Republican Swine (Repubs responsible for 9/11) (America)

So I hear you saying Republicans are directly responsible for 9/11. I disagree. Nor am I saying that democrats are directly responsible either. Neither party is fully to blame - it is the elite pulling the puppet-strings of BOTH parties responsible for 9/11 - VERY DIRECTLY RESPONSIBLE! So at the same time both parties are responsible, just not quite so directly. Yes, the republicans are at fault - especially Dick Cheney who ordered the Air Force planes to stand down when they could have taken off to shoot down the 'hijacked planes'. Governor Giuliani got a phone call warning him that building 7 was about to come down. Who made that phone call? Wake up folks - it is a 1-party system controlled by the elite, 2 fake out-of-touch parties that really aren't all that different from each other - playing you and you buy into it. I don't believe 19 radical muslim terrorists hijacked the planes that day. There is too much evidence that it was a false-flag terrorist operation - but the elite are the terrorists this time!

If you deny the truth, that is your choice, but if you open your eyes to the truth, you can be one more informed citizen helping take back YOUR country and freedoms from the government thugs of both parties stealing them away from you right now.

Flight 77 - those reporting on what phone was used to make that famous "let's roll" call, flip-flopped back and forth between it being an on-board airplane phone and a cell-phone, finally settling on cell-phone. However, experts say at that elevation, no cell-phone call could have been made. Also the crater the crashed plane supposedly made was found to be pre-existant to the crash. The debris was also scattered in a mile-radius, and in many small pieces - not what a crashed plane would look like, but definitely what a plane that had been shot down looked like. (Thank you to the heroic person who likely ignored orders and shot down that plane to stop more needless death)

Twin Towers and planes that hit them - Both the towers fell due to controlled demolition - they collapsed into themselves falling straight down at free fall speed - Firefighters in the basements of the buildings verify the explosions below, and the visual evidence above is more than enough to know they were controlled demolitions.

-The temperatures of the steel from the collapsed buildings were hotter days after 9/11, than jet fuel could ever get - pointing towards the likely possibility that thermite was used as part of the demolition process to quickly melt the steel.

- Fire has never (before or after 9/11) caused a steel-frame building to collapse. The designers of the buildings state that it was designed to withstand the heat of burning jet fuel (basically just kerosene) and there is no way jet fuel could melt steel or demolish a building.

- There was ample time to shoot down the second plane, once we were aware an attack was taking place. Dick Cheney gave a stand-down order - when questioned, he confirmed for all to stand-down. Cheney was given the sole authority to have control over these decisions, on 9/11/01 ONLY.

- The passport of one of the alleged terrorists was found in the debris. Really? A fire hot enough to melt steel but a passport found in the debris not even touched by fire???

The Pentagon - The hole in the pentagon is smaller than the boeing 757 that supposedly hit it. Everything carried out of the pentagon was in black bags. Video evidence was suppressed (plenty of cameras around) and the little that has been released doesn't help verify the 'official story'. Media had to stay way back when filming. No bodies or airplane debris was seen being carried out of the pentagon. The pentagon was hit in the one spot that was vacated so no one was hurt. The maneuver the supposed pilot did, was a maneuver top airforce pilots say they couldn't even pull-off. And this was a pilot whose flight teacher didn't even trust - said wasn't even capable of, flying a small plane, let alone a jet, let alone, pulling off an impossible maneuver :)

Building 7 - No plane hit building 7. Yet it collapsed into itself in an identical fashion to the twin towers (at free-fall speed). At the time it collapsed (hours after the initial attack, early that evening) there were only a few isolated fires in the building, so fire isn't even a possibility as to why building 7 collapsed. The owner of Building 7 took out a giant insurance policy on the building not long before 9/11 and made bank on 9/11. He also said they "uh, made the decision to pull it", referring to his building. Firefighters were warned to get away just before it was demolished and there is even video evidence of them counting down to the explosion. For building 7 - the only story is that it was intentionally and expertly demolished. Also key is what all was housed in building 7, that was destroyed that day. Look into it. Also, British news reported the collapse of building 7 minutes BEFORE it actually collapsed. Try to explain that one to me!

9/11 Commission - Neither Bush nor Cheney would talk to the commission without the other present. Since that time, over half the commissioners have come forward stating how the commission was a cover-up, they were told what they could and couldn't include or report on in the report, and that the 9/11 official story is a lie. There was never an explanation on building 7 in the report - it was simply ignored. As were tons of other evidence (statements, eyewitness reports, etc.)

The government claims there were no warnings beforehand and that is how such an improbable event was able to take place and not be stopped. That is a bold-faced lie. Many countries and news-outlets warned of the impending attack, and we ignored them all.

Believe what you want. But I think the evidence is pretty clear, especially as to what didn't happen that day (the official story of events that day). If you can't handle the truth, your freedoms and liberties will continue to be taken away without even a protest, the elite with the help of the governments, bankers, and media they control, will continue to bankrupt our nation, destroy the value of your hard-earned money, tax us into our graves, and keep us fighting each-other (dems vs. repubs) while they conclude the destruction of a free America, and the complete elimination of what is left of the middle class. You could do nothing and watch your destruction. Or you could wake up, stand up, and make your voice heard. At the very least, educate yourself.