Welcome to
"The Brain Juice
Sucking Pervert"
Joe Biden, and
Cum-Allah, extreme left Asian Socialist Extremist


Good Job America, for trying to elect one of the weirdest incompetent senile old perverts , and one of thee most unqualified extreme ultra hard left radical oriental south asian bitches in our great nation... If you voted for Blow Fish and Cum-Allah, then please do America a favor and go shoot your self in the head as recourse for involvment in helping in the destruction and de-moralization of our, "We the People's", Great Land....... Savage Rhymes

Hey Joe,

Hey Joe, Your son Hunter Biden just get caught in a video smoking crack and fucking whores in china.
or was it smoking crack and fucking whores in Russia?
Or was it in the Ukraine??

Hey Joe... You just got caught, taking money from china, but instead filtering it through your son, then to you... That way you could say you didn't take any money from China, at least not directly. The Chinese gave the money to your son Hunter, then your son had to give the money to you... You were called the big guy in the e mails that were detailed on hunter bidens labtop that was recently found in a computer store, with hunter bidens signature on the receipt...

Hey Joe, what was the money in exchange for..??

Hey Joe, what did your crack smoking son Hunter get a bunch of money from the Chinese for? For being the middle man in the Biden family money laundering transactions..

Hey Joe, While being vice president under the obama administration, you repeatedly lied about having and knowledge of your sons involvment with Burisma..
Your son hunter earned more than 3million U.S. Dollars while serving on Burismas board of directors (Under thee obama administration..

Hey Joe , You bragged (on video) to the councel on foreign relations that you "threatened the president of the Ukraine by telling him you would withhold 1.8 Billion U.S. dollars in foreign aid, (which you were in charge of during your vice presi dance ee) unless you fired the head prosecutor investigating your family Joe, because you were getting kick backs, or U. S . dollars by the millions , from China, and the Ukraine, and where else???????

Hey Joe, Why , were you filtering money from China, through your son to you?

Hey Joe, what was the money in exchange for?
Drugs? Fentinal, maybe national military secrets.
Top secret shit ya know. There has to be a reason that china was giving your son money to give to you...
What is the reason Joe...???

Hey Joe, you put your son in a position of risking him going to jail over taking money from China and the Ukraine.. Why would you do that to your son Joe??

Hey Joe, your a fucking Low life...

Hey Joe... Your son fucks crack whores and smokes crack...... And im going to bet joe, that you smoke crack too. Just like Obama was with his gay lover Larry Sinclair.

Hey Joe.. You said in a video, that you like to sit little kids on your naked legs and watch them brush your leg hair up, and down with their hands....
Do you ever tell the little kids to brush the hair up and
down on your balls ?

Hey Joe, do you prefer little girls, or little boys
to rub your leg hair up and down on your legs.???






Hey Joe, can you still get it up.??

Hey Joe, do you know what country your in?

Hey Joe, who built the cages for the kids Joe when you were Vice President on Obamas term...

Hey Joe, how many little kids did you have caged up in your basement that you campained from Joe..?

Hey Joe, what about all those paintings of you hanging on the wall of Epstiens island house?

Hey Joe, How many times did you go to Epstiens island?
Bill went 277 times according to his public flight records.
How many times did you and Bill go to the Island together?


Joe Biden has an APPETiTE for KISSING LITTLE BOYS..????

Joe Biden also likes to smell behind little girls ears, to see if their brain juice is young and fresh.. He couldn't help himself but to take a double sniffy sniff from behind the little girl in the purple dresses ear... ???

Looks like he was forcing this little boys head up to his lips...
Hey Joe, do you like kissing little boys?????????????

Or maybe Joe, you like sniffing behind grown old mans ears??
Yuck :( That's Gross... Just like you, ya old fuck...

Or i guess age don't matter when your sucking brain juice and smelling ear wax.. This guy does it to all ages. Luckily, the baby didn't get it's ear wax and brain juice sucked out by Joe.. A close call wouldn't you say. LoL....!!

All in All, i would say to you Joe, your waaaaay to kreepy to ever be the president of the Brain Juice snifferzz........ LoL...

Hey Joe, For 4 years the left has bullied, attacked and called trump supporters vicious ugly names and now you want to shout out the word " U.N.i.T.Y."? LoL

Hey Joe, us deplorