A Message For "The Supreme Court", Why Gay Men Will Not Be Allowed To Marry, Thought out and Explained for you ! :(

I didn't want to have to think about this type of gay shit, but no one has thought it through yet, so that's what I did. The gay man culture has become a threat to the very existence of strait people and women. They are forcing their gay theology on you and your children.

~ There is no one religion that accepts or believes in marrying two men together.
~ It is considered a sin and a work of the devil for two men to get together, by all religions.
~ If your God wanted two men together instead of a man and a woman, that's the way he would have created it.
~ Many countries implement the death penalty for public affection between two men..
I recommend that we do the same.
~ So you think your going to vote in favor of marrying of men. So what religion are you going
to force to now marry gay men. You cannot force people into beliefs that they do not believe in.
This would be a violation of separation of church and state as written in the constitution.
~ Well that"s exactly the point. You cannot by the rules of the constitution of the united states,
force religions to change their beliefs. Or force religions to marry gay men and pretend that it's right.
~ So the only people or high priests that will marry two gay men would be considered satanic by beliefs. And marrying two men together would be considered a satanic act.
Is this really the foundation for which our country was built upon?, or the direction in which we want to take it.
~ Question? Why do strait people get married and have kids? Main reason being, they get a tax break or a little help. One break for getting married and one break per kid they have. By nature the female is suppose to stay home and breast feed the kids. This is why we offer a little help to strait families.
~ The other fact of the matter is , 75 % of women don't make half as much in salary at work as men.
~ So now, you have married two gay men together which is taking advantage over a strait persons marriage because now they get a tax break, but make twice as much money as the strait family. ??
~ And so the two gay men say, we can have kids too. Fact of the matter, two men cannot have kids the way god intended it to happen.
So the gay pricks say, "We can adopt a couple children".. We'll I hate to break it to ya people, but it is very expensive to adopt and take care of children now days. Anyone who has kids knows that. So if your that well off and have that much money to adopt kids, then you shouldn't receive another break for adopting.
So there are two special right that the gay man wants.
1. Double deductions for tax breaks on two higher earned man wages when legally married.
2. Special rights and deductions for having children even though they get double tax breaks on two higher earning and payed jobs. Slo they can live their live just a little bit better than us strait people.

I call on all religions in the United States to come together, for the future of strait families, to congregate and make decisions on how to combat forced gay theology.
I say we construct a prison for Faggots.

Mason Jefferson WorldWide