There is a
D.R.A.G. Q.U.E.E.N.
in the White House
Did Ya'all not Notice?????
This is really messed UP :(
They lied to us on national tv about
having been married and these are their children?
They can't possibly be their children.
Michelle obama is a Drag Queen...
A QueeR.......
A Faggot..............
We don't even know who's children they are..??
We feel sorry for our country,
that we have allowed our standards,
to be Raped in the ass by gay men,
to such a low level....
What a shitty ass ,
stinky ,
You put a gay prezident,
and a drag queen in the white house..!!
No wonder everything is messed up.
Because our gay leaders heads are,
F.U.C.K.E.D. UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Michelle obama demanded her mothers day card
be signed.. But their not His Kids...
Michelle is a Dude......LoL!!!!!!
Ya'all just can't believe the truth can ya?
Its like a pink elephant in a little room,
but you can't bear to face the truth.. !
Queer and Drag Queen are not normal..
We repeat,
are not normal...