Will the Real
Joe Biden
please stand up.!!
The so called
Joe Biden iS NoT
Unless he got an ear lobe job, a nose nostril job and a flappy neck skin job. Compair black and white photos to current ones. It's obvious...!






















Scaring and Forcing people into the corner of a room to get an experimental covid shot or else lose your job, is 100% NAZi...!
Communism at it's Ugliest...
We are not here to BoW DoWN.
The Biden Regime has a dilemma...
They're trying to trick the "UNJABBED" into thinking that the jab works in order to get the first two doses while at the same time trying to convince the "JABBED" that the vacines don't work in order to get their "Booster SHots". The mass over vacination push is creating an overflow in the hospitals by infecting the population at a faster rate than mother nature herself normally would. You can't hide from a virus, and eventually you"WiLL GeT Covid". No matter who you are, no matter where you are...
But, not everyone has the virus "YET", so why are we in such a "BiG RUSH" to get "1 SHOT, 2 SHOTS, 3 SHOTS, 4" into everyones body...?
Getting a "Vacine Shot" for Covid does not make you 100% immune from the virus, nor does it eradicate the virus from your system, nor can it stop you from spreading the virus to other people once you become infected from the shot. It does however force your body to create a "NATURAL iMMUNiTY". That of which our government refuses to acknowledge due to heard control issues. If you get the experimental "J.A.B.", not only do you become infected with covid, but you also become a speader for the virus. If you got a covid shot, you just involuntarily volunteered yourself to become a "SPREADER"wether you realize it or not... Why would you volunteer your own body to get the virus if you don't have it already?.
Are you people really that scared?
Are you people really that D.U.M.B.??? Do you really actually believe everything the Government
run news stations tell us???
Theres no difference between getting Covid from the people you live with and getting covid from an experimental needle injection into your body. Either way you get Covid. But, there is a correlation between the speed of which the virus spreads, and states with the strictest vaccine mandates. The states that vaxed the least, have far less covid cases. The states that vaxed the most have the highest covid numbers. So the more people that get the shot in a geographic area who don't initially have the virus to begin with, the faster the virus spreads throughout that geographic area,
all of which ultimately leads to
- I would rather get covid from my friends at a party, than get an injection from the devils kitchen... That of which they don't want you to talk about whats in the ingredients of the shot..
{ fetal tissue, thermerisol, mercury, ect...}... I personally know 2 people that have died from BLOOD CLOTS just days after getting the experimental J.A.B....
All in All, one can rationally say, with logical thought, that the rapid spread of the virus is a result of over vaccination and thus creating a shortage of hospital beds by weaponizing "SPREADERZ".. Not everyone has got the virus yet. So why is the Biden Nazi Regime in such a rush to spread the virus to everyone?????

We must give special thanks to Dr.Fauci, who is one of the people that gave money, on top of U.S. Tax Payer Dollars, to the chinese lab that created the "GAiN OF FUNCTiON ViRUS" to be used as a weapon against "We the PeoPle"....
To Fauci, Biden and all you dumb liberals , "Tighten Up Your Stupid Face Diapers... We're Tired of Hearing All the SHiT coming out of your Mouthes....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!







- What Democrats whish to ignore is the fact that this guy not only lied for personal gain, but his lies were gasoline to the fire of prejudice which is rampaging across the country promoted by Democrats.
- The sick thing is that they wanted it to be true.
That is the real problem here while they still push hatred toward half of America on the daily. They use any isolated incident to promote the idea that America is hopelessly flawed and we need new government.
- Don't forget, Kamala Harris is Jussie Smollet's Aunt. His stunt was concocted to coincide with her Aunti Lynching Bill.
- Hairass absolutely RELiSHED the word "LYNCHiNG" rolling it around in her mouth like a jolly rancher while repeating it over and over again.
- Ten Bucks says Harris was behind it and she put Jussie up to it because he's not smart enough.
- To a whole lot of people, Smell-it betrayed his own race, set back gains in race relations for years and should be charged federally with a HATE CRiME,
that of which the Biden Team won't push for or accept. They are not in the loop of evidence and are not fortune tellers. Any comment could be considered trying to influence the outcome of the trial. Look for Biden to appoint Jussie to some administrative position. Being truthfull about this guys crime does not fit the narrative the Biden Team wants to promote.
