

- Deeper. I have gotten dates on facebook so shut them down also

- Deeper. There are single mothers all over the country, who are crying beause they used backpage to find work to feed their kids, and now that's gone. There are a LOT more people than you think that depended on that site to make a living. It's going to get very ugly, if this law is upheld.

- Deeper. Why not making prostitution legal, like in Europe, way less rape crimes.

- Deeper. How is an ugly guy spose to get a date anymore... Looks like rape is the only altenative...

- Deeper. One was advertising for 130 grand a pop. It had to go down.

- Deeper. Wow! Banks ef us, credit-card companies ef us, private schools ef us, health-insurance companies ef us all day, tromp ef's us, republicans ef us, and we're worried about a guy putting his wee-wee somewhere? Really?

- Deeper. Now girls 18 - 21 can't own a gun and they are now theeeeee prime and number one rape target for Ugly guys since the ugly guy can no longer get any....

- Deeper. Please tell us more about these "internet and free speech advocates." We need their names.

- Deeper. I wish the government would worry about, and spend more time and resources on preventing terrorist attacks and school shootings, than worrying about consenting adults doing private business between themselves.

- Deeper. Doesn't the government have better things to do then control our lives?

- Deeper. What two consenting adults do in their free time is none of the governments business.

- Deeper. We know the real reason why the Govt shut the page down was because they couldn't tax each transaction.

- Deeper. why didnt they just use the information that was being put out there to clean up and arrest the people sending and using the ads, that was half of the work the police needed to make arrests.

- Deeper. Another violation of our rights. I hope it get over turned by the supreme court. More government cover up. Where is Trump? He needs to stand up for our freedom of speech. Hey Trump..!!!! He is here to make America great again, and not get rid of our rights!

- Deeper. Well, that will dent a bunch of people's incomes (for a while), but why is it other countries can manage to have legal prostitution and websites with related ads without some government agency stepping in to act as nanny? (Not saying they have no trafficking, but they find other ways to find and prosecute those people) In other words, this was completely unnecessary and probably more for show than to actually help trafficking victims.

- Deeper. Force it under ground and issues will happen worse

- Deeper. Feel like I’m back to my communist country where everything is sensorsed and strictly controlled by the government!

- Deeper. Wasn't backpage similar to Craigslist where they also had other areas, like where people could sell stuff?

- Deeper. Eventually well be watching listening and surfing what the govt deems appropriate. Right up there with disarming

- Deeper. So after 15 years Backpage finally forgot to make their monthly payment to the "law" enforcement....

- Deeper. There ultimate goal is to control everything we do.

- Deeper. Censor the internet. Should we learn Russian or Chinese first? Thanks GOP!

- Deeper. The Conservative want to take freedom of the press, Liberals want to take away the second Amendment. We the people, need to stop bickering and stop the government that is determined to become a socialist government.

- Deeper. Make prostitution legal. Make them hold a license and pay taxes. This may help with age. Prostitution is the oldest profession next to politic. Society can't stop it but redirecting it may be possible.

- Deeper. As long as it is between two consenting adults not involving a 3rd party like a pimp, and or a minor it should be perfectly legal!

- Deeper. A lot of those girls actually were working as licences massage therapists.
Are we going to outlaw paying to get a massage next...

- Deeper. Who and why are they trying to control who we interact with and how we interact with others.???? These controllers are anti American....!! and need to be jailed....!!

- Deeper. While we need to stop forced prostitution, I thought what a woman does with her body was her choice.

- Deeper. "court in Arizona ruled the case remains sealed, which puts any legal information under wraps." Secrete court rulings...not even a FISA court? Ain't America great in 2018?

- Deeper. sharia on the march

- Deeper. Is there something I'm missing? Maybe I should have had a peek at Backpage to see what all the fuss is. I think the authorities should start shutting down bars and nightclubs, too. Too many people are hooking up there, as well.

- Deeper. going to do is go underground. At least your were able to know from the Ads and bust them. Now they won't be found as easily.

- Deeper. "The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children has told Congress that nearly three quarters of the cases submitted to the center relate to ads posted on the site" - well, if the geniuses who are so interested in finding missing children are correct in their own statement, then why not turn the site on in order to FIND THOSE MISSING KIDS?

