Yo! We can't Barely get no ammunition in any of the States.

What the Fuck Is Going On ???????????
Does anybody know where all the ammo went?
If you are a REAL AMERiCAN,
you will vow to live by the statement below:
Please read out loud for a better meaning,
then copy , & paste and pass the word on.
THiS iS, THE LAST STRAW.........................

I, a member of We the People,
do solemnly swear,
in the best interest of our country,
and to ensure the future of our nations children,
and grand children,
that I will faithfully serve my country,
by possibly giving my life for it if need be,
in order to protect our peoples right to self protection,
and our right to protect my family and your family,
against one or many,
who would mean us harm,
such as a Rapist, Burglar or Thief,
internal Government Regime,
or invasion from another country,
I would DiE for my country's people,
and their right to BEAR ARMS,
to ensure the future of my blood kids and your kids.
I will die for my country,
if I must,
in the line of duty by protecting our peoples rights.
The Right To Bear Arms as a Hobby, as a sport,
but most important as Self preservation and Protection.
I realize that my actions may not be glorified in the news as they should,
because at the moment, the government controls the mainstream media.
But I know that I will be,
I will truly and faithfully ,
Go To Heaven For My Actions......
So Help Me God.......
O-Bomb-A-Drone has failed us.
We are in need of a new leader.
Not as to celebritize ones self by,
but for We The People
One does not have to be "RiGG. Voted into office,
in order to be a true leader..