~ It's Ok to share music amongst friends,
for a website to distribute and
sell music worldwide, with out prior
permission or contract from the artist,
Don't tell me that your website is friends with
the whole world with music to download free for everyone...
That's a shady excuse...
But What would the world B with out music?
And aren't there messages with in music? ...
So by being greedy,
your message will not saturate amongst people as fast...
So one could say,
that you don't give it up unless someone pays for it...
Ya see, it works both ways ...
Think about what your goal is with your music...
Are you in it to deliver a message, the money, or maybe just 4 da honey's..












MUSiC iS LiFE !...
or is it communication is life.
So then there are nations who choose to set up their main stream
communication device as thee internet.
Now they also have a button which allows for mass communication disconnect.
Or in other words, invisible gaging and plugging of an entire nations, or world  populations ears and mouthes all at once. You have to realize though this not only includes of coarse what were talking about the internet, but also now includes cell phones, which each have an individual I.P. Address, home phones which are now on a digital signal and Television broadcasting which is all digital. Every way we have to communicate besides face to face, is on the same digital signal now.  These digital signal disconnect, filter out and scramble buttons can effectively disconnect everything at once and yes with one push.  If someone was to push this button it would be considered a control act. Or maybe you could call it a terrorist control act against its own people. Thus showing and reveling ones self as an enemy of freedom of speech and communication amongst it's own people. "We the People". Think about it.

The word,
has a negative meaning
to many people...
Maybe people think that
mainstream radio
is where the action is...?
Not any more because mainstream radio is restrictive and controlling...
Not free and open to new ideas
like it once was...

Savage Rhymes Radio Crashes Godaddy Server
Due to over capacity on Sat. April 24th  2011 @ 11:45 P.M. Saturday Night...
That means too many people were
on their shared server which has hundreds of websites on it,
and it crashed the server. We have no idea how
many other public websites went down.
Code 80 Error.
Go Daddy out of Arizona got mad at us and didn't want to
have our website posted and working again.
Basically after about two years of messing with GoDaddy servers,
we have found out that they offer customers community builder software such as joomla,
but do not have servers that are sophisticated enough to mesh with the software they offer,
or have knowledgeable enough staff....
So, we found another web hosting company out of called KnownHost.com.
We like these

A giant thank you to officer Wall Pecker
of the San Diego Police department for falsly arresting me, while sitting on my front porch steps, on the accusation of a car theft and matching the description of a white guy with blue jeans and a dark t-shirt. 4 days in jail for no reason and im pissed !!! So heres a little rap that i wrote about you officer Waldecker, while i was in jail for no reason what so ever... check it, !! ....

Falsely accused by the San Diego Police; Fit the description, white guy, black shirt and blue jeans; Sitting on my front porch steps enjoying the view; two cop cars roll up catty corner, they get out and act confused; Looking for an address they could not find; Asking me for my I.D. , looking at me like i did some crime; Officer Wallpecker said two witnesses saw me drop off a stolen car; I told him to get the finger prints to find out who the people are; Then he tells me Im a theif, that steals from my family; He tells me Im in denial as he locks handcuffs on me; Thought he had his man, acting all happy and proud; I didnt steal that car I shouted out loud!; Now this cop was acting all out of line; Searching me for drugs and anything he could find; This pigs attitude acting so poorly; Thrown in a cop car, with no chance to plead my story; Hauled off to jail upon a false accusation; 4 days spent in jail with no compensation? !!; Now Im pissed off beyond beleif, I think its time to sue those damn S.D. Police.......!!!!!!

Savage Rhymes