-Police play a fundamental part of keeping our society safe...
With out police, I Savage Rhymes, could honestly say that our nation would
prolly be a shit hole just like Tijuanna. The only objective that police should persue ,
is keeping the peace,and enforcing the law. Thats it........................ Nothing more.
We the people, pay , through taxes, police men and womens wages so you , an officer,
may go home and feed your family and have shelter... We the people, pay you, the police,
to put your life on the line every day, so every day dirtbags and criminals who fuck with other
people, can be taught a lesson...

But, here's the real dealy my amigos and amigas..
Common working folk, like me and you make money by going out and getting a job which provides goods, and services, or labor to customers.. We get paid for doing our job,
and in return, we filter the money we make , back into the community... It's a win win..
But, Police are a government entity or business.
Not only, do We the People pay police wages through taxes, which comes our of our paycheck,
in the form of 3 dollars for every 10 we make, which is a lot,
but, by We the People paying police to keep the peace, they in return , turn around
and take even more money from us then what we already pay them, by writing tickets.
A police organization does not filter money
back into the community. INstead, they STEAL OUR MONEY THROUGH TICKETS, WHEN WE ALREADY PAY THEIR WAGE. ???????????????????????????????????
This Is Not Right... !
It's like a leech of society. Sucking the life blood, money, from our pockets..
There's no way , you can sit there and convince me, that if we willfully pay your salary already,
that it's justified, that police can come take even more of our money..
A policeman and woman, is, a modern day theif in disguise...
With their official looking badge, and gun by the side,
"the look", is meant to trick you into thinking police are people of honor and respect.
What's this bull shit about, police are allowed to confiscate your property with out proving
in court..????? There will be no more confiscaton of personal property, with out proving first,
that a person didn't pay for it or earn it honestly...

And i'm just gonna say this right now, not all police are bad people.
And i don't mind cops, just as long as their cool,
but the majority of the COPS out there are nothing but power tripping
peices of shit. You , the reader of this article, and i, Savage Rhymes know that...
Holla, San Diego Police. Can you say pieces of shit...?? I have no problem calling a cop
a peice of shit in San Diego. All 16 of you cops stood around in a circle laughing at me
when you framed me as a car theif in San Diego .. In Specific, Officer Waldecker.
He is by far, the biggest peice of faggot shit on the SDPD force. And i'm not kidding when
i say police in S.D. are faggots. SDPD is by far, the largest gay man organized police force
in the United States.. Followed by New York cops with your frisk and come over and touch
your hands all over my body bullshit. Only a faggot cop would want to touch your body..

David Pulphus, an 18 year old kid from Missouri, painted this picture.
You couldn't have painted the message more clearly... Thank You. Good Job.
Even a kid, can see what's really going on. Forced submission, or socialist rule gone a muck...

Rule # 1 for Police.
If someone does not stop when you tell them to,
because you don't have respect as a cop,
then you have no right to shoot a person in the back,
who pays your wages,
as a way to gain respect..

Being a government organization does not give you a right to kill your own citizens.

Police will not be allowed to shoot people in the back, in order to try and gain respect.
Even if they run.. It is a crime for a COP to shoot a person in the back..
Mandatory death sentence for the COP also, if the person Dies... ????????????

If someone doesn't stop when you tell them, and because you don't generally have respect
as a police officer in the first place, you have no right to shoot a person who pays your wages in the back,in order to try and gain respect.
This Is Not how you gain respect. It only makes a murderer..
Just because they didn't stop doesn't mean that you get to shoot them in the back to get respect.
Just because you have a badge, and a gun as part of you job, doesn't give you a license to kill..
...... What's this bullshit about, if i have a gun, which is my constitutional right, and a cop
sees you with one, that they instanly pull their gun on you with their twitchy finger,
which unfortunatelly most the time, results in a murdered patriot.
Just because a citizen has a gun, does not give cops the right to pull a gun on you...
It seems to be, that just for having a gun, an inanimate object , that police instanly assume
that your going to shoot them. So they draw a gun on you, maybe put it to your head,
and maybe squeeze the trigger and shoot you in the back, or the head,
just for having a gun...????????????????????????????????????????????
By me owning a gun, driving with it on my seat, and sleeping with it by my bed,
does not mean that i am a criminal.. The narrative should be,
" You say he has a gun?" as a person calls into the police,.. the police should in return say,
well is he doing anything bad with it ? If a citizen has a gun, and is doing nothing bad with it other than hoping it will protect them in a self defense situation, then there is no reason to even look twice at that person.. But if you think about it, only a liberal, who hates guns, would pull a gun,
on a person with a gun for no reason.. Pretty much, only liberal cops, or commonly know as faggot cops, would make such a fuss about another person with a gun...LoL..
Fucking Pussy SnowFlake Cops... This is an all to common reality my friends..

