~ So you like to use the word NiGGA ?...
One Word with many different meanings...

Meaning #1.
Often used when referring to a friend.
Commonly used in the Rap & HipHop world.
Means about  the same as Homie, My Man, Dog, G, Brotha , ect..
Meaning #2
A slang termo ften used to degrade the black man and woman.
More often spelt as NiGGER.
Almost sounds like the same as NiGGA, but with the ER in the end, instead of A.
This is for the most part, a Hate Term.
Some what of a reference to back in the slavery days
Meaning #3
Can be applied and used as a derogatory term to insult or degrade
anybody with any skin color or anything .
Definition in Urban DIctionary:

*coming from a proud black male*
1. A nigger is a person of dark skin that fucks shit up for the rest of us proud African/Jamaican/Haitian americans.
Characteristics: Laziness, Ignorance, Racism, Belligerence, Cleptomania and an all around urge to just do dumb shit
2. A derogatory term used by racists to demean Blacks, though there are other cases of other races, but i shant get into that as of now.
3. One who "nigs"
Random Human - Hey, why aint cracker censored when nigger is, that shit is damn fuckin racist!

Me - Okay , look brother, the reason that nigger and cracker arent considered equal is simply that the word nigger was used for hundreds of years to demean black people and was often shouted when whipping, working or shooting to death a slave. The word cracker more or less came into popularity when whites were just fucking up, personally, i don't believe in degrading any race...

A word that isn't commonly used between  blacks and whites.
Yet black people constantly call each other that word.

Jim: What up my nigga
Paul: Nothing much Nigga
Scott: us black people should stop calling each other that word, it has evil roots.
Jim: What do you mean, homie?
Scott: What I mean is, you don't see Mexicans calling each other wetbacks or beaners because they think it's a "term of endearment", you don't see gay men saying: "look, there's my faggot over there!"
Paul: Good point

~ Racism

The fact of the matter is,
no one has control of who you are, when your born into this world.
We are all born with eyes, ears, and brains.
We all have the same ability to take in our surroundings.
We all have the same ability to set goals and try to accomplish our highest expectations.
It's what you do with your brain after you have been born,
that defines  you as a person.
It is the size of your thoughts that determine how big  you will grow.
If you think small,
stoop to other peoples levels,
you will always be small.
If you think BiG,
and stay true to your dreams,
you will live the path of which you wanted to follow by
working hard for it. Remember though..
Nothing is handed to you for free in life. ..
Dreaming won't get you to your destiny either.
You have to act on your own behalf.
Go out and live the life you want.
Your skin color will not tell you NO.

Your limit,
is your imagination...
One's own thoughts,
can be one's worst enemy ...
Destroy inner mental walls,
to set your self free...
A mind, can be used as a tool,
can be brainwashed for advancing an agenda,
and used as a weapon..
Pick and choose how to use yours wisely..........
Your skin color doesn't tell your brain how to think...