Is This Statement True or False?

"Oil companies pollute our environment and the food we eat causing us sickness and cancer"??

Plastics made from Oil Leech hazardous chemicals called esters. They are know to cause cancer.

Oh, but the plastic that all our food is wrapped in is safe right?,
the food me an you eat every day???

So if Oil Pollutes water, then why do we wrap the water and food we drink and eat in Oil??

Does it become non-Toxic in a solid state??

Recent study results on all food items wrapped in plastic at Wall Mart were made public on 3-11-2011..

They found that 70% of all WallMarts plastic wrapped food items leeched the toxic ester chemicals that cause cancer in humans.

*We have a Plan for Change! The Others Don't. Why? Because we Care..

Do you care? Or do you live your life not giving a shit about the world you live in, it's surroundings & the future. Are you just a lost soul walking around with no purpose on this earth, with no reason to have been born or alive. Well let me give you a reason & purpose to live my friend. It's called he next generation to be exact. The Children. Here's the only problem in our way though. The current older generation is fucking it up for the next. That's right..Your fucking it up for your own kids and their kids. God Damn it! It would take 638,000 per person in order to come clean with the debt our nation owes. Most people don't earn that much in a lifetime. And so one of the problems the current older generation has is they are hooked on oil like a dope fiend on crack. So we have a plan for U. To spend your energy not on bombs, wars, and foreign products, but to commit & direct the nations energy toward building an infrastructure *American Made* of free energy devices built by it's own people. We have to break the chains that have us tied to oil & ditch the oil companies that have control of us. Ya see, oil companies do not promote free energy nor a better future. Instead, they specialize in covering up free energy sources, polluting the ocean n the food we eat with toxic chemicals, making us sick with cancer & disease. They have poisoned the west coast waters with a spill ( Exxon Valdeze ), they have poisoned the east coast waters ( BP ),. but now they want to poison our streams also, our fresh water supply. The yellow stone river has been polluted by Exxon Mobile and they are not allowning the public to help in the cleanup, and will not allow public access to the area???. What the fuck is going on here??? As a result , Cancer, cancer, cancer. Can you feel me When you ruin the land we live off of we have nothing more to live for, then we declair war. Oil is our Enemy! Oil companies are our enemies also. This is a problem we must fix for the future before our time is up on earth or else you will all definitely going to hell and not be taken care of when your old.. Ya see, so called convenient gas sales are actually a lie in front of our eyes, robbing our country blind and throwing us into a spirraling debt crisis from oil dependency. We vote for tainted food, sickness, dirty air & future debt for our children every time we go to the pump.. We just keep giving our $$$ DOLLARS to the oil companies??? And to top your tank off, the U.S. Government is making a profit out of the whole situation also. What a kick in the balls to every honest hard working American out there. So here's the first part of the plan. To starve the oil companies till they are bones, wither & die. Rotting into the earth and becoming oil themselves. That is to say, all we have to do is stop investing in oil & gasoline & a plastic world. And stop supporting greed..

So heres the second part of the plan. Because those clowns in charge don't have the balls or the brains to come up with a plan and put it in motion. Behold, > A PLAN ! It comes in the form of a free download. By you downloading these schematics & plans and sharing them with your friends, you see, this plan is already being put into motion. We don't even have to vote on it. We the private sector and people of our nation can now take charge of our own energy production, My friends, knowledge is key, but sharing it is even more important. We call the knowledge were going to share with you, Savage Rhymes Free Energy Devices Links Collection, The links below include U.S. Patents, plans, diagrams & schematics on how to build and produce hydrogen fuel cells or water powered cars, how to build magnetic engines and how to build solar cells...If it had a patent, that means it had to have worked and been passed by the U.S. Government. These are some of the best files we have found...We are giving this information to you for free in hopes that you can make use of it on a mega corporation production level or will pass it on to some one who will know how to get the private sector rolling toward energy independence.. . Note: you must have the program adobe reader installed into your computer to view these files....This is a free program that may be accessed through your favorite search engine and downloaded... Just search Adobe Reader...Then you may have the privilege of viewing this world changing information...Just remember where you got the information once you get respect and become a million air. Savage Rhymes .....Bless......

To DownLoad Free Plans on Water for Fuel, Solar Cells and Magnetic engines,
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