- Cum Alah said Quote," This was an attempted modern day lynching." But actually this was an attempted modern day fabrication. And as a citzen of this country, no one should have to worry that our president and vice president would jump to the wrong conclusions so easily. This time it was a stupid actor and his con job. But what happens when some international hot head stirs up some real trouble and Cum Alah and Bozo jump to conclusions before checking the real evidence and walk us right into another war??. World leaders have no excuse to be so naive as to jump to believing Smell-it's lies. How can Biden and his side show hoe VP (la Femme Disaster) be trusted with great issues of our day?. Biden said he would be honest with the American people but doesn't have the strength to correct his record and apologize for his reckless statements before the facts and investigations have been completed. He takes the cowards way out, and continues to divide our country while staying quiet.
- Kammie described Smollett in her tweet as "one of the kindest, most gentle human beings i know." Doesn't say much for the rest of the people she knows.
- The Anarchists HATE Emanating from Smollets guilty verdict is only Fermenting All the More, given their public Humiliation. Marxist Anarchist Frustration grows all the more with the red tidal wave that is sweeping America. Marxist hacks are now whipping up their city Gangs, Antifa and BLM minions to Do Battle against their Self Created Self imagined Oppressors.
- It's amazing that no one is ever held responsible for anything they say/post for anything. Keep in mind the same demented corpse who "campaigned" while hiding in a basement and the HO was busy bailing out ACTUAL terrorists during the riots.
- People should look at the habits of the political party that feeds into the hate that continues in America today. Who has benefited and continutes to benefit from these disgusting acts?.
- I thought Psuki was Biden's spokesperson, but apparently she is Trumps too, as she quickly brought him up when addressing Smell-it comments from 2019 as Trump was responding to the allegation that it was Trump supporters that did Jussie in. Her job consists of lying to support the lies of other liars. She must have all her notes written by the O'devil himself. Lie after Lie spews from her mouth. The question was about what Bidumb and Hairass said, but she just HAD to bring up Trump. I love the fact that Trump still haunts them worse than the ghost of christmas that haunted Scrooge. And according to Ms.Jen, it's fine and dandy for Biden and Kamala to show their prejudice against white people who didn't even exist because there were other DemoRats whose comments were as bad or worse? PeeSucki is the most stone faced liar to ever come through as the White House spokesperson.
- This administration is only fueling more hatred when they speak out against Rittenhouse and his obvious self defense, but are blind and dumb enough to support a creap like Smell-it who told so many weak lies in support of his crime that it would take a blind and ignorant person to believe him. It actually shows that the Bidumb Regime are a buncha racists. Racism is not only a crime against blacks, but other races as well, including whites.
- I'll tell you a little secret. Black people use bleach as a weapon. White people only seem to use it for laundry. First thing that told me the fool was telling a story.
- Think he will be prosecuted for lying under oath?.
- Jussie Smollett the boy who cried wolf. He repeatedly cried wolf. Hopefully that boy will be crying to Bubba "that hurts". But he wont need any vaseline because his rear has seen more sea-men than an aircraft carrier. It will be like throwing a hotdog down a mine shaft. And even worse, he's going to be in chains, like on the plantation.
- Red Flag Alert!. Reality check for all leaders, members and followers of BLM.
It's High Time for every leader, member, and follower of BLM to STOP being Puppets for Joe, the single biggest White Nazi Supremacist on the Planet.!
- On Sept 2014, George Soros said:"I am going to bring down the United States by funding black hate groups. We'll put them into a mental trap and make them blame white people. The black community is the easiest to manipulate." Quote...
-Yo Juicy, lesson #1, don't hire two black dudes and claim they are white.
- Smollett bravely defended his Subway sandwich. Didn't even damage the sandwich or the wrapper.
He was acting. Sadly, he was never good at it although he could keep a strait when lying. He was suffering from hoof-in-mouth disease. He only lied when his lips were moving. What do you expect from Serial Liers and Losers. All these people had to hear that white men wearing MAGA hats were involved. They hate one man, more than they love this country.
- Hollywood Actors wanted; Qualifications as follows.
Must be a lying lunatic.
