How do you register a gun magazine?

They don't have serial numbers and they are mass produced meaning each manufacturer's product looks exactly the same.
K, since magazines are not marked with any identifying information other than perhaps caliber, how do you register them? BTW - Most of the magazines being discussed are not high capacity, they are standard capacity, that is that they are the capacity for which the firearm was designed making them standard capacity. Thus making guns the guns you currently own now useless if you lose the clip.
Because you wont be able to buy a standard clip for your gun anymore.
Yes making guns useless by clip laws. This is TRiCKERY. any one can see that if you think about it.
An how about a felony charge for any gun clip that is unregistered.
What the fuck is up Conneti CUNTs Ass. A Gay dick Agenda my friends .
Clips are not the same things as magazines. An M1 rifle utilizes an 8 round enbloc clip, an AR15 rifle utilizes a 30 magazine. There is a difference.
As soon as they are registered they will be confiscated in the next session. WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!
- >>> CT - The anti-constitution state.

- Since assault weapons already account for less than 2% of gun deaths, exactly what percentage of total gun deaths will this partial measure prevent?

- I'm happy to see that they at least paid some lip service to improving mental health care with this do little bill. Since the vast majority of gun deaths are suicides any improvement in mental health care is far more likely to have a measurable impact on gun deaths than any assault weapons ban.

324 suicides in the army last year???? WTF? No Shit!
Yes 324 suicides in the United States Armed Services last year.