He have a Problem My Friends!! Nosotros tienes uno grande problemo amigos!

There are guns being shot at kids protesting. It don't matter if the bullets are rubber. There are Flash Bombs being used on children protesting. There are chemical weapons being used on the Youth of America who choose to peacefully protest for a better United States. We have A Problem! We have a BiG PRoBleM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who dares to wage a war against your sons and daughters, the next generation of Americans. How Dare you Treat Us Like Animals. Those who choose to use guns, bombs and chemical weapons on children will be considered American Terrorists. Those who have chooses to use Guns, bombs and chemical weapons on us, ( the youth of America) , you have already declared a war against us, The Youth of America, by doing so. If you the adults can use guns against we the kids, then we the kids should be able to use guns against adults, right?. Of coarse this would only be for self defense. Because we will remain a peaceful protest unless fired upon. That of which has already taken place in many cities. The time is about to come, where you will be shot back at, because we will be defending our constitution and its rights. It's time to stock pile on bullets my friends. How would you old people like it if we refuse to support you when you get old and need help living and eating?? Scary thought huh?? . "We the Youth of America WILL NOT Support the other Half that see's it their job to ruin our future.

Mason Jefferson