- Deeper. Why should someone permanently disabled be denied the comfort and companionship of another human for their entire lives just because it offends our religious beliefs.

- Deeper. Only thing this will do will help to drive it further underground and make it that much harder for law enforcement to identify it and actually do something to help anyone who may be involved in it involuntarily. Seems extremely short sighted to me.

- Deeper. A huge step.......against our basic civil liberties. Still no convictions regarding the billions lost in the 2008 bank bailout, but they sure manage to jerk around this little website. And women should be able to do whatever they want with their bodies. How backwards can a country be.

- Deeper. This is an outright attack on our first Amendement..

- Deeper. Its ok for stormy Daniels to sell her cat on tv or to trump but I am not allowed to pay for a little strange on the weekend?

- Deeper. How many escorts has Donald been with?

- Deeper. How SPANKY met Stormy?

- Deeper . How I am ever going to find a good massage “therapist” now?

- Deeper. Will our future have any freedom to do what we personally feel as an individual is a right as long as it harms no one? I feel the government is getting too big a grip on peoples rights.

- Deeper. Good. Now they can get rid of 50 Shades of Grey and the Magic Mike movies too.

- Deeper. But regular women won't talk to me.

- Deeper. I'm a married man, now where do I go to have sex??

- Deeper. WHat about Match?

- Deeper. This is how it starts. Wrap a sinister law around a noble cause that no one can condemn.Then watch whats happens next as the scope of the law gets "interpreted" by those with the silent agenda.

- Deeper. It's beginning...........

- Deeper. The government has gone too far.

- Deeper. The working girls life just got a little more dangerous

- Deeper. if prostitution was legalized and regulated there wouldn't be any sex trafficking, or at least very little and all the resources of law enforcement would be available to combat it. it works in germany, it works in australia, hell it even works in nevada. licensed brothels is hardly a silver bullet but it makes it a lot easier to pick out the unlicensed ones.

- Deeper. I just don't see how they can "seal" case after case, especially when new case law will be built upon that case. We are ruled by a secret gov't.

- Deeper. They won't enforce our immigration laws, but they enforce this?

- Deeper. Largest porn industry in the world, yet prostitution is illegal. lol.

- Deeper. I've never encountered any minors on these sites when I've used them.

- Deeper. One small step for Man Kind, One giant step for Control over what the Government says what we can do. I am not a supporter of the Back Page but I do believe that this law will be abused like all laws by some governmental control freaks.

- Deeper. They always use the excuse that they are protecting children when they abridge your rights.

- Deeper. This is bad news for our free speech.

- Deeper. There is a freedom of speech issue here, and when this goes to court - and it will - the government may very well lose.

- Deeper. In the USA is it NOT illegal to hire an escort.

- Deeper. Outlawing prostitution only ENABLES pimps and child traffickers.

- Deeper. it's starts like this and before you know it,. they'll have other excuses for shutting down other sites

- Deeper. Free speech advocates better read the U.S. Constitutions and what the Founding Fathers said about Free Speech.

- Deeper. So... we're going to stop the worlds oldest profession, by unplugging the worlds newest profession. Yeah. I don't think so, but nice try!

- Deeper. So are they going to target Tinder, Bumble, and other dating sites next? STAY OUT of our lives!

- Deeper. If they REALLY wanted to end forced prostitution and trafficking they would legalize, restrict, and regulate it. But somehow I doubt that politicians want their brothel visits being on record and would rather pay in cash "under the table".

- Deeper. Ya know. Because when the government takes away your rights its always done to "save the kids" or " stop terrorism" .

- Deeper. because prostitution didn't exist before the internet and will cease to exist now.

- Deeper. In the book 1984, Big Brother also suppressed sexual freedoms as one of their forms of control.

- Deeper. If due process was not used then no, the fbi commited the crimes.

- Deeper. Does anyone else find it ironic that those who espouse free trade, do so when only upon their own terms?

- Deeper. This is a violation of the First Amendment. It will have minimal if any effect on trafficking and it will cause such websites to choose to base themselves in countries where they CAN'T be touched by the US.

