Is it the Corona Virus,
Wu Han Flu, Covid-19, Alpha, Delta, Lambda,
The Variant, LoL..!
Which one is it?
to FORCE SCARE a muzzle on You.


if Masks work,
Then why don't they work.???


- Have the Vaccines been tested on animals before humans? NO...!
- Do we know the long term effects of the vaccine? No...!
Has the government told us exactly what the ingredients are in the shot? No...!
Do we know whats in the shots? No...!
Why would they even go so far as to pay people to get the jab..? Why would they be so desperate as to cut people off from society and social events unless you get the jab...?
Does forcing people to get so called vaccing shots and paying people to get shots, does this sound like the normal logical way of pushing shots on people? No...!
There is something wrong with their fake desperation to jab every single human on the planet earth. We have only had man made vaccines for how many years? Less than one hundred.We are humans with immune systems who have been on the planet earth for how many thousands or millions of years, and you don't think our immune systems can handle this??? For real???
I hate to say it, but this is the way mother nature weeds out the weak genetics in human nature. You have an 80% more chance of having complications from covid if your fat, or over weight. You have more chance of dying from the flu, or getting shot on the street in a liberal run town than you do of dying from covid.
- Did we give you permission to experiment on us? No...!
- As with any Vacine, will the covid shot make it so you can never get covid again? No...!
Do we have a cure for the common cold? No...!
Do we have a cure for AIDS? No...!
Do we have a cure for COViD? No...!
Is there any vaccine that makes you 100% immune to getting a cold, the flue, chicken pocks, ect... No...!
Will we ever have a cure for the corona virus covid scare? No...!
Is the Government telling the truth about the covid shot? No...!
Is the Biden Regime stopping virus carrying immigrants from crossing the border and infecting legal Americans? N0...!
Should the Biden Regime be shipping immigrants in busses to different cities all over America with out testing them first for covid and other diseases? No..!
Are we the citizens the priority of the us government during this so called covid pandemic of migrants crossing the border? No...!
Did the Biden Regime give the armed forces a choice, for those who refuse the shot, and be let off with a honorable discharge? No...?
They just cornered them all in a big room and forced them to stick a needle in their arms if they still want to defend our coutry... Calling Bullshit...X10!

there is an aggitant, and a cuagulant.
The aggitant is what is added to the shot besides small doses of the Virus it self. The aggitant hyper inflates your immune system and makes it go into overdrive, kicking your immune system in to deal with the aggitant.
The aggitant can be either thermerisol, mercury, graphene oxide, ect... All of which you should not have in your body. All of which are heavy toxic chemicals added to the vacine shots to "hyper inflate your immune system into overdrive to quicker counter react the virus which was also injected into you with the shot....

The Corona Covid WuHan Flu virus scare is by far thee biggest scam that has ever been attempted on the United States and countries abroad. Pandemic propaganda broadcasted by Nazi and Communist owned news stations , purely for the sole purpose of changing the 2020 United States election results, with utter disregard for the mental health of its own citizens, by scaring people into submission. Over half of the people in America know that the 2020 election is a fraud, rigged by foreign software voting machines, and faked by mail in votes that were accepted without, voter i.d., Signature or verification of personal authenticity.
We refuse to accept the faked results and are calling for not a Recount but,
a ReVote, done correctly. Theres no way a walking corpse with no brain, who campaigned out of a basement with no following, won. That's just common sense. This election was a hoax and a damn sham scam against the American people..

Screw Your Fucking Muzzles..!
Screw, your Fucking Masks..!
We Are Not,
Fucking Dogs...!!!
Fuck your Liberal lockdowns of cities that has ruined the music industry, and robbed food from the mouthes of children for an entire fucking year.! FUCK YOU..!!
Fuck your liberal Governors, shutting down FUN and WORK...
It use to be No Work,
no eat or play...
But now it's all work, and No Fun??
Fuck Joe Biden
Fuck Nancy Pelosi
Fuck Chucky Shoomer..

Stand up for your righs America.
I Will not live in a society that does not allow for music and fun...
All Liberals Fucking Dumb! Time to buy a gun and join the Army

Welcome to the 2020 WuHan China Corona Virus Scare..!!!
Are you Scared..???
Are you a believer..???

I went to the grocery store today and there was no toilet paper..?? WTF..??

3/15/2020.. Theres no toilet paper in Walmart,
Safeway, or Town and Country... WTF..??

