Which Side Do You Choose ?

There are two sides.
The Dark side and the Good side.
Don't fool yourself.
There is no in-between.
Your either one or the other.
If your not sure which side your on,
then how do you know which side to choose?
There are allot of temptations,
"materialistic possessions" so to say,
that one can see in every day life,
that appear to make your life allot better
and you can have them all for free,
if you choose to take the dark path to acquire them.
Exotic cars, Monsterous houses, ect..
So one is allured to this as to a promise of happiness,
through possessions and admiration by others.
So what you own, is what you think will make you happy.
So instead of working your entire life, just to acquire that
million dollar house n cars,
which you will have to give your entire life up just to earn it at minimum wage,
you instead,
take a risk...
You try to take a short cut.
You decide to take a chance.
What deed will you have to do to get what you want fast.
You play out in your mind that if you live on the dark side,
for just a moment,
that then you can get what you want,
and then just go right back to livin on the good side,
and nobody will notice.
You'll just so to say, pull the wool over everyones eyes.
Now  your life is all better,
with all your new possessions right??.
The Cars, the House n all that money that you didn't actually earn.
Don't you feel good about all those things and how everyone compliments you on them, even though you didn't earn them.?
You play the fake rich man so to say. Yeah, you got BOSS attitude now, don't ya.
What story did you come up with to tell people where you got the money
to buy the Million Dollar House n Cars you have??
How can you live with your self and look people in their eyes ,
and tell your story over and over again. Your Lie.??
You see, this society isn't set up to come up fast the honest way.
You have to work for it.
But you can work smart or you can work stupid. Thats your choice.
But, if you flaunt what you possess but did not earn and feel good about it,
then you are truly evil, and on the dark side.
You have two options,
if you want to clear your mind.
So you don't have to think about what you did,
every day of your life, and live that nightmare that you lived,
over and over again in your head.
You can't stop thinking about what you did wrong.
So there is only two ways to fix that.
You have to confess your wrong doing and make upon it right, what you did wrong.
You need to go tell the person what you did.
Or go and tell someone what you did to a person,
Option two.
If there is no way you could stand what would happen to you,
if you were to tell someone what you did,
due to a life sentence for example,
then option two is to just blow your brains out,
because you are truly a piece of living shit that just brings all the rest of us down, degrading us all to a lower level,
in this pool of shit that we all swim together in called earth.
Nothing is given to us for free.
Even if you receive food stamps and free housing and want to brag about it,
some one else had to go to work,
and give up part of their life,
to pay their taxes so you could live the way you are.
There is no such thing as free anything..
And there are no short cuts to coming up fast in this world,
unless you want to stress out about always looking behind your back,
always worried that you might one day get caught.
Because you know you did something bad to come up so quick in
this pre programmed American Society. 
So you choose to die in a pile of cash that you can't feel good about,
because for one, you didn't honestly earn it.
And for two, no one is remembered for the pile of cash you fell in when you shit
your pants and died. 
So is it your belongings, your cars, n your house n money, which if it isn't bigger than
the pyramids, it won't get remembered, and your face isn't on that one hundred dollar bill.
So what are you trippin over all those high priced items that you cant ever really own in
life anyway?..

Question #2. How much money does one actually need to live a frugal happy life and to what point of spending does it becomes wastefull and irresponsible?
If you earned your money, then how can someone have the idea to tell you  how you can and can't spend your own money that you honestly earned by working hard for...

Mason Jefferson