- Deeper. Get your darned hands off my 2nd Amendment protected bump stock, my AR-15, etc. Won’t even talk about it. First amendment? Shut everything down!!

- Deeper. So, if the law isn’t signed, and the courts have ruled in the past the website wasn’t liable, why are they arresting people now?

- Deeper. this sets a very dangerous precedent irregardless of the legality of the actions occurring on the site.The government has been trying to gain control of the net for years and this possibly opens the door for more control.

- Deeper. The new add will read “ free sex with purchase of t-shirt”. Thanks for forcing them to the good side

- Deeper. Prostitution is one of the oldest professions. If it is regulated by the health board and between 2 consenting adults ... what is the problem ? Oh that's right .. the government isn't taking their cut.

- Deeper. By making it illegal in the name of "decency", we as a society facilitate sexual slavery and make pimping a financially rewarding profession. If you ignore or simply regulate the acts of consenting adults, it frees up resources to focus on the real depravity of sexually enslaved minors. That will never go away either, but considering the extraordinary harm it inflicts on the powerless, there is no choice.

- Deeper. As long as they still approve of us encouraging our young boys to become girls!

- Deeper. Sex is considered the worst crime in this country.

- Deeper. VERY DANGEROUS! Government seems to never weaken its control of the populous.

- Deeper. t’s not just about the illegal acts committed, but sets a very scary precedent for freedom of speech. This was not the way to fix that issue.

- Deeper. Freedom of expression taken away by gubmint (1st amendment), next up is more attacks on the 2nd, which will de facto take with it the 4th (illegal search and seizure) and the 5th (self incrimination). Next up after that? Re-orientation camps to be re-socialized to new “norms”.

- Deeper. Actually, many law enforcement agencies worked with and supported Backpage because it was there "in the open" and made stings fairly easy day routine. Hundreds of runaways, forced into prostitution, were actually rescued and reunited with their families due to the cooperation. At least Backpage gave parents a hope that their missing child could be found.

- Deeper. Welcome to Hitler 2.0

- Deeper. So against human trafficking, but this is going too far. Adults should have the freedom to hook up as they please. Overreaching.

- Deeper. What good are all your guns if they cannot protect the first amendment?

- Deeper. Stop the child trafficking but do not penalize consenting adults. The girls will just hit the street which make it terribly dangerous and will stretch law enforcement. Male on male action will return to parks and restrooms. I wish some of these legislators were a bit street savvy and had enough smarts to draft legislation that makes sense and doesn't take us to Germany circa 1933.

- Deeper. "Today, Backpage was shutdown. It's a huge step. Now no child will be sold for sex through this website," tweeted Senator Heidi Heitkamp. ....... i'd bet majority of girls willingly advertise on there, but nice try senator.

- Deeper. Being illegal drives up the prices and pushes the participants into the shadows, which creates an open invitation for thug criminals to get involved. The criminalizing of prostitution and supporters of these kinds of laws are directly responsible for human trafficking. I'm sure the victims thank you... not!!

- Deeper. 'It's a huge step'... Because was such a huge threat to the world. Just another smoke screen cover up.

- Deeper. When do we hold liquor stores responsible for all of the carnage on our nations roads due to drunk driving?...

- Deeper. If prostitution is illegal how do we justify alimony?

- Deeper. Here comes the S.S.

- Deeper. I'm a Trump supporter, But this was bad decision on the part of department of justice.. SKIP THE BS, ITS A PERSONAL DECISION BETWEEN 2 Consenting ADULTS.

- Deeper. Yes, preventing forced prostitution, and the trafficking of minors is great. But you know what would be the BEST way to stop it? Legalizing it for adults who ARE working by choice. Legalization would actually make it EASIER to police for sex slavery and the trafficking of minors, if sex workers need to be licensed to legally work in the industry. It's safer for the workers because they'd now be PROTECTED by the law, rather than operating outside it. It's safer for the Johns for the same reason. Additionally, properly regulated it could help reduce the transmission of STDs by requiring licensed workers to undergo screenings, as is already the case in the porn industry. And oh yeah, there's a whole new source of tax revenue you'd be opening up.

- Deeper. Its only OK if your a high priced call girl.....Ask Trump..

