So take for instance if you found out that your wife or husband that you had been with your entire life was cheating on you behind your back. And had been cheating on you for more than a couple years behind your back.You would be disgusted and pissed wouldn't you.. Because you spent years of energy and time with your spouse just to find out they had not given a crap about you your entire relationship. All that time you invested was wasted and for nothing..What a loss. What a shame to have not known. Wouldn't it be..

So lets take into account the leaders currently in charge of our nation..Thee one and only. Thee United States of America. We are in essence married to them also. We depend on them in a time of need. We look up to them to lead us in the right direction and not the wrong. We put our trust into these leaders.. We go to war and die for these leaders ideas and beliefs. But what happens when they get greedy and stop caring about us and our future as they are now ( the year 2011 ). And then they start doing things, that are in the wrong, behind our backs with out telling us. As a result of not caring and bad decisions, we, the people of our country receive the backlash and down fall made from bad decisions due to clown and monkey leaders.. You know who were talking about. And Wiki Leaks is Proof that these politicians who are currently leading our nation down the wrong path, are involved in wrong doing and intent to make the future for our children an impossible one. A lost generation


Julian Assange simply gave We The People, the truth about whats really going on behind our backs in this country in the form of real evidence. And that evidence ties into most the current leaders of our nation. They were caught red handed in their own lies and cover ups.

And they have the nerve to advertise Julian on the news as threat to our country and nations security. Eventually someone is going to get pissed off at the united states leaders for doing wrong behind others backs in others back yards and as a result, they are going to come attack the united states. You will lose your children and loved ones as a result.

So isn't it better that we find out now, who these scumbag politicians are hiding behind our backs, doing wrong behind our backs, before someone else with allot of power and military muscle gets pissed off and decides to take drastic action against me, you, your wife or husband and loved ones. This is real. This is REALiTy! There is always a bigger fish in the sea as they say. You don't want that big fish to be on your bad side.

So, if you were able to understand what I'm trying to tell you, then maybe you will think also, that it's time to devorce our current leaders, like yesterday, and put some new ones in charge. You had your chance. You didn't take it. You are now a liability for our country future generation. To our so called leaders, >>> Go back to the hole you crawled out of before you made our nation a broke joke. From: The Youth of America.

And of coarse let one more point be said, its unfortunate and a shame that the united states gov doesn't have the brightest computer technicians out there. That's why they keep getting hacked into and made fools of. Because u have lost the respect of the best n brightest kids due to a lack of irresponsibility in your actions that had almost already ruined the next generation of kids futures. Until then we laugh at u like the joker. Your few make our entire nation look bad to the rest of the world. So we take a stand. To unite the youth of America together to take the trash out!!!