Yo People! There's something going on and it's not good!!!

We are seeing the signs. Its in the Air. You can just feel it.
Its really KREEEEEPY!
Isn't it odd that all the sudden, this is happening all over the United States.
I can't ever remember anyone that I grew up with,
that ever had a thought or notion of killing another kid.
Since I can remember,
there haven't been that many mass shootings
until just recently.
The last few years..
And the main target are kids..
Isn't it odd,
that since O-Bomb has been in office,
all the sudden,
everyone is killing little kids.
Isn't it odd that this just happens to be O-bombs
#1 priority to take away honest peoples rights,
to own a gun for hunting or as a hobby......
Yes as a hobby.
Guns are really fun to shoot!
Especially when you have a 25 to 50 round clip in a 9 mill. or 338 Mag.
Its like driving a fast sports car. You get a natural High...
But no,
we are now starting to see a connection.
They are using kids to manipulate the way we think.
Using kids as leverage to pass laws that go against our normal way
of thinking and the constitution..
I think we have a case of propogated manipulation
by staging pre ordained mass shootings,
in order to change the minds of people
so they can shred the constitution right before our very eyes..
But of coarse we all know
Assault is an action.
Not an inanimate object.
Who ever came up with that wording needs to go back to 3rd grade.
The word action means that there is pre thought involved,
as well as an achieved goal for someone to
go on a kid mass murder spree all over our country.
And the bad guys will always have guns no matter what.
So we MUST have good guys with guns to protect our
children from these government staged events.
Oh yes, they are real.
But oh so fake as to say,
most the recent mass murders all seem to have the same story line.
As if they were being carried out by the same organization.
After to many out place events take place,
we start to see a twisted truth.
The people behind these shooting
are trying to manipulate our minds.
Yes, mind control people.
"It wasn't aN AR-15, it was two handguns. "
And they just can't keep their murder stories strait. "
"Fast and Furious COVER UP"
What are you hiding??????????????????
what a shame O-Bomb..
Enemies to We the People's gun rights and the constitution.
Our nation is divided.
They are trying to take our guns away.
You can't even get ammunition for guns at the moment.
You the other half have declared war
against we the people
against the constitution
We the People have a right to imprison and
if need be the death penalty against all who shall
try to ruin our great nation.
Because you my friends, would not be here today,
if it was not for guns. God Bless America.
May you go to heaven for sending these people to hell
Ever heard of No Child Left A Dime??
Thats exactly what this pansy ass below did,
to my children and their children.
will you sit there and watch our country go to shit,
or are you going to be a HERO,
and get people together and do something about it??
The time to act is now my friends..
This gay has crossed the line and its time to fight back.