Attn: illegal Aliens....
You " Do NoT " have a right to have an
opinion about " Our Great Country ",
if you don't live here legally.
them up Bwoys...! Every last one of em...

Kim Jong-Un is slingin dog shit over our neighbors yard, and into another yard.. ???

Eventually, the shit, is gonna land in " Our " neighbors yard... And it's gonna be a messy situation... We must stop Kim Jong-Un from Shit Slinging... !!

WWIII is coming..
Get Ur shit ready...!
This in an Order Folks...
No Shit..!!!
We know it's gonna stink, but we have to do it. We must stop any potential of a nuclear turd making contact with in our neighbors yard... The potential threat for the smell to spread, is at a dangerously stinky level..!

- 25 Million people live in prison camps in North Korea..
- In the 1990s there was a depopulation due to starvation..
- People fled the citys to the country to find food..
- 2 Million People in North Korea have starved to death
over funding the little fat kids missle program.. Yet, the regime
still stays in power...
- The U.S. has tried for 25 years to get North Korea to give up
on their quest to create nuclear weapons.
- It's in China's intrest to Re Unite North and South Korea together..
- China doesn't want North Korea to have nuclear weapons,
but has done nothing to try to stop the missle program.
- The person who solves the problem of freeing 25 million people in prison camps in North Korea and reuniting the north and the south, will solve a huge
humanitarian problem by releasing the prisoners of North Korea.

" It WiLL BE Nobel Prize Worthy... "

He knows he can’t win, but he also knows that a second Korean War will be a bloodbath because he has a vast arsenal – everything from primitive nuclear bombs, ballistic missiles and nerve gas to 150,000 cannon – with which he can hit South Korean cities and the US bases there.

To save his own rule – and after the ominous threats emanating from the North Korean capital, Pyongyang, in recent days it would be an unimaginable humiliation for him to back down – Kim Jong-un is prepared for North Korea to take the suicide option with devastating consequences for the region.

Earlier foreign journalists visiting North Korea have been told to prepare for a “big and important event” tomorrow.

About 200 foreign journalists are in Pyongyang as the country marks the 105th birth anniversary of its founding president Kim Il Sung on April 15, North Korea’s biggest national day called “Day of the Sun”.

Officials gave no details as to the nature of the event or where it would take place, and similar announcements in the past have been linked to relatively low-key set pieces.

Tensions are running high, with a U.S. Navy strike group steaming toward the western Pacific in a show of force and North Korea warning of a nuclear attack on the United States at any sign of American aggression.

President Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping emerged from their first face-to-face meeting Friday with informal agreements to improve trade balance between their two countries and work together to “denuclearize” the Korean peninsula, according to top U.S. officials.

Comments.. >>>>>>>>

He is a loose unit.. my biggest question is where is he hiding his 70 SLBM capable subs.... sure hope they are not laying in wait around the world... as he would be the type if pushed to the brink to throw his toys out of his cot and strike indiscriminately from these at less protected nations that support everyone he opposes.. 

What if it is not a test being planned? What if he plans to fire a nuclear tipped missile at the approaching carrier group? It's gonna be interesting.

The big event is that the little troll will eat a whole cow at his favorite Korean barbecue place.  Look like he's eaten a whole cow on several occasions.

Gonna nab that little fat korean kid and roll him down
a grassy hlll...

All he has to do is launch at Japan and S Korea and it's a WW.

Crazy little fat kids should never run totalitarian states.

Kim jung unk is 3 french fries short of a happy meal.  He may end up like Sadam Huessen.  aka - a rope around his neck.  That fiendish smile would turn upside down if he was swinging on a rope.

How stupid can one be? China is warning him to stop it, that the U.S. isn't bluffing. Threating the U.S.  that nukes are pointed at the U.S. mainland. Conducting a nuke test now is a not only a direct slap in the face of the U.S. but china as well; and he's doing all this while the baddest military in the world, and the elite of the elite, Seal Team Six is on his door step.. Kim, you have whats coming to you.

It's all fun and games until the United States blows the unholy crap out of your country.

STRiKE #1..?

Hey President Trump...
My health,
is the only thing i have...
With out it, I have nothing...
If you don't fix the health care system with a new plan by your 6th month, then we will issue you your first penalty...
STRiKE #1... Our patience is
already wore... Obama care is collapsing as it was designed to be... You promised us you would fix it... Now get to it ... Please...

