1. A Real Man Knows > That a faggot is not capable
of making a good decision for a Real man.
We repeat, a faggot IS NOT capable
of making a good decision for a Real Man or His Family!.

2. Real Men Do Not > Support or Tolerate a faggot. Period!

3. Real Men Do Not > Tolerate or Allow homosexual guys,
to be in a position of power.

4. Real Men Do Not > Allow a gay guy to lead a nation..
If we get tricked, then we must fix the problem.

5. A Real Man Does Not > Bow before another Man
when head of a Nation..
This is a sign of weakness!

6. A Real Man> Recognizes a faggot at first glance.
If u can't, u better check yourself! $@#!$@

7. If you have a tendency to hold your pinky finger up allot,
then guess what, your probably a faggot.

- If you wear just one earring in your right ear??,
then your most definitely a faggot.

- Another good way to tell them apart,
most the time their faces look all sucked in.

- If your wearing a Pink or light Purple shirt or Bandanna,
there's a good chance you want to be,
or a part of you is well on your way,
to becoming a faggot..

8. It's a well known fact that Faggots spread diseases way more than normal men.
A Real Man Knows that a faggot is a disease that can spread if not cured.

9. A Real Man is not scared to call a faggot, a faggot.
Faggot is the proper name for a faggot.
It's not wrong to hate on someone for being morally wrong, especially
when gay theology is being shoved in front of our faces every where you look,
and especially when they are trying to force their gay theology on our children...
Homophobia is a word that was made up to intimidate normal people.
Gay is not normal for a guy.
You call us, strait bwoyz,
we say were proud TO BE A STRAIT AMERICAN!
But We call you Faggot and you get all sensitive and offended.. Why?
Because you know you can't be proud of what you are...
Your life style is morally wrong, and is a disgrace to the rest of the world..
So don't get offended by us strait guys calling you what you are. Faggots.

10. We reserve our right to freedom of speech and to call what is, what is.
If you try build a bubble around yourselves,
make it punishable to use the word faggot, or try to sue us,
we will take your bitch ass to freedom of speech court.
But the constitution has already made a decision for u. .

11. Gay guys have control issues.
Do you really want your girlfriend being pulled over from some gay officer
who doesn't like women to begin with.??
You know she's going to get that 600 dollar ticket.
And how about if your a Real Man getting pulled over by a faggot cop.
If you don't act cute or play his little gay ass I'm the gay guy in charge game,
then, your going to get that 600$ ticket also.

12. To the dads & moms of sons out there,
homosexual guys like to convert young men at an early age.
They use trickery, mind control & putting ones self confidence down in the first
part of the forced theology conversion. Then they befriend your son.
Then your son goes on a camping trip or something of that nature
and gives in to taking it in the ass.
Oh, the Faggot child molester
says, "Don't Tell your Dad on Me, were best friends right???".
You see sometimes the conversion is due to a lack of friends also,
and not wanting to lose a friend.
So you give in and take it in the ass, so you don't lose your friend.
Thus you are weak and worthless. Worthless!
The pervert will mind fuck your sons head up for life and he will never to
the B. normal again.
You will never be able to look at your son normally again,
and you will always wounder where you screwed up as a parent. Heads up!

13. Gay guys do not coincide with traditional American family values.

14. How to make it in Hollywood, do a fag video shoot with Jewels,
or kill your best friend. That's the latest satanic gay trend that has
taken over Hollywood recently. Its bad enough that we have
faggots judging strait guys on shows such as American idol,
Dancing with the Stars, and other so called Hollywood hit shows.
Don't U ever wonder why the gay singers always win??. Clay the gay Aiken ass...
And then they come out of the closet and reveal themselves and
try to trick America into thinking it's normal for a pole smoker to be the
winner of the Faggot judged TV show. Not!!!
Yes my friends, HollyWood has been taken over by Faggots..
It's utterly disgusting and impossible
for a Real Man to watch with out puking.

- Faggots have such low self esteem that they will do anything
to trick you into thinking they are in the spotlight and own the world .