I need to take a shit..!! :( What am i going to wipe my ass with?

Hey, anybody remember that movie where they used the three clam shells.??

Yeah i remeber that, but they didn't show you in the movie how they used the clam shells to wipe their asses..??

What kind of shells where they?

I'm not sure.

Where do you buy clam shells? I think im going to try it out, but not sure where to get them.??

" Toilet Paper for Sale... 5$ Dollars a role. ???
How much will you pay for a role of T.P.?

I heard if you put computer printer paper in the dryer with fabric softners that it will make it soft enough to wipe your ass..

What else can we use... They are out of Toilet paper, cleanex, and almost all out of paper towels.

Toilet paper is going to get expensive.
I'm going to have to start cutting my shirts up into little squares and recycling them by washing them when im done wiping my ass with my own shirt pieces...

Theres going to be a T Shirt shortage..!

You can use a garden hose, but you cant control where the shit splatters...

So just wipe your shitty ass splatter up with more t shirts...

There will be a washing machine detergent shortage due to people having to wash their t shirt toilet paper....

Heard there is going to be a beer shortage...?
All the beer is being horded off the shelves...?

Climate Change Crowd going bezerk over the run on toilet paper. Warns of the impending mass harvesting of trees to keep up with the toilet paper hoarding

Making Toilet paper GREAT AGAIN!!
I'm pretty sure it was always great....

I vaguely remember running out of tp in 2009. 13000 died...

I would go to work , but, i need to stay home and guard my toilet paper...

There will be a surplus of tp in the coming months...

They say there are no testing kits available....
They say there is no vaccine...
They say we don't know how many people have the virus...
They say we cannot congregate in large groups of people anymore...
If there are no testing kits, and the cdc is the only place to test,
and if it takes at least a week to get results, ????

How many ppl had it and already recovered...

I wonder if the Wuhan Virus will fade away in the Spring like the flu virus does. Most virus don't survive warm temperatures.

People persistently try to minimize the severity of this problem by stating "A lot more people die from the flu!" The problem is that it's a matter of numbers. Many millions get the flu. So far the Covid has hit thousands. If we ignore the gravity of this disease and only 10% as many people get this as get the flu, then we will see a lot more deaths. A lot.

Assumptions! "IF only 10% as many people get this as get the flu, . . ." Are you saying 10% more people than get the flu or only 10% of the number of people who get the flu? So far, 1,600 cases. EVEN if everyone with the virus NOW dies, it's far fewer people than die from the flu!

How many people worldwide get the flu each year? According to Medicinenet, seasonal flu kills 291,000 to 646,000 people worldwide each year.

Remember, 327,200,000+ do not have the virus in America!
(Population stat based on 2018 #'s)

Attention please! 31 of the 38 deaths in America caused by the Wuhan Flu are from Nursing homes in the State of Washington!!!! A sincere investigation should be going on in Washington State!

41 deaths in the US and 26 are from a senior care facility in Seattle.

So the majority of the deaths are of people who are at risk of any virus - and we're closing schools, canceling major sports events, and panicking?

As I see it, social distancing will only drag out the spread of the disease and have a devastating impact to the economy.

People keep saying we will have more "cases" once people are tested.

Is it even a "strong" flu? We've had many more deaths from the "regular"flu!

Wouldn't it be ironic if the only thing that kills Corona virus is global

41 total deaths in USA...Washington State has 31 and California State has 4 for a total of 35.

The rest of the USA only has 6 deaths.

34 of them are illegals.

What did "they" do in 1919 when 30 MILLION died of the flu>

The question is do you put your faith in government agencies that have lied to us for the last 70 years or do we take care of our families with logical precautions...

I'm hoping they close the bridges between Washington State and Oregon since I live in Oregon...

Libs love disease... all of their politically controlled areas are dying..

I'm pretty sure it was a UFO landing in China that started this flue.

I hear that guns attract this virus,
so the government will come take
them to protect you from this slightly worse than flu bug...

I'm much more afraid of what is happening to our economy and this disaster has only just begun. We need to get back to work - back to life. Take precautions, but not this insane shutdown. The Media just feeds on this garbage and has caused more panic telling people food and supplies are going to stop being delivered. What an irresponsible thing to do. The Media needs
to be quarantined - they are the biggest danger to our Country.

When we have more dead from this virus then say....deaths from lead poisoning in Chicago...get back to me.

