Savage Rhymes Radio may not have public sign in pages for every artist and musician that wants to be on this station, but don't underestimate the promotional power of this radio station as a webtool for you the artist, to get your music out there and heard on a radio station with respect and influence.. Were here to back you, as a representative of an all original upcoming or professional artist would like to have your music tracks promoted and heard..
Your representative is Savage Rhymes Radio..!

Once your tracks have been added to this station, you can use the top browser link to your song
when it plays , as a reference, to point people to your track as a music player
and to promote your music on this station, without having to tell some one to type your name in the search bar, or scroll down the list to find your music tracks.. You may use this as a place to point listeners to your music tracks by copying and pasting "CNTL C & CNTL V IN MOST COMPUTERS" it to another website, twitter, facebook,
text your link to friends on your cell phone ect. .

Once you have been added to Savage Rhymes Radio, your music links become PERMANENT
and will not change, unless you have been removed and replaced due a quality check.
Once your added, you have the power to promote yourself on this station,
as well as us promoting you too..:)
So start copying and pasting your music track links to other websites for maximum exposure...

E V E R Y T H i N G, .. i S .. A .. D i G i T A L .. S i G N A L .. N O W ... You must realize this
in order to reach your maximum potential level for promoting your self in any situation nowdays..