" Whether your black, brown,
or white, we all bleed the same red
blood of patriots ".
Donald Trump...

Attn: Protesting Snow Flakes....
Assault, is Not, a first amendment right... !

Congratulations Donald Trump!
We appreciate your hard work...
The victory is yours now...
Your welcome...


It's time to Give Julian Assange,
the respect he deserves...
Which would be " asylum"...
Allow him to walk free,
in thee United States...
This is what we owe him,
because he showed us "The Truth" ...

Donald Trump has zero fingerprints on anything that's taken place prior to thee election... For that, he gets a CLEAN SLATE...

Sincerely, Savage Rhymes

Definition of Illegal Alien...

So you want to come into the United States illegaly and recieve free benifits ????

What this amounts to , is ,
your breaking the law,
and forcing me,
a legal citizen to pay for your illegal activities
by stealing my cheese . . >:(
Me, being an United States Citizen,
I can't break the law
and get free money and benifits..
Instead, I would go to jail..
I had to work hard,
for the few possesions i have...
Why is it that you think it's ok,
to come here illegally,
by breaking the law, and blatantly taking advantage of the system by receiving free benifits, by forcing me to pay for your life?
Why should my family pay for you to come here illegaly and have a kid??
Why should my family pay for you to be veted into our home... Our country...
I didn't get anything for free..???
My family doesn't have money to take care of another family...????
What makes you think it's ok
to break the law,
while i, a tax paying citizen cannot break the law and receive free money and benifits..?
Lemme give you an example.
" The perfect analogy.."
Say i'm speeding down a road in my truck,
and i get pulled over ...
Usually i, a tax paying citizen would recieve a ticket for breaking the law..
But no, the opposite is happening.
That person , who is speeding , illegally,
gets pulled over, and instead of getting a fine for breakin the law,
is recieving a check or money order, for breaking the law.. This isn't right...!

What makes you think that you ,
can break the law,
and make me pay for it.?????????????

This is why we, America,
call you,
illegal aliens...
Get the fuck out of our country,
if you have broken the law,
and migrated here illegally...
We don't want you here.
We don't have the cheese to pay for your
theiving hands reaching out for sympathy..
We are a nation of laws..
If everyone here chose to disrespect that,
our nation would be an instant shit hole.
That's not where i want to see it to go..
How about you?
It's time to build that wall,
and plant human tracking drones at the
border, so we can direct the minute men,
to take care of you. BANG your Dead!!

It's time to DRAiN THE SWAMP !!!
BE FUN TO WATCH. LoL. !!!!!!!

1. Secure the border. Build the wall...
2. Trash Obama Care. We need health insurance we can afford...
3. Guys wearing makeup dressed as women in the ladies room?
4. Cut taxes to 15 % for corporate. 0% tax for incomes 250 k or less...
5. End all federal funding for " Sanctuary Cities", who break the law...
6. Stop the police from killing people...
7. Fine Jay Z for spattin the word N****A at Hillarys Convention...
8. Arrest and imprison Hillarty Clinton for selling access Top Secret Secrets.
9. All people who's green cards have expired will be deported, unless the stay
is extended on approval.
10. All illegals in our jails will be deported back to the country of
origon in which they have come from.
11. If you havn't heard, you need to pack your bags and leave,
if your hear illegaly...

The "Clown Cards of Shame", that you played,
and didn't win with... These ones must be thrown out...

Hilary Puss Liar Stink Cunt

Harry Peed

Nancy Peel Old Seed

No -Chick-Fr-A-Gay-Ston

Insid Job A Lad In

John Bone Not Her but Him.
John Bonehim.

Soda Sucker

Dick CHain Me

Da Gay Rump Roaster


Joe Bites on, or Bites it off?

Erect Stick N a Hole Turd

Muslim Terrorists

Captain Clown call 911 !

This means, You don't have a right to go out in our streets with a mexican flag and protest in Los Angeles if your not in our country legally. That would be voicing your opinion... We have a right to deport you and or let you sit behind bars so you can think about what you have done... Your choice...

Mexico will be paying for the wall because their ILLEGALS in this country will no longer be feeding off our welfare and benefits system like leeches. All this money will be freed up by stopping illegals who are not working/contributing, from sucking on
our Countries titties.. You don't get milk for free. Not when your pretending to be a sheep, but when actually your a wolf. Preying off of our childrens resources.