NY, like CA, need thinning of the herd. Too many idiotic liberals, an
incurable mental disease. So, please let us know when the herd has reached unsustainable numbers. We can all have a tailgate party to celebrate their timely demise.

In the age of the internet, it's amazing how easy it is to whip up the
obtuse liberals into a panic..

They aren't testing. No usable test. No problem. The Governor of Ohio estimates 100,000 in his state alone.

Mainstream Media with China are in an all out war against the Republicans

Unless you really know EXACTLY how many people are infected, there's no way you can give an actual mortality rate.

Considering we have a population of around 330,000,000 I'd say COVID-19 is not much of a threat. Kudos to the liberal media for blowing EVERYTHING out of proportion, sinking our economy, blaming President Trump for the whole affair and to Aunt Nancy for slipping both paid abortions and free home meals for children who won't be in school into the Coronavirus bill. Way to go Dems! Just keep hemorrhaging our hard earned money!

The weakest seem to live in liberal sanctuary zones....shocking

Spiders kill a few people every year while food poisoning kills thousands. Yet, people are afraid of spiders!

DEM policy on Wuhan corona virus = Open Borders. Trump is showing true leadership and calming of the public...

I heard if you pick your nose and eat the boogers it will ward off the virus...

I think this will go down in history as stupidy caused by the media!...

THE Coronavirus is killing at best 2 people a day....while the flu is
killing over 150 a day.

It's a form of Psychological Warfare.

I can't remember Obama doing anything when the swine flu epidemic occurred.

When in trouble, when in doubt
Run in circles ... scream and shout.

People WATCHING THE NEWS, right now, making literally, life-and-death decisions based on these reports.

facts for libs.
did you know 2 million people will die this year?
did you know 18,000 people died from swine flu?
did you know 47,000 people died of suicide?
Do you think your downer talk might raise that rate and kill more than the virus?

77,000 from their sanctuary friends drugs...

Hope everyone sees the pattern here for Conservative vs. Liberal states and the number of cases each....

Been stuck at these numbers for a few days now.....guess it exponentially increases exactly on the 1st minute of the 6th day.

LIBERALS....are a real wonder. They talk out one side of their mouths at us about the numbers & percentages of the dying....while out the other side they shout there isn't enough test kits to know who has it!Which is it, facts & figures, or no kits no facts & figures?

This is the only state I see with "non-repatriated" added, so I will guess that this means "criminal illegal aliens," which is the only logical conclusion. That means 24 Americans are infected in California, versus 174 criminal illegal aliens infected. Does this suggest the need for the Wall, and a vigorous repatriation of the millions of illegals in California and other states they have invaded like cockroaches? Get them out, and keep
them out!

We from a Democrat hoax to a state of emergency in less than 3 weeks. Trump supporters should storm the white house to demand their dear leader to stop
with the lies and incompetence

No, it means citizens brought back from China not included. Citizens are repatriated if brought back from another country. Nonrepatriated means not brought back from another country.

Liberals don't believe they can make political hay out of influenza which kills 18,000 vs 41 for Corona...but hey, lets declare a national emergency over Corona and ignore the flu

Wow, and more people died on us highways in NYS today than in the entire USA with the Coronavirus.

cant blame trump for flu deaths...

The so called Pandemic is no more than a mild case of the common cold. And the Sheep are crying the sky is falling,

We have reported 49 deaths in the 8 week period.
If it was as deadly as is being touted we'd have over 40,000 deaths

But we don't, but we do have liberals blowing their minds over a virus that isn't close to be as fatal as this years flu

No state-by-state breakdown for the flu? I guess the flu doesn't kill

we've only had 41 deaths in a population if 350 million people, and the media are going nuts!

The top 5 states infected with Coronavirus are Washington, NY, California, Massachusetts, and Colorado. These states are ultra liberal states. So the question is what that means.

How may people have or had the virus but had few symptoms and did not / will not die?

The reason the herd instinct exists is because people are attacked when they stand against a mob that has gone completely off the rails.

They will only test you if: you have a negative flu test, you have COVID-19 symptoms, AND you have recently traveled to an area with an outbreak OR been in close contact with a CONFIRMED positive patient.

Testing for the virus is simply a snap shot in time. A person who has a negative reading today, can very well come in contact later and become a carrier tomorrow.

