- Your soul is only as free as you allow it to be.
- Your body is the temple for your soul.
- You can see into the souls of people through their eyes.
- Your heart beat is run off an electrical current which your body produces
through chemical reactions within.
- Electrical radiation is given off from your electrical current which surrounds your body.
This is called your aura. Some times referred to as amber light.
- People unsubconsciously sense but do not often acknowledge that we
communicate with out talking.
- A soul can be trained, if one does not allow it to think outside of a box.
This is called mind control.
- Fear is another way of persuading change of thought.
- Induced paranoia is a mind control weapon.
- Do not dwell on your past.
- Do not worry about your future.
- For the present is the current dimension that you live in.
- We must pass the right information on the the next generation and dimension.

Mason Jefferson WorldWide