- Deeper. How will Robert Mule Ear be able to contact Russian call girls now, to testify that Trump made them pee on Obama's bed (or whatever other crackpot theory they float)?

- Deeper. Go catch some REAL criminals. Prostitution is between consenting adults. No real victims. Stop wasting time and manpower on this non-issue.

- Deeper. how about seizing the IRS...or check the FBI. the FBI ran right in and grabbed the computers! i didn't see them do that to Clinton and that was a national security issue. the US under both Democrats and Republicans are making the US become more like communist everyday.

- Deeper. When will the FBI investigate the Klintons and Obamas, along with Holder, Lynch and Lerner?

- Deeper. I have lost all respect for the F.B.I. and law enforcement in our country..

- Deeper. When you cut its head off, two shall arise.

- Deeper. stripping the police of their most commonly used tool in doing their job when investigating human trafficking charges.

- Deeper. This has nothing to do with the sex trade and everything to do with attacking "alternative lifestyles."

- Deeper. I think make prostitution legal as long as it is between two consulting adults of legal age. Do we really want people not to have that option. Who's business is it of lawmakers to say you can't have sex with that person who is of legal age

- Deeper. "The judge in the case ruled the website was protected by the First Amendment, and it was not liable for the speech of third parties" - great ruling, the opposite of that would be to shutdown Craig's List, Let Go, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and any other place where any communication can take place, because any communication could potentially become illegal offers to sell sex or drugs. Maybe cell phones should be outlawed too?

- Deeper.. Yo! Fuck the U.S. Governments cencorship! It's time to stop this bullshit and and hold those who infringe on our freedom of speech accountable....

- Deeper. Anyone who attacks the United states first amandment should be hung on a cross and skinned alive,, salted and left to dry in the sun while the crows pick your eyeballs out...!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Deeper. Those who are attacking our freedom of speech need to have their nuts cut off.!!

- Deeper. more freedumb taken away

- Deeper. The streets gonna be packed with ladies.

- Deeper. Now I'll never get laid! Thanks Alot!

- Deeper. If websites are responsible for what people post on them then why have newspapers been running personal ads for decades without being persecuted?

- Deeper. This is more evangelical BS being shoved down our throats....

- Deeper. This is government over control at its highest level. Drug dealers work out of coffee shops. Should we shut down all coffee shops? Stock scammers work out of Wall Street. Should we shut down Wall Street? Gang bangers work out of cars. Should we make cars illegal? First, prostitution should not be illegal. Second, if you are really concerned about forced prostitution wouldn't Backpage help to catch these people?

- Deeper. Wasn't the whole excuse for repealing net neutrality that they wanted to keep government out of the internet business? What exactly is this? They should be going after the people who posted the ads, not the means by which they did so. What's next, are they going to shut down my local newspaper because someone put a stolen bike in the classified ads?

- Deeper. Want to clear up most of the violent criminality associated with prostitution and drugs....legalize and regulate. All this 'war on' nonsense does nothing except put the people they supposedly want to protect, in much greater danger

- Deeper. ok so yeah, my friend used this site to find his girlfriends and every body was cool with it. so now cops say no more site so where to go now ? the mall? i thought we lived in america

- Deeper. Well. Now people will have more money for opioids and other drugs to cope with their lonely, sexless sad lives. But make sure you file your taxes on time.

- Deeper. I'm too ugly to get laid. I guess i will have to drug girls at the bar to get them in bed past this point...?

- Deeper. If both people walk away from a consenting encounter happy and satisfied, how can you possibly tell me that I'm doing something wrong?

- Deeper, Pain is ok. But pleasure is a felony.???

- Deeper. Go chase the bad guys...

- Deeper. Revolution..!!

- Deeper. Join together now to fight against the communist regime...

- Deeper. the government is saying " lets remember to neuter and spay our civilians ! "

- Deeper. It's kind of weird that law enforcement has not been able to point out a single case of child exploitation from these sites.

- Deeper. If sex traffic is so rampant on Backpage, then it should be pretty easy to use it to catch people. Unless Backpage was ignoring obvious child trafficking, it seems like they aren't the criminals.

