DiD you see the ISIS ViDEO??
Were there are 21 christians beheaded...

I can't believe it. !!
It looks as if ,
when all 21 of the orange
suited men, when they all
kneeled down so
perfectly together?..
It almost seems as if it were what is that word, uh, "CHOREOGRAPHED"... Yeah
They all kneel down just so perfectly, all emotionless. It's almost as if they had practiced the routine several times to get the "kneeling all together" at the same time, "so perfect"????
So the prisoners, did they practice it before, while wearing different clothing, and then, where lead out to to the beach,to all kneel at once in spotless clean prison orange suits???
Oh, crap, the squirting blood. So much squirting blood when you cut a main artery. Some times, squirting 8 to 10 feet or more. Look at all the blood squirt marks in the sand, when they are cutting off the heads of the prisoners with their jugular veins completely exposed while their heart is beating with adrenalin , but, what is saw in the video, is NO SQUIRTING BLOOD, OR BLOOD SQUIRT MARKS ONTHE SAND FROM THE JUGULARS. ???????
on the news: several professional linquinists, or voice experts claim that the voice of the commander in the video wearing the camo shirt instead of black jump suits, was a voice from North American Decent?
Why would professional voice analysts lie about analizing a voice on the news. That could ruin their carreer if they were to lie about were the voices decent was from.