This is how the fascist left do things if things don't get their way. They turn violent, issue death threats, and destroy property--just like any Third World commie/Muslim country and they want to turn the US into a Third World country complete with corruption in the country's capital.

There is a reason that 25% of "Hispanics" voted for Trump. This notion that Hispanics are a homogenous group of Democrat voters that support illegal immigration of other "Hispanics" has been proven false

What part of ILLEGAL do the liberals not get? Oh, yeah, I forgot...OUR illegal is not THEIR illegal.  
Isn't it weird that in AMERICA our flag and our culture offend so many people......but our benefits don't?

Just invade Mexico, annex it, and make it the 51st state. Bingo!, no more illegal immigrants from Mexico. No incentive to move jobs to Mexico. No more NAFTA problems with Mexico. And it would cost much, much less than Trump's wall.

The jack-booted thugs of the left. If you don't agree with the left, you are evil and deserve to be beaten or killed. That is what it has come to.

.......more leftist racism. A Hispanic in America is NOT allowed a different opinion than the official opinion issued to them by the left & by which they MUST abide.

Save the Snow Man.. Their made up of snowflakes... LoL..

These angry little snowflakes ,
have their pink panties in a bunch over the election LoL.

it looks like Mexico is gonna pay for the wall after all
because all the liberals are trying to cross over... LoL...

Hey, liberals, Trump won... So wipe your tears, yes,
with a cloth.... LoL...

How many million illegal aliens voted for Hillary...
If you subtract the illegals who voted and also the dead people who voted, then trump easily wins the popular vote.... LoL.

if not illegal and/or dead people's votes, what will they be looking for, Trumps fingerprints on the ballot sheets?.... LoL...

If California splits off from the Union, the united states will never have another democratic president again. Good by 50 electoral votes. LoL.

Funny how they want to recount the votes, but not validate that the votes were made by US citizens... LoL..!!

The definition of liberalism, or progresiveism as reads from the conservative dictionary. = social engineering without accountability.
Short and sweet. LoL....

Actually, Pennsylvania law requires the recount requests to go through the courts, and not one, but one for each precinct, which means all the counties and precincts in PA.
that is why they filed suit in PA, it has to go through the court.  LoL.

It would be ironic to discover Trumps lead goes from 20,000 to 200,000 because180,000 of his voters we allocated to Hillary..... LoL.

Stein, Hilary and their goons are scrambling 24-7...they are literally driving themselves insane.. LoL.

OBAMA knows Hillary and Jillary just  created a Strong US Voter ID law  demand , that will  have a drastic impact on minorities voting.

That is why OBAMA said to  Hillary accept the results of  November 8th elections ! LoL...

Yea. The voting machines aren't even connected to the internet. It's just a scam so Jill Swine can get rich. LoL...

Four simple questions for Stein
1. What evidence does she have of the fraudulent act?
2. What difference does this make to her?
3. Why is she only asking for recounts in states that Trump won? How about California, NY, NV and other states that have more illegals residing?
4. because recounts in those state they might accidentally expose voting irregularities for her

The recount will be paid for coutesy of Haitian earthquake donations.

My uncle voted for Hillary.  Wasn't anything I could do about it, though.  He's been dead for 8 years?????

Well, the fact that she's white and in the democrat party didn't help.  Don't shoot me, just being honest. ???????

If the green party wanted Hillary to win that badly, why did they run against her??????????????????????

Where is the Federal Election Commission (FEC)?  We have proof that the DNC infiltrated and disrupted another candidates rally, causing injury.  State electors and their families are now being threatened and fake protesters are being paid and bussed around to different cities, causing major property damage.  
This needs to be stopped immediately. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not counting illegals or dead? Does that mean they will reduce Hillary Totals, or those votes will not be looked at??????????

25 P.S. § 3262 (c) Voting machines may be recanvassed under the provisions of this section at any time within twenty days after the date of the primary or election at which they were used.

And, as far as I'm aware, every voting district in PA uses voting machines. 

Deadline missed, PA cannot legally hold a recount. Game over.

Laugh the Fuck out Loud !!! You disgusting CUNT...
Hillary wins the national prize for most disgusting woman in the U.S.
Her prize will be written in the history books. LoL...