Respect: The #1 UnWritten International Law

Let's Kill those who kill to show that killing is wrong.
Murder in Vengeance only makes the people you disagree
with more Angry & Violent!
Does it not?
You must first gain one's RESPECT,
in order to stop ongoing Hatred & Violence against another...
This means stop flying remote controlled planes
with bombs attached to them
into peoples back yards
that you do not have permission to do so in..
Ya see, when you have a problem with someone,
or you don't like what they are doing,
then you must confront them like a man,
and talk to them face to face.
If you throw a stone at someone and run,
then you are a little bitch and Not A Man!
Unfortunately the Obama Administration
conducts their war tactics as little bitches,
thus getting no respect from the rest of the world.
Instigation of violence is disrespectful.
This means staying the Fuck Out Of Other Peoples Business..
This is, Unwritten Law.

"Hey if we are not sure if they are dead
then send the drone back in and kill some more!"

I sure hope the drone just killed him
and didn't swoop back to strafe him with pee.
Because blowing him up into hundreds of bloody chunks
would be one thing, but peeing on him... OMG!

During Bush when terrorists were taken out all we heard was,
"You are just creating more terrorists".
Why don't we hear that now?

"Despite requests from legal scholars, human rights organizations,
members of the media, and elected officials,
the U.S. government has not disclosed the process by which it
adds names to so-called 'kill lists;'
the standards under which it determines
which Americans may be put to death;
or the evidentiary bases on which it concludes
that those standards were satisfied in any particular case,

EVERY Drone Strike Eliminates Terrorist Leaders :
SIGNIFICANCE Of Importance Proportional To Desired PROPAGANDA Value

Of course, when you use the terms "may have been killed"
you can write all the speculation you choose. "Uh, we were wrong.
It was Joe Jones that was actually killed."
"Uh, the bad guy was not killed, it was his brother Sam."
"Uh, somebody was killed, but we don't know who."
"We are uncertain, at this juncture, what happened,
but we will continue to report because we used the proper terminology that mak
es speculation the de facto "coverall".
"Hence, we MAY BE reporting, but it is speculation at this point."

"Another victory for our glorious empire.
Let those who participate be granted rewards above those of normal valor,
even if they are hiding like a coward in a closet."

"hope the drone did a second fly over and Pissed on him!"
How many "leaders" do they got? i see this same title every other week"

"Obama's all gung-ho about killing people with drones"

"This guy ha been killed like 4"

"I wish they would get the taliban leader of the leaders already,
they have killed the taliban leader hundreds of times now."

"It's so good to wake up and hear good news.
Now if the U.S. wants to get really serious then start by not sending Pakistan any more money; period.
You see where they are spending it now; don't you Hillary?"

"Is the pilot of the drone going to be prosecuted for killing him?
OOOO wait he was not peed on! Gimme a brake our leader's SUCK!"

"Cowards fly drones over third world countries.
America is the leading global terrorist threat. Wake up sheep.."

"Is this stopping or growing terrorism?"

"I presume you all know
that Obama personally designed the drone
and built it in the White House basement,
personally planned this attack,
and guided the flight using an X-Box specially modified to his specifications.
Our military and intelligence people had absolutely no involvement in any of it,
in fact didn't even know about it until Obama told them after the mission was completed.
Any missions that are not successful are
carried out by the CIA without his knowledge or approval"

"Can someone answer a simple question for me that the media never touches?
What exactly are these idiots trying to accomplish?
What possible agenda do these cowardice acts of terror further?"

"You can kill all the leaders you want,
others will only take their place.
Have you thought about a new strategy?"

"We kill one, 8 more are recruited.
We need to stop this business of creating enemies to defeat."

"We probably made him the leader just so we could blow him up.
It is the way we do business.Right..."

"Lol every one they kill is now called taliban leader"

Pakistani Girl Burned in U.S.Drone Attack.
Found in Garbage Can. What if it was your kid, as a result of a remote controlled plane with a bomb attached.??
You would recruit as many people as you could to get revenge for your kid.
It becomes your life long quest to kill the people who murdered your children.
And so now you know why they hate us.
Their entire country has signed up for revenge.

Mason Jefferson WorldWide