- Deeper. Nothing like crawling back into a shell. A shell that historically leads to censorship, burning and killing people because sex is illegal. Just like the drug war, this war against the sex trade perpetuates the incarceration "jailing" more of the population. Instead of learning from our mistakes.

- Deeper. "The judge in the case ruled the website was protected by the First Amendment, and it was not liable for the speech of third parties."

- Deeper. well we are almost to the year 1984.......running a little behind schedule.....but we will make it up under the current administration .....

- Deeper. The government needs to stay out of our personal lives and not push their values on us.

- Deeper. I'm against trafficking, but I do have a problem with this site getting shut down like that. I don't visit that site, but this seems to set a precedence that can be used to justify shutting down other sites due to the actions of it's users.
If the owners of Backpage where assisting the trafficking, then that's a completely different story. But if they were editing pages to merely keep adult and illegal content from being posted, that's another story.
The other side of this coin is that no matter how much the government wants to, they will never end prostitution or the sexual urges people get. Why not make it safer by licensing and taxing it?

- Deeper. Freedoms seem to always die with thunderous applause. Now we have internet content censorship. Can't wait for the book burnings to start.

- Deeper. this is akin to torching a house to kill a rat. next up tinder whisper bumble and Craigslist along with a ton of others apps and sites. where does it stop. maybe newspapers ads will be outlawed too

- Deeper. ARe they trying to stop people from having kids ?

- Deeper. There is an easy way to stop forced prostitution. Legalize consensual prostitution among adults. Very few men would choose an unwilling sex slave over a consensual partner. Of course, that would offend our irrational puritanical cultural norms.

- Deeper. When you say forced prostitution, do you mean by gun point, or chained to a wall. And where exactly is this happening? Not

- Deeper. This is a slap in the face to freedom of expression. If people want it, no websites should be shut down just because other people don't like it.

- Deeper. eliminating these websites actually make things worse. Backpage actually went out of their way to REPORT ads that were exploiting women to the feds, and there was at least a website the authorities could go to LOOKING for victims or pimps. Now where would you go when they are underground? Now more will happen and more people looking for this sort of thing will get dirtier and more dangerous women and situations. It is so silly when morality is the excuse used for this type of control. Why not legalize it and profit from it like Nevada?

- Deeper. unemployment rate just went up.......street corner business just increased....

- Deeper. this is a crackdown on sex. if they really wanted to combat violence against women and stop the spreading of STDs they would legalize prostitution. when it's regulated and taxed it benefits society just like any other industry. of course the bible thumpers just want to put an end to anything that gives pleasure

- Deeper. (Absolutely shutting down the right to free speech, as long as it doesn't hurt no-one---is justified and right)...What was done here is an example of tried Fascism and Nazism ...!

- Deeper. Who are the names of the people that are responsible for shutting down craigslist personals and

- Deeper. Such a prudish society. I never heard of child prostitution on backpage, only consenting adults. Why is pot legal and sex illegal?

- Deeper. Our government is getting greedy and jelouse of working girls.
You can't make this stuff up folks... LoL...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

- Deeper. So this is to save the children is it? The same way the Patriot act and NDAA were to protect us from terrorism? Whenever the government does anything, you can rest assured there is a sinister and self serving purpose behind it.

- Deeper. In a truly free society people should be free to safely exchange money for favors

- Deeper. Next government agenda to be set by the sex and morality police. Cameras will be installed in all US residences, outside property, and bedrooms. They will be monitoring everyone to ensure that all sexual activity will be missionary style; in the dark; with the covers on. Any offenders will be subject to stiff fines and/or criminal prosecution. Any fines or prison terms will be subject to the severity of the offence. In addition, profiles and photos of the offenders will be put into sex offender registers

- Deeper. The tyranny of prudes.

- Deeper. So know what are homely people like myself supposed to do that couldn’t get a woman in a whiorebouse with a fist full of 100 bills. All you people out there pay for your women pne way or another, cars, dinner, cell phones. Activities. I like to cut to the chase and just pay for the sex, simpler and cheaper in the long run

- Deeper. Do as I say, not as I do.

- Deeper. This is not about sex at all.

- Deeper. Why does" it's my body"apply to abortion but not consentual sex? Very poor logic.

