O Bomb,
who ordered a wave of cyber attacks

with his own Stuxnet virus, is now finding that his own disease is spreading to computers with in the United States. Anyone who would order a wave of cyber attacks on another nation and as a result infecting our own computers with a out of control virus, is definitely a TERRORiST. With out a doubt..!

Chevron was just one of the major companies infected, with no accurate number on how many personal computers have been infected..

“I don’t think the U.S. government even realized how far [Stuxnet] had spread,” Koelmel says. “I think the downside of what they did is going to be far worse than what they actually accomplished.” Unintended consequences indeed, and a new problem for CIOs to contend with.

We think O Bomb is going to attack Iran.
We think Iran already has nuclear weapons.
We think of all the other countries,
who have bought their arsenal.
Obviously, they are not hard to come upon now days.
We think that if O Bomb attacks Iran, that Iran will be succesful in
setting off or hitting our country with the nuclear weapons that
they already have.
That leader is not stupid.  You have to take this into account.
He is a master mind.
You can see it through his eyes..
You can see it through his soul..
He's not bluffing...
Proceed with Caution O Bomb..
There could be allot more dogtags around your neck,
then our former president George Bush was awarded for..
if your not careful with your war agenda....