- This is why Strait Rappers and HipHoP artists stay underground... L.A. UnderGround!
- That's BLACK oN BLACK, to the B, exact. We (Real Men) will not be judged
by Faggots. Why??, because a faggot,
is not capable,
of making a good decision,
for a Strait Man or his Family.

-The State of California wants to make it mandatory
to teach your son how to
take it up the ass and be a faggot in school.
Yet our kids are not allowed to view how
a man and a women get together before the age of 17.
( Trickery & Mind Control )
This is pathetically disgusting...
Welcome to the Faggot Communist Prison State of California.
For all you who have been there, you know what I'm talking about..
Where gays don't want 'equal rights and protection'
(they already have that),
they want 'special rights and protection'.
and They ARE *forcing* their 'gay theology' on the our children..

15. If, we have a faggot president, O Bomb with Donald Young from Chicago,
then we have a huge fucking problem that must be fixed.
Google Obama & Don Young Murder (Chicago) ...
This was part of O BOMBs contract.. ( O Bomb = A Faggot Prezident )

16. Don't make us start naming more names besides the ones we have
already mentioned. That would be names of movie stars, rock & rap stars
& more politicians to b exact w proof to back it up. .

17. If your a guy that supports the faggot movement,
then you are a faggot your self.
If your a girl that supports the faggot movement that has a son,
then your son is sure to grow up taking it in the ass.

-Maybe you say you were born a faggot.
Maybe you claim to have no control over it.?
No self control huh...
We all know you have no control over what race you are,
when your born into this world,
But, You do have control over your sexual demeanor,
and the way you act.
But maybe you get mixed up and confused over THE FACT,
that dicks are for chicks?.
If u say you don't like labels,
then you are already in the first part of your gay transformation.
If u suffer from any of these symptoms,
then do America a favor and go stick a gun up your ass and pull the trigger.
Well be happy to help out and loan you for free, the gun + ammo..

A joke for U.
Q: How do u know if your at a picnic with a bunch of Faggots??
Answer: Because the hot dogs taste like shit.

18. A Real Man is not scared to bitch slap a faggot in the face,
just for being a faggot and for fooling normal people into thinkin their strait .
You will be doing our great nation a favor by doing this.
If your a faggot and u trick another strait guy into trusting u as a normal friend,
but then u decide to make a move on your new unsuspecting friend,
well you might just get gutted!!! .

19. A faggot deserves to b shot
for tricking a girl into thinking he's a strait guy as a boyfriend.
This will mess a girls head up for life!!
She won't be able to trust another guy again and is more susceptible
to becoming a lesbian.
Not that, that's so bad.
Because a Real Man doesn't mind jumping into a sandwich of girls.

20. And if your a faggot reading this,
I have a nice warm pile of dog shit out on the sidewalk
for you to stick your Dick in. .
Because, that's all your going to get from me.

A JOKE 4 U. What's the best way to get out of HillCrest San Diego ??
Answer: Go Strait. LoL!

** And so to sum it up, the fact of the matter stands,
of making a good decision for a REAL MAN!!!

Quoted facts from Yahoo.. LoL!

wth? is no one entitled to their own opinion anymore?
what about free speech? are gays so fragile they can't handle it?
and now you cant even say something in private without getting called on it?

Gays don't want 'equal rights and protection' (they already have that),
they want 'special rights and protection'.
They ARE *forcing* their 'gay theology' on the rest of us.

BTW: What will happen when gay rights activists
clash with Sharia Law in the good old USA?

like the spotted owl, white whales, polar bears etc..
They also enjoy ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION just like the Alaskan wild.
They can drill one another but OIL COMPANIES can't come near them.

Why are you fagggots so sensitive, you can take the pain of a
large penis being inserted into your rectum,
but you scream when someone calls you a name

I wonder if the situation was reversed and
a gay player made a heterosexual slur
if he would be suspended? Somehow, I doubt it.

When does being a homosexual, trans-sexual,
bi-sexual, cross-dresser or transvestite,
Give these perverted degenerates, "special rights".
And expect the moral and ethical majority,
somehow not follow their beliefs and speak the truth.

God forbid we say anything bad about men who bang each other up the as/s.
We're supposed to CELEBRATE that now. Disgusting.
Political correctness takes cowardice and naivete to sickening new heights.