The first death has now been reported in North Dakota.
An 85 year old man, with a history of emphysema, was found unresponsive in his driveway.
The man was shoveling heavy snow from Winter storm Donald, which brushed the
Dakota's early Friday morning.
Covid 19 and Donald were listed as causes of death.
Age, emphysema, and heart attack were ruled out.

The current thinking among the experts is that those without symptoms are the ones spreading the virus.

The Wuhan China virus....

Trump Virus....
How do you categorize it as the trump virus ?
If you have not been on the moon for the past three months, you know it

Started in Wuhan, China.
How is that trump's virus ?

The H1N1 didn't get this much coverage. Wonder why?

That's one way for the virus to run itself out where you work... Once
everyone had it, hopefully, you can't get it again, then it will die out in that particular location... kinda like what's happening in China right now.

Damn 51 coronavirus deaths in the U.S. over the last couple of weeks -- hell that's just a normal week in Chicago!

in the USA we kill 6000 lives every 2 days and LIBERALS don't even blink an eye.

It should be called the Libvirus2020..

Everyone will get the virus, no matter what.
Be prepaired to live...

We need to organize flash mob protests where millions of people gather to protest this hoax

Fuck CNN, MsNbC, and all Liberal news stations. Their thought processes and news casters are the disease..

More than shameful - totally irresponsible and reckless. I hate the Media almost as much as Democrats.

Remember , a real man knows that liberalism, snowflakeism, faggotism and democratism is a disease that will keep spreading , if not cured.

we have no idea whether the other 2671 will recover or become seriously ill...

Scientists also predict that the actual number of cases is probably north of 10,000, but the limited number of tests has kept this confirmed number

How many have already had it and thought they just had a bad cold or thought they were coming down w/ the flu, but recovered in a few days...

Liberal states are leading the country in coronavirus cases, draw your own conclusions.

Even with all the Trump hate, the virus is still seeking out the democrat states!

A lot of Liberals are gonna die. That's all I see. LoL.!!!

Biden said he is not scared and drinking a Corona right now!

A total of 5,000 deaths worldwide so far. The regular flu has killed 295,000 to 600,000 people worldwide so far this flu season. KEEP THINGS IN

This virus is very bad. Rather then having an election this year, lets just keep Trump in office another 4 years!

Panic causes stock market to fall which, causes people to blame Trump. If enough people blame Trump, he wont be elected. This virus is no deadlier
than the regular flu, it's just the perfect opportunity for the Democrats.

2009... 57M people infected by the swine flu with 280K hospitalized. 12K died, including 1200 children. Who's fault was it back in 2009?

They should put the latest Flu list next to their Corona Virus list. It might help folks gain some prospective. Main Stream Media propaganda has
hurt America a hell of a lot more than the Corona Virus.

Panic Puppies would still do whatever they can to cause fear as its good for ratings.

41 Deaths in the US. It sounds like Democrats trying to make Afghanistan
sound like a war. Afghanistan deaths 2016 = 10, 2017 = 6. You want a crisis?

How about bee sting deaths in the US = 58, deaths with car crashes w/deer = 130, Chicago murders = 450, Homeless deaths in L.A. County ALONE = 1,047, US drug overdose deaths = 70,237, deaths from Obesity = 140,939, or...abortion = OVER 1 million a year, (1.9 a minute) since 1970. Let's keep things in perspective. 3,800 deaths worldwide, most in China and China has 16 Million
births a year. Besides most of the ones dying are old guys like me who aren't sure what state they're in or what position they're running for or
how to tell their sister from their wife or where they left their glasses.

When you get in your 70s some even romantically kiss their granddaughters.
Not me, but some.

Democrat research scientists warn of lifestyle choices that may enhance your
chances of contracting the coronavirus.Living within 100 miles of a Confederate monument.
Drinking thru a plastic straw.
Owning a legitimate firearm.
Wearing work boots.
Being a member of a Christian church.
Having a member of the family who is a white policeman.
Eating at Chic-Fil-A
Shopping at Hobby Lobby.
Having an American Flag on your porch.
Voting for Trump.

Wow, seems like a good time to rethink all the open border talk. hard to control viruses and diseases when you can't check the health of the folks
wondering in from some 3rd world county.

It seems that the dims new election strategy is cheering Corona and a wiped out stock market. It's all they have left in the tank. once people realize C-19 is mostly hype and its blown over - it'll come roaring back -- probably around mid summer before the election...

