The Vegas Shootings

The News Stations are Lying ,
and reading a script in Unison...
We " The Conservative People ", have been set up...
A Fucking Bloody Massacre...
But, a staged event...
Well planned out...
By many people...
All the news stations are trying to keep
us on the same thought...???
What was the shooters motive.. ???
That answer is like a pink elephant in a room
full of people...
This was a Terrorist Attack on Conservatives,
by a Liberal Element...
The 1st Video Below. Go to 58 seconds and Listen.
Multiple Guns... would = multiple shooters...
We know for sure, by listening,
that there were two shooters, maybe more...
He didn't pull a Rambo....To say,
holding two machine guns at once...
Paddock alone, wasn't that badass...


















Q: Why were there so many different types of so called
" Black Guns " on the 32 floor of Paddock's room..??
Anybody with brains tyring to commit a mass shooting would buy guns that would use the same ammo...
A: The reason for all the different so called " Black " guns was
because those are all of the guns that Liberals want to ban...

- There was a lady running around the crowd at the concert
saying "Your all going to Die."...
So odviously with that being said, there were other people
that knew there was going to be a massacre of country western
music fans...

The news stations all claimed that the police say they have a
video of the shooter Paddock filming himself, while shooting
down into the crown at the show. If you, the police have the video, then lets see it. Lets see the video of Paddock shooting
down into the crowd. ??????????

- Multiple gun shot victims interviewed on the Michael Savage Radio Oct4,2017. All claimed to have heard more than one gun going off at the same time. You could hear on the dispatch from the police that the officer thought there was another shooter getting closer to him while hiding in a tent protecting a lady...

One girl was shot frontside in the stomach while running away from the hotel. But the so called one white shooter was on the 32 floor of the hotel. How could a girl have got shot frontside in the stomach?

What was Paddocks political party affiliation.. Was he a coservative, or a liberal.??? I'm sure we can look at his voting record to see...???

- A list purportedly naming dozens of Democrats throughout history who have shot and killed presidents, politicians, and civilians has been circulating online since at least 2012 along with the argument that it should be illegal for Democrats to own guns. Should we make it so Democrats can't own guns. ???

- A security guard had already been shot before the shooter even opened fire in the crowd, yet law enforcement didn't make an assault on the room till well after the shooter ceased fore and was dead.......... So what is wrong with this picture??????????????

- "Dust from the explosive breach"??? There was no evidence of any "dust" from any kind of explosion in the public pictures of the crime scene. Surely they didn't have room service come and clean the dust just for the crime scene photos!

- So, we're supposed to believe this Las Vegas shooter was working out ballistics coefficients, bullet drops, the coriolis effect, or some other such bullshite on that notepad we noticed in the alleged crime scene photographs. Yeah, whatever. It was only 400 yards and he was shooting into a large crowd. He didn't need any of those calculations! Most bullets will only drop 2 or 3 feet at 400 yards. Even a 7.62 x 39 will only drop 5 feet. Also, with the angle of his shots, there would have been even LESS drop, maybe a foot or two. Also, if he was using a bump stock like they claim, why the hell would he be worrying about sniper calculations?

- the angle from the 32nd floor down on that crowd was like 50degrees at 400 yards i wud think the bullets may fall 12" max which means as long as he is aiming in the middle of crowd all shots are potential kill shots.

- In the picture below, the Tri-Pods are worthless in this situation, He wasn't shooting for accuracy, he was shooting into a Crowd with a "Bump stock" according to the narrative..
Paddock knew he was going to have to break out the window.
You don't use a bump stock and a tri pod at the same time.
A tri pod and a bumpstock controdict each other.
The shooter was standing up if he was shooting out of broken glass windows...
He had no ledge to kneel his tripod on.. Don't tell me he didn't think this out before. He was a smart man.
The tri pods were placed there for looks...

There were Three Shooters.
- ONe on the 4th floor of the Hotel
- ONe on the 32th floor of the hotel
- And a shooter not in the hotel, facing victims
and shooting at them as they run away from the hotel.
3 shooters...

-- Was the second smashed window on the 22nd floor used for shooting at all?

- The shooting went on for roughly 10 minutes,
but it took the police over an hour and a half to get to
the hotel room which the so called solo shooter was. What was the shooter doing in the room for the rest of the hour and 20 minutes between after he stopped shooting and till his location was figured out?????

- The photos of the hotel room showed some brass, but certainly not the thousands of rounds that were spent - were they there and not in the released photos, or have they mysteriously disappeared?

- use of a bump stock, which removes all necessity of accuracy as the movement to create the effect introduces too much variation and loss of focused control.
So why then are these police officers engaged in a conversation about sniper calculations when the targets were not specific, but instead random and general?

- why would he have had bump-stocks on weapons with scopes, counter productive to well-aimed single shot fire.

- The FBI and police already know the motive.

- The story about how they got into his room has changed twice.

- Bumpstocks and accuracy calculations don't go together.

- he was a registered Democrat


- We the People, and some dead souls now,
are being LiED to by,
- The Las Vegas Police department
- The F.B.I.
- Our Government who is NoT We the People...
- The News Stations
- And.............The Fucking Liberals..
We have been set up...!

A moment of silence for the
victims of the Vegas Shooter...
For the news reporters and Liberals " Hillary ",
who called out for gun control on twitter
before we even knew how many people were dead.???
This is what i have to say to you people...
" Every Word You Udder,
is dipped in the Blood of the Victims.."
For those who choose to turn a blood bath,
into political leverage, accusing a person,
or an organization of affiliatoin, you should
be ashamed of your life on earth. The shooter,
is, the only person with "blood on hands"...

Chicago has as shooting death
every 12 minutes of the day.
Where are you gun Zealots on that? Kneeling?