Rule # 2 for Police.
Police have no right to pull a gun on a citizen when stopping a person in a vehicle on the road.
Especially if they have tinted windows.
Your flashing lights on your cop car already say stop. We just want to talk to you..
So if the person doesnt stop, what ?, are you going to shoot them?
I don't trust any cop that pulls a gun out on me when getting pulled over, any more than i
trust the local crackhead bum down on the corner of the street...
The only reason you would be pulling a person over is to either steel your belongings,
or steal your money... Black motor cycle cop in sandiego. My watch was on your wrist..?
after you pulled me over in my camaro...? I couldn't figure out where it was.
The black motor cycle cop that sits at the freeway passes pulling over 4 and 5 cars at a time.
Youall in San Diego know exactly who im talking about.. He stole my watch. .Seiko.. STainless,
Perpetual motion watch. Wounder if you still have that mother fucker..!
But really, you have no right to even pull a moving vehicle over just to check up
on some one because they " Look Suspicious ???? " What constitutes looking suspicious?
No reason what so ever that a cop should ever , ever pull a gun out and point it at a person who they just pulled over, unless, that person , is pointing a gun at you., Or shoots first...

REmember, just because a person has a gun, does not make a person a criminal ,
nor does that give you a right to shoot a person, just becuz one has a gun.

A citizen with a gun izzzzz, a Patriot...!

Rule # 3 for Police .
Police Do Not have a right to draw a gun on a tax paying citizen,
unless the person points the gun at an officer, or is doing harm with it to another patriot..
If a person with a gun is not pointing it at you, then you a cop, have no right, to pull your gun
out of your holster..
If you are an officer that pulls a gun on a citizen for no reason, that citizen now has a right,
to pull a gun back on you. Capiche..??
If a cop pulls a gun on us for no reason,
we have a right,
to pull a gun back on a cop...

If you pull your gun on a person, or even out of your holster for no reason, you will be immediately fired from the force, and never allowed to work for a police organization again...
You don't gain respect by pulling a gun on someone..
You just simply scare someone into submission..
If you pull your gun on us for no reason,
then i hate to say it, but , we have a right, to pull a gun, back on you..
And it's prolly gonna get ugly...
Ya see, police do not gain respect by the public because of the gun you carry.
Police gain respect by helping other people out in situations.

Rule #4 for Police. U are a government organization. The peoples government is forbidden to murder "We the People" in any form. We pay you to keep the peace,
but we do not pay your wage to murder us.. Mandatory public death sentence to any cop that shootsa human being for no reason...

Rule #5 for Police. You are NOT ALLOWED to stick your gun, to a persons head. Mandatory permanent loss of any future government job. SDPD

Rule #6 for Police. If you are a police officer and you murder a person for no reason, even on accident, then the victims family has a right to murder you or one of your family members as payback. But you will have to make the choice,
between you or one of your family members..

Police have no right to kill..!
There's no such thing as a cop accidently killing someone..
If the Cop wouldn't of pulled his gun out in the first place, my friend wouldn't be dead.
The word accident, is no excuse to get away with murder..
You as a cop, need to be fully aware of your gun, and the position of which it points,
at allllllllllllllllllllllllllll times...

There needs to be more investigation into a situation given,
before you should even thinking about pulling a gun out , pointing it at a person,
and squeezing your trigger..

