November 6, 2012,
America Attempts Suicide,
with out taking the popular vote into consideration.

They stopped counting once O Bomb won Electoral California(55). 
So we don't know if Romney was ahead in the end of the election by 1 Million and a Half popular votes more or maybe,
since they didn't even show the rest of the states and how many votes,
just maybe those red states would have all added up to  5 million or more popular votes ahead for Romney then Oh Bummer, or is that Gay Hummer.., LoL!..
We have been shackled for 4 more years my friends,
by allowing who was not the most popular person,
to finish his quest to kill America!
Your Vote Didn't matter,
even though more votes went to Romney.
Oh Hummer won by electoral votes not actual votes ..
More people voted for Romney,
but he still didn't win.
The System is Broken.
Think About it.
So what are you going to do..
Sit there and say you can't do nothing ????????????????????
Figure something out my friends, figure something out quick!
We are running out of time,
and have dug our coutry out almost too deep,
such hard penetration could lead to ruptured walls inside.
AS a ReSult, MADDDDD Confusion
and the loss of our great country
for your kids to appreciate after we die....
Because they will be the new slaves...
Who will have to pay off who's dept. ??
Your kids.
I Don't think that was any of their  debt..??
Or was that an automatic tax on your head when born.
It all seems to have been stolen from us.....
All this money.  All These special interest spending sprees..
Those who spent is shall be responsible for their own loans.
Not WE the People..
So we have these people telling us our kids will have to pay off their loans ,
and pay for the other half... What the Fuck America..??
Go get on food stamp.
Go ahead and just keep sitting there on your asses.
Lazy Ass America....
Sad is it....
New Amendment to the Constitution.
When Born in the United STates, you as a person shall only be responsible for the taxes accrued from your country from the date of your birth and in the direction of the future debts accrued by the American People.
From the Date you are born in the United STates,
you will not be responsible to pay off by taxes any debt accrued before the date of your birth. 
ONly the Percentage of taxes accrued after your birth.
Comprendo?? Congress, ...