Anti-Protest Laws Put In Place To Gag and Silence
The Youth and Kids of America :( Children are not the problem.
We are the S.O.U.L.ution!

- This is how they are silencing and gagging the youth of Americas children. It is The Year, 2012,

1. They are shooting guns at kids with multiple different types of bullets.
2. They are using Chemical Weapons against my and your children. This could blind them for life.
3. They are using Bombs on the children to disorientate them, to confuse them, and to scare them. To Scare the protesting public with flash bombs is considered a terrorist act against its own people.
4. They are threatening children and kids with solitary confinement and jail time with in the walls of our tax payed for jails..
5. 6700 kids and children have been jailed since September 2011 for protesting for a better country. Do the old people choose not to listen?. That would B the wrong decision.
Oh they are listening. And they don't like what we are saying because the president of the United States, O-BomB and its congress don't want a better nation.
6. Our globally marketed brand of freedom has been taken away.
7. You will have no right to speak your mind, even when something needs said.
8. You will not have a right to communicate freely amongst each other without gov. oversight...
9. IN America, it is a criminal offense to excercise the freedom of speech, at events deemed nationally significant, such as presidential conventions and debates. This Law makes no sense. WTF??
10. Protesting in areas where the u.s. president or anyone protected by the secret service may be visiting, is considered a felony. Punishable with heafty fines and up to 10 years in jail... For speaking your mind about what needs said. WTF.?? This Law makes no sense.
11. You will be jailed for speaking your mind.
12. YOu will be jailed for making signs and waving them in the air.
13. You will be jailed for coming together as a group of people and solving humanitarian problems for the better of our nation.
14. You will be placed in prison and tortured for trying to make our country a better place.
15. This is the Irony that we have all been forced to live by unless, we all stand up together...
Or maybe you would like living in a Communist Run Nation...
Or has our nation already been taken over by the communist and terrorists.???
The people who are currently choosing to ruin our nation by neglecting the youth of America and the constitution must be removed immediately or else this nation will not survive another 10 years. THis means now ! people