Rule #7 for Police.
There will be no stop and frisk. There is no reason, what so ever, as an officer,
to have your hands all over someone feeling every creviss and bump on their body.
That's just plain perverted and faggotish...
If your an officer and you put your hands on another person with out permission,
that person has a right to knock you out with a punch strait to the nose or the adams apple.

This will not be considered an assault on an officer. This will be considered self defense
from this point on.. A broken nose, or dented in adams apple is what you get for fucking with us..

Rule #8 for Police.
You have no right to shoot a bullet at anyone. This includes rubber bullets, bean bags, tear gas, flash bombs. All weapons of government control and forced submission.. OAKLAND!
Hey Oakland Police, remember, we were protesting, and you shot my army friend in the forehead with a flash bomb. Yes, police are now using bombs and gas to comform people.
But gas is not allowed in war? And bombs are made for war.
So it looks to me, that the Oakland police are waging war with their own citizens,
who pay their wages.. ????????????????????
Forced submission is the same as communist control..
Wake up People....
Instead of forced submission, ya'all need to start listening to the compaints of people,
and with some constructive thinking, come up with a SOUL ution to the issue.
If your not willing to listen, the only other option, is to shut people up by force.
Unfortunatelly, in California, the alt left or liberals are just plain dumb and out of control.

Rule #9 for Police.

It is against international law, to use gas, as a weapon of war......
You could say one that uses gas against its own citizens
could be called a terrorist.. Thats what the news stations calls people
in other countries who use gas against their citizens..
Using gas, is terrorism...
So, why are we allowing police to use it on our own citizens?????????/
We have a right, to gas your pig asses, if your ass gasses us.
If you are a cop and kill a citizen of the united states with gas,
then guess what. You will go immediately to a gas chamber,
where you will be sprayed with mustard gas, and leave left to drown,
in your own lung fluid. Get it.!!???

Rule #10 for Police.
The gun is the law. It protects us and keeps us safe. But, the gun will not be allowed as a tool to gain respect for police. Actions of good will by helping people out, is how you will gain respect. Just because you have a gun and you can force someone into submission, doesn't mean you gain respect by doing that. By pointing a gun at someone, you are essentially saying " or else ".

#11. Police bring the Ghetto to nice neighborhoods. Anyone know what a ghetto looks like?
Maybe your from a nice neighborhood and never really ventured out to look at what a ghetto looks like? Lemme tell ya. Police lights flashing all over the place. Just by a heavy police presence in a nice neighborhood, automatically makes a nice neighborhood look like a ghetto.
Prolly binging down the value of houses with in the area, by making it look not a desireable to live in an area, which appears to have crime and problems due to so many police cars, sirens and flashing lights...

#12. Making excuses to pull a person over as a way to harrass a person.
One thing that really pisses me off, is when a COP pulls me over and they make an excuse as to why they pulled you over, but infact they fabricate and lie about why they actually pull a person over... You wanna talk about pig mother fuckers who tell you your tail lights aren't working as an excuse, when in fact your tail lights are working just fine.
The latest excuse being used is they have these video cameras and supposed microphones going at all times when they pull you over to record your every word and movement.
Well, lemme tell ya, every time they get caught lying about why they pull me over,
i call the Seargeant on duty, and the sargez always say, well , we just reviewed the video and listened to everything that was said and the head police guys try to turn you into a lyer,
and always tell you , No, thats's not what i see on my camera, or No, that's not what the officer said to you, when in fact the seargeant sits there and lies to my face too..
I call bullshit on police that make excuses to pull a person over. Mandatory loss of the officers job along with a permanent record of lying when working for a government job..

I'm sick and disgusted of lying pig fuckers...~!
Especially in Bozeman Montana...

This is all for tonight folks. March 20, 2017
But, there's a whole lot more to be written on this subject right here, so keep checking in for updates and new rules that police must follow or else. . We will keep on it.
But,, we will also, Keep It Real...!!



"A citizen with a gun
is a Patriot ,
not a Criminal ."
" You will earn your
RESPECT, by helping people,and not hrassing people,
as you currently insist "