- Deeper. sounds like nazi germany to me

- Deeper. I don't really understand what happened, but if the case is sealed, does that mean this was done through a secret court? All secret courts in the U.S. should be illegal.

- Deeper. So now the 1st and 2nd ammendments are under fire. Our government telling us what we can/can't do for our "safety". Yet any 15yr old can buy heroin easily on the street. Anyone see a problem here?

- Deeper. Okay just so I know....Shut down a site for consenting adults to live freely and act on Human nature....yes I said "human nature"....thats how we all came to be here...But we can't seem to shut down the smuggled opioid killer of 64K a yr, ruthless gangs like MS13 and others, or try to end this racial divide......Welcome to the New Democrat/Liberal America's motto........Govt controls all

- Deeper. It's legal if you film it, call it pornography, and post it on the internet.
Thiink about the our moral an legal standards.

- Deeper. The party of big Govt intrusion into our lives strikes again.

- Deeper. There is too much Grey areas. All girls want money. Too hard to determine a date vs prostitution. They should legalize it. Get tested and have a safe house. Men get what they want and girls do the same.

- Deeper. We are not going to become the first country in history to successfully eradicate prostitution by outlawing it, so why are we patting ourselves on the back for trying?

- Deeper. Looks like an illegal seizure.

- Deeper. First Yahoo chat rooms, then craigslist. Now it's Backpage. Pretty soon, there will be no place to go for adults to hook up.

- Deeper. Outlawing marriage is next...most wives are really just legalized ho/s anyway

Why would the U.S. Gorvernment restrict it's citizenz from owning any guns that are equal to in superiority to the U.S. Governments arsenal?
We have one shot at a time plinkerz???
I thought We The People, are the government..??
Have we been brainwashed to the point where we're past the point to where we could defend ourselves,
if so called democrats somehow get in power and turn rogue...? Half of the so called blue states are all out of control. Demecrats want your guns, higher taxes, to control of your health care, control of life..... But on the subject of guns, it's seems to be that all the news stations joined together as one big propaganda gang... It's like they are all working together to plant lies in our heads, tricking us and manipulating our thinking in order to take guns away... All democrats, have already gone rogue on the 2nd Amendment... And just to think, we just had 8 years of them in power, to the point of which they almost did take our gun rights away... Democrats have just recently all banned together and every one of the democratic congressmen voted to get rid of the A-R platform, and bann the number of bullets you could shoot..This bill, signed be every single democratic congressman, was just recently passed on to the republican gongressmen and they were asked to sign on and join the anti gun club.. For real mother fuckers..?? To be blunt with you, we are at war right now with a side,,,, yes a side,,,,, which consists of all the news stations and a hidden group of order givers in the shadows, "the shadow government", "the left", those of which do not care about your life and your right to self protection from bad guys, and rogue governments...
Because they , the shadow people, the left side, the control freaks, the rogue government,,,, want's to be in Power..!!!!!! Sponsored by Communist Nations and Terrorist Nations of islam...
Question.? Who is really, giving the orders,
behind the scenes, to the shadow people..??
Uranium to Russia, Pallets of cash to Iran.??
Hillary Clinton is, promoted and sponsored, by Terrorist Nations..
As well as with Obama giving american fighter jets to the Sadi's who were responsible for 911.... But, you really have to watch out for nations on the other side of the world that house people in holes with machine guns hiding.... Their machine guns can shoot all the way over the ocean to america... They are theee most deadly sniperz in the entire world....
They are a huge threat...!!!!! These men,
who hide in holes.... LoL.....

I got pulled over by a cop yesterday in my Big ASs Truck.
He asked as he opened my door up with no permission , " Do you have any weapons on you?. " My reply was.. It wouldn't matter. I have a clean record mother fucker! Cops are always tryin to get people in trouble.
Why is it every time Savage Rhymes ( i ) get pulled over, the cops lie about why they pulled me over. Saying my lights aren't working, and i get out and they are perfectly fine..? It's to the point to where i ( Savage Rhymes) have lost almost all respect for police what so ever.
Cops constantly fucking Lie..!!!!
I, Savage Rhymes have thought about why da football league is protesting da anthem. They say it's da police. Ok. But during the game in my face when the Anthem plays..?? I agree with the football players about police and how out of control they are getting, But, FUck U and Ur football game also, if you foot ball playerz, can't put ur hand on heart 4 da anthem!/!?!!?:(!!