People are panicking because the media has turned this into a nightmare when
it's just another virus. If your not in bad health or very old you don't have much to worry about. Get a grip on yourselves and calm the hell down.

Enough is enough. Tomorrow I'm loading my AR-14 and installing Lysol misters
around the perimeter of the house.

There have been 30 deaths in the U.S. and 24 of those were in Washington
state. Of those 24, 20 were in an assisted living facility. We know that even the flu is deadlier for older people and people not in very good
health. We need to take a step back and really look at what is going on instead of being in panic mode and shooting "the sky is falling"!!!!

They say the best way to prevent the spread of the virus is to stay home.

For the 50,000 homeless in Kalifornia, they should all move in with the liberal leaders like Pelosi, Swalwell, Pencil Neck, Rob Reiner, Barbra
Streisand, Cher, Newsome, etc. Let their words become actions!

Most of us already know that as soon as a vaccine comes out, this will be a non-story for the "yell fire in the theater" media. And, President Trump
will be blamed personally for not discovering the cure sooner.

Would you say the spread of the virus is related to the news coverage??

HOW TO STOP THE CORONA-VIRUS OUTBREAK AND PANIC:.............shut down the MSM along with Fox, CNN & MSNBC for 72 hours......................POOF, it's
over !!!!!

0.0005% of Americans have contracted the Wuhan virus. 11% have contracted this season's flu. 50% have contracted liberalism. That's the real
epidemic. It brings with it terrible symptoms, like total ignorance and
hatred of this country.

Looks like the two top sanctuary cities have more cases than all the rest of the states combined.

China produces 97% of prescription drugs and is stating that they can
basically withhold from the US by declaring a national emergency. Maybe our
politicians will finally wake up and require that US drug companies and the
weapons industry produce a minimum of 50% of all products within the USA to
avert major consequences. China will not be able to hold us hostage for

How can we believe anything china says, when they paint our childrens dolls with lead paint, and they poison our dog and cat food.

Over 100 million adults in china have CAPD..
The study found that most didn't know they have the chronic lunge disease... Google it...

Could this be why so many people in China are dying because of their already chronic lunge disease epidemic, combined with the strong strain of the flu virus, and the weakening of the chinese immune systems due to toxic p0llution..???

Why do the chines have to eat BATS of all things?

2017 leading causes
of death in US

650,000 heart disease
600,000 cancer
170,000 injuries
160,000 respritory diseases
121,000 alzheimers
83,500 Diabetes
56,000 Flu and Pnenomia

Corona virus has not yet peaked but we are 20% through year
2020 Corona virus deaths - 107.

Sadly, since most of these are the elderly and sick, a significant percentage of the 87 would have died of other causes soon anyway.

Maybe battling viruses through "social distancing" is good and worth the hit on the economy. Hopefully it will reduce other flu viruses and common cold also.

Numbers dont lie - panic is not required. Panic is politically driven.


All this hype and panic over a winter flu bug...

Libs, your Utopia is finally here. Government will now tell you when and where to go. What supplies are available and what you should do. They will tell you when to leave your house and when to stay home. Enjoy, your dream has come true.

The rest of us see this as a form of martial law under the guise of corona virus safety...

I cant wait till this liberal panic hits a fever pitch and you libs start breaking in to houses for toilet paper, then we can thin the heard...

You should be really mad at Xi...
Did you just blame the same govt that want to run your health care..?

Corona Virus deaths. 87
Swine flue deaths U.s. 12,000

All you little libs, do us a favor and go lick the door knobs at your local airport... Cnn and MsNBC should be shut down for spewing fear propaganda..
its the only way they know how to get ratingss.

Keep calm and prepare yourselves over the next week for a big spike in reported virus cases caused by new abailability of testing..NOT a HUGE new virus spread, just more testing availability...

That will mean that the disease is more widespread than we thought.
There was already a large spread of the virus....

Its made up hysteria, brought on by liberal biased news and the dem politicians who are weaponizing it purely for political gains...

2017 leading causes
of death in US

650,000 heart disease
600,000 cancer
170,000 injuries
160,000 respritory diseases
121,000 alzheimers
83,500 Diabetes
56,000 Flu and Pnenomia

2020 Corona virus deaths - 107



If your wearing a mask and reading this, you are an ugly person...
Or are you a scared person...?
Which one is it.???








Ihe facts
not the fiction or your feelings...

Why have the shots not been tested on animals,
before humans..???

We are not dogs that wear muzzles..
We are humans...