Shooting Kids is a Bad Thing..
A really bad action to do.
Not even a good thing to think about..
Especially when they get shot trying to learn in school..
All these school shootings lately..
All over the news..
Every other article..
About a shooting..
Did you hear about the kid in China with a knife that severely injured
and killed some 22 kids one day before these shootings.
So there are over one million different ways to kill people with out using a gun.
What do we do?
Some say, let's make more laws..
We must make a law that takes away everything dangerous to a person.
Then no one will ever get hurt again. Happy Happy Fake World Fake World..
We Say.. LoL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You live in a dream..
If you think gun laws,
mere words on paper,
are going to fix what is going on lately,
then you live in a dream world.
The People are out of control...
Their actions speak for themselves.
The weapons just sit there , non judge-mental to anyone.
The car does not go with out the person pushing the petal.
A thought is in control of an action. Not an inanimate object.
Yeah, lets make more make believe gun laws..
Only problem is..
Just the citizens who follow the law will now be the only ones
with out guns..
By taking guns away, now only the bad people will have guns,
and the good law obiding people will not be able to self protect themselves..
Yeah, you can pretend,
to make laws on paper,
but it only makes the good people vulnerable.
And the bad guys, who will have the guns,
will have kids also,
who will have access to their parents guns,
to bring to school..
Lets remember, a gun is a device and not an action.
Shooting a gun is an action..
So the mind behind the gun makes the judgement. Not the gun.
Did anyone ever think about the movies and films,
and how they portray people just going around
shooting everyone, with no feelings..
Is it the movies that we are showing our kids..
No, if you take the guns away from the good people,
then the good people will not be able to protect their
good children in school when need be...
You cannot hide from guns.
They will always be on our planet..
Here for protection from the bad guys..
All public teachers should have to take mandatory gun classes,
and have carry permits ,
as well as showing one is proficient in using a gun under pressure..
There should b one adult and a gun to protect the children in every classroom.
Also, have you seen the new line of bullet proof backpacks and school clothing out!
Me being a parent, have already invested in my kids future in a violent classroom.
Its the only way..
Because our country is not safe anymore..
Our schools are not safe anymore.
We must be able to protect our selves.
And so what would you rather have happen..
when you drop your kids off at school inthe morning,
would you rather have a classroom full of children,
in a violent situation, with no one to protect them,
untill you have called the police,
but by the time they arrive,
your child will already be dead!!
Where was someone with a gun when we needed one??
The Schools are not safe anymore..
Our country is not safe anymore..
Our so called leaders are not reliable anymore..
Thus, we must have a means of protecting our children and l0ved ones,
from the bad guys,
who would mean to do harm,
to your child..
Mandatory issue of guns for all teachers ..
Is what we are requesting..