Since Sept. 2012, 6700 kids arrested & jailed for protesting and
expressing freedom of speech in the United States.

Question to all artists & musicians:
What happens when they try to tell us what we can and can't say,
in our own lyrics and albums,
or else felony jail time?? = 1 year minimum ?

Nov. 8th 2012.
Students in major schools all over the United States Protesting
O-Bomb's re-election.
With the stroke of a pen, President Obama signed bill HR 347 into law earlier this month. With that move, Obama made it a felony to express freedom of speech in America. The Federal Restricted Buildings and Grounds Improvement Act that effortlessly passed the House and the Senate is a law that most Americans don't know about but could put them behind bars for up to 10 years. The law states it is a prosecutable offense to without lawful authority enter a building or grounds of a special event of national significance or enter a building or grounds where the President or other person protected by the Secret Service is or will be temporarily visiting. David Seaman, journalist and host of the DL Show, joins us to talk about how, along with the NDAA, HR 347 is detrimental to the First Amendment.

Obama Signed into law , a felony to protest. Relaliation Time.

Kids being attacked by cops with chemical weapons,
flash bombs, and guns. 
Don't matter if the bullets are rubber.
Why is it not being shown on national news stations?
Answer: #1.  The Regime controls the news.  With out a doubt...
#2. Voting Computers got hacked. With out a boubt..
We call BullShit on this election !!
We have an underlying belief and hold it true to our hearts
that our nation was not stupid enough to elect a Gay Terrorist WAR CRiMiNAL that was born in Kenya ,
for a second term for President OF The United STates.
Denying our troops back up support in Bengazi,
4 Americans Murdered!
No back up support when our troops ask for it???
They asked 4 Times!
Only Half pay for our Troops Services?
Our Troops are spose to be protecting our country, but your not!!
We have a Regime active within that is suppressing kids and protesters,
citizens of the United States with Guns, chemical weapons , and bombs.
You as an armed Troop would not shoot at, use chemical weapons against,
or us bombs, flash or noise weapons against our own citizens would you?
The answer is HELL NO!
So why are you allowing it to happen. ????????
They have you all out there in the Middle east strewn about,
with out a clew to what is happening in your own nation.
Our Troops are   in  different countrys trying to protect our freedom,
when actually, you need to be here,
protecting us from these domestic terrorists.
We the People are Calling for Back Up from the Military.
Are you going to deny us.

This ain't a joke.
We Need your help!!!!!!!!!
We have a Terrorist Regime that has taken over
our country and is trying to intentionally ruin our nation forever !
We are asking you for military Support to stop them..
They are stealing all of our money and homes. Our entire lives ....
We have nothing left...
We have nothing else to live for....
GAS RATIONING?????????????????
Your health controlled by the Government !!!!!!!!!!
No drinking the soda size of your choice!!!!!!!!!!
Fuck this shit, BullShit, BullShit, BullShit and More BullShit. UnAcceptable!!
Were going to take a stand.   Are you ???
We call on We The People of the United States!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ,
We call on the Army!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,
We call on Special Forces and seals!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We call on the Navy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,

and all other Armed Forces!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,
We ask you to gather your guns,
and take back control of our nation by
imprisoning the current so called LEADERS IN CHARGE AT THE
because if you don't,
there will not be a future life for your kids, and theirs.
Not to mention us younger kids when we get older...

We have a Terrorist Situation at hand. 
How can you sit there and do nothing???????????????????????
For the Fucking Love of Our Nation. 
What the FUCK PEOPLE !!?? You know what is going on is wrong!
TAKE CONTROL...............................................


Being a member of the military, I dread the event that I may be asked to neutralize the citizens. I joined the military to protect America, not oppress her. If the government demands the military to get involved, there will be a massive defect (soldiers changing sides) and many if not most of the military will side with the civilians. If the government cannot predict this, then they have grown too prideful and egotistical for their own good.

1982Barnard 5 months ago 15 "

"I totally agree. Why Obama, or anyone in congress for that matter, want to sign a bill into law that make a felony crime, to protest against what the govt does? That's worse than wrong. Un-American? What the hell does that mean? He should've said anti-American, which is what this bill is."


its not just the US that is doing this NATO governments r takin away there peoples rights u think the protesting here is bad this is nothing compared to the rest of the world we need to step it up and since my freedom of speech has been suspended im a terrorist for saying this so be it come at me u better believe i will have 10 more to replace me

brandon ballard 4 months ago"

" If you do not have the right to protest, then you have nothing left "