Look at these fools.! :( How unpatriotic can you get infront of We the People. Are you football players telling us that this country isn't good enough for you?

After seeing all these photos on google, { google football players kneeling during national anthem } , I can no longer support the United States Professional Football League..

I can no longer look at football as being professional. Look at these fools kneeling. Every one of you is an absolute disgrace to our country..

Listen up mother fuckerz...I'm gonna tell you football players what to do... And how to do it.. In order to get the reaction your looking for... Social Change..? Maybe Social respect..????? Listen in Mother fuckerz.. Number one. Get off your fucking knees.. You look like idiots to the rest of the country on TV....

By disrespecting the anthem, I, Savage Rhymes have no choice but to make you all look more stupid then your already looking. Once again, is our country not good enough for you kneeling football playerz..? So now I'm askin the people, your fan base, who pays your bills, to not support you kneelers and anthem disrespectors, until you show respect for our flag and da Anthem....

Of course i have to give a very unfriendly shout out to Kappernick... Rhymes with I outta cut off your dick, you piece of un american shit mother fucker...It started out with you.. Look what you started?? F U Kaper Dick!

Do you football playerz realize, that what your doing, only makes you , and the sport as a profession, look bad...??? Do you all realize how powerfull you could be,,,, if every football team United in Unity together, what you could change in society. ?? But here's the deal...
Your going about this all wrong.......

All you stupid kneeling football players, are building up points against you, instead of earning them, by taking advantage of television and prime time viewing of football games as it use to be... Now a thing of the past. Not any more. LoL...Stopped watching your games.....
Stopped supporting U.......................

To all you kneeling football players.... How much money would you have together,,,, if you combined all your money together and pointed it in the direction of solving your police problems..? With what you guys are worth, U can easily start a national push.

Do U football playrz realize how powerful of a movement you could all be together? By gaining respect and coming together to figure out the basic problems we face while interacting with police... We could then have a pinpointed target, on which to spread the word rapidly and change a few things that's happening between police and civilians out there.........

But i have never seen such a bunch of un organized monkeys ( Goes for white people too ) trying to gain respect by doing the wrong thing... My grandpa fought in WW2 for our flag. He took a bullet for your freedom mother fuckers....The flag is in my blood line and the reason you exist today...By disrespecting the anthem and flag,
you are disrespecting Savage Rhymes.

When you disrespect my blood line and how I came to be, because my grandpa fought in ww2, he secured this country as a safe place for your mom and your paps to fuck and thus now you are living. W/O the sacrafice, you and this country wouldn't be here. Ur soul would not exist

I, Savage Rhymes will not support Professional FootBall anymore, and in fact, am protesting the So Called Professional football league and you football playerz salaries , until you stand up, and put your fucking hand on your heart when the anthem plays. Until then, take your football and shove it up your fucking asses..

Until you stupid football playerz realize what your even protesting, because your influence is causing people to kneel, even though they don't know what they are kneeling about, i can no longer look at you with excitement to watch the next touchdown, or with respect. Children!!

Football Playerz taking advantage of our time to relax, after a hard days work making cheese to spend at their game, to let football playerz throw their uncoordinated unpatrioticaly timed message in our faces?? WE watch to relax, and not to be force fed some disrespecting bullshit message.....!!

I , Savage Rhymes , am calling on all Americans who give a hoot, to protest the Pro Football League, until the football players can stand up and show respect,,,, for the reason that they are here in this country... Because of our Flag...

iT'S A WAR...

It is a crime to make a threat,
or to simply make the suggestion
to kill the President of the United states. Threatening the President of the United States is a class E felony under United States Code Title 18, Section 871. Any threat must be investigated by the secret service. In order to avoid investigation costs accrued by the CIA, a simple verbal threat has been classified as a crime..
If you have heard someone make a threat and do not report it, you may also be guilty of a felony. An attempted assassination of a president is a mandatory death sentence if caught...




Take a look at ISIS , Now look at Democrats..


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