1. Chicago = Nations toughest gun laws, but as quoted from O-bomb-a-drone, " there were 443 murders commited by guns in chicago last year." end quote.. Because the bad guys have the guns and the good people are not allowed to. Thus making us un able to self protect our selves and others.

A felon who buys a gun is already breaking the law in the first place. how does disarming me change anything?

Know why there's gun violence in Chicago? You have 20,000 armed gang members. Disarmed citizens. A gay anti-gun mayor and city council, and a gay U.S. President who is bound and determined to disarm us all, and take away our rights!

2. Mexico = A nation that does not allow guns, yet guns control their nation because,
only the bad guys have the guns. You don't want to be the president of mexico, or a police chief. It's a commitment to suicide.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein wants to take your guns away.
"He argued that he felt for Feinstein, who became a staunch gun-control advocate when she discovered the bodies of gay rights activist Harvey Milk and San Francisco Mayor George Moscone after they were gunned down at City Hall in 1978.We say take a gun and shove it up your ass and pull the trigger!" LoL. Gun Control Is, A Gay AGENDA. LoL !
Your old haggness has no place in a gun debate.
Please go change your diaper and STITCH up your pussy. IT STINKS!!!
She wants to take your guns away because her two gay guy friends got shot. LoL!

UPDATE: 7:00 p.m. -- Feinstein indicated later Tuesday the prospects for including the high capacity magazine ban in a baseline gun control bill looked bleak.

She told reporters she had been promised two votes???? -- one on an assault weapons ban, including a ban on high capacity magazines, and another on just the magazine ban. Feinstein said it was her understanding that both of these votes would be on amendments, rather than on any gun control package introduced by the Senate.