That of which you gaze upon,
you become...
Wise words from God...

Ya'all let women decide the fate of men???
Ya'all a Bunch of Cunts and fags...
Fags for letting the stupid Cunts, make decisions...

To the Supreme Court >>>
It is not normal to stick your dick in shit.....
We repeat ,
it is not normal,
to stick your dick in shit...
Need we say more...????
Oh, ,,,, but 4 out of 5 judges, if you can call them women, , who voted for two men together, ya see, ya'all don't have dicks because your chicks, so you wouldn't know anything about how a strait man feels about faggots trying to manipulate our minds, spreading deseases and raping our strait children, now would ya??
Maybe they are men who have dicks that dress up like women.. It's kinda hard to tell now days. Take a look a Mike Obama...
, oops, meant to say Michael...

Ok , ya'all asked for it by making your mentally unstable, fucked up in the head decisions...
We strait men, now refuse to become priests,
because we are being "forced" to watch 2 men kiss after they are supposedly,
by the devils terms,
"married men"???
But that statment alone, explains it.
Thee gay terrorist regime in our country is trying to do away with religion and good morals of any kind.... ;(

So who do you supreme, shit fucking, faggot judges, on the top of the brown dick pole, who do you think your going to "force" to bend over and marry two men??
Are you going to "force" priests to be gay... ?
Because a genuine strait priest,
Will Not Marry 2 Men..!

So how, are you going to "force" a group of strait men to become gay priests??
You cannot.....
it is forbidden....
Two men can never actually get married by a real priest. It would have to be a priest that was brain washed... Yup! Thats the word for it. Manipulated and tricked into thinking something is normal.


We strait men, refuse to accept your decision as any other than that of a person that is very mentally sick.
We repeat, mentally sick.
Marrage between a man and a man is stricltly forbidden by all religions.
So, what , do you think your going to rewrite our bible.??? We don't think so.
We would kill for the right to our bible and it's good morals,
and go to heaven for it.. Yes we would...
It is immoral for a priest to be gay, and forbidden by god and all other religions. Thus , you can never actually, by the grace of god ,be married.
its not allowed.
All you gay dick suckers can never, we repeat,
" never" truly be moralistically married by a legitimate faith..
The last thing a strait family wants to do is go to church, where we are suppose to teach our children good morals, but oh, you didn't know the priest was gay, and so your 4 year old child got raped by the Holy Man who had a desease, and now your child cannot birth children?? That of which you worked your entire life for, to see your genetics carry on??!
It is udderly disgusting to think that you would abandon the family's of children in our country , and let young boys be adopted by faggots.?? What do you think they are going to do to that little boy, when he is young. Yes! A faggot, only thinks about sticking his dick in a shithole.. And what a better place for a dick to go for a faggot, then a nice tight little boy or girls asshole.... Mom and Dad, Parents beware..!!! :),our gay prezident and his gay judge regime just gave all the faggots permission to stick their dicks in little boys assholes by allowing them to adopt children... Who the fuck do you think us strait moralistic men are. Do you think our thoughts are easy to manipulate. Because the only way you faggots ever get anything done, is by tricking a manipulating people. All you gay men, are trying to trick and manipulate us into thinking it is ok for two gay men to adopt a young boy. We strait moralistic men, refuse to live by Obama and his gay judge committies decicions. Ya'all are in the wrong, and going strait to hell for your evil and participated intentions. How dare you give prezidence to gay men, over strait familys. How Dare You.. We cannot respect you any more.. And we repeat, it IS NoT NorMaL, for a guy to stick his dick in shit...!
We respect other countries that do not tolerate this type of immoral behaviour.. We respect the fact that you throw them over building to die and go to hell. Because, a gay mans time on planet earth, only infects others by his existence. We call it faggotism.... And those who would try to trick We The People in to thinking immorally, well, we call you
We reserve our right, to HATE, what is morally wrong...

All you faggots are a bunch of mentally sick, worthless, fucked up in the head biggits.. Go shoot yourselves. We will supply the gun and ammo...