- In our neck of the woods, those pesky liberals have Smell - it - tized our government..
- The only lynching is the future of Kamala's politics.
- Harris is a poor judgement of character because she has none herself. Lessons learned? Maybe Harris should have said, "I'm deeply sorry to have jumped in to play the race card and to have incited more hate and violence because of it". Dementia Joe and "Da Ho" should just come out and say, we believed him, he lied, and were sorry for making incorrect assumptions and accusations. But of course only an adult would do that. The only lessons learned are by We the people who have once again learned about the true character of Joe and the Hoe. The only lessons we learn is how to lie, cheat and steal and get away with it... Joe and Da Hoe should be prohibited from weighing in on a trial in motion...
- Has any Black organization or high visibility black person said anything like "shame on Smell-it"?
Listen closely, you may have to listen for a long time.
- People who go out of their way to intentionally falsify a hate crime act should be held to the same strict punishments as those who do these acts. For in their false accusations they are themselves performing a hate crime and perpetuating racisms. People that perpetuate hate crimes should receive sentences twice as long as those actually commiting them. Which they actually have.
- Sow lie, eat lies, good eating Democrats.
- Hey, your that guy i hate enough to not only recognize from that show i hate, but know your sexuality and carry around a noose and bleach in case i see you.??? What this Einstein expected you to believe.
- Whole thing stinks. Can you Smell-it??? LoL ...
- Lets see if the FEDS file civil rights violations against juicy for a hate crime like they would for a white person. It's more than "lessons learned". It's spewing that conservative hating leftism that dumbo Americans swollow with out question. Mis information that the average peon believes to be true if it comes from our so called "Leaders".
- Will he beat himself up in prison, or will it be real.?
- Smell-its hoax was an opportunity for Biden and Harris to divide the country for reason to create more dictorial restriction and executive commands to evade legal process.
- LoL. Guilty...
- Jussie used black guys to play white rednecks, how smart was that?
- All of the above belong to LGB TQ FJB.
- No remorse and still lying is why jail time for Smell-it should be mandatory.
- So many people get aids in the prison he will go to.
- The gay black man is going to Tube Steak Heaven.
- Smell-it. The face of the Democratic party. Lying, cheating fraudulent bunch of country hating communists. Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Schumer and all of the prominent DemoRats posted on social media about how this was a hate crime perpetuated by Trump Supporters?. Still waiting for all these peeps to take down their tweets... LoL.. Biden said " We must stand up and demand that we no longer give this hate a safe harbor. Thanks Brandon. Mighty white of you..
- Faking a HATE CRiME for political gain and introducing an anti-lynching bill to Congress, based on a lie. Deceiving the American people. Roe VS Wade was the same thing. Roe wasn't raped and didn't have an abortion..
- There is a Hate Crime here. Jussie Smell-it hates whites obviously. Next.
- 100 % innocent like the NASCAR noose that never was. Biden supported sending dozens of FBi agents to investigate pull ropes on garage doors at the nascar events.
- Perhaps we should begin referring to Biden and Harris as "Jussies". After all the uprisings caused by this one roaches lies, i expected the leader of our country to chastise him just like he did fellow Americans who have done nothing wrong but speak up.

I, a member of We the People, do solemnly swear,
in the best interest of our country, and to ensure the future of our nations children, and grand children,
that I will faithfully serve my country, by possibly giving my life for it if need be,
in order to protect our peoples God Given right to self protection, and our right to protect your family and mine,
against one or many enemies, who would mean us harm, such as a Rapist, Burglar or Thief, internal Government Regime,or invasion from another country...
I would DiE for my country's people, and their right to BEAR ARMS,
to ensure the future of your blood kids and my blood kids. I will die for my country, if I must,
in the line of duty by protecting our peoples rights. The Right To Bear Arms as a Hobby, as a sport,
but most important as Self preservation and Protection.
I realize that my actions may not be glorified in the news as they should, because at the moment,
the government controls the mainstream media.
But I know that I will be, a TRUE AMERiCAN HERO And SOLDiER for sticking up for my countries
people and their god given rights. .....
I will truly and faithfully be rewarded by going to Heaven For My Actions......
So Help Me God.......
We are in need of a new leader.......
Remember, one does not have to be "RiGG" voted into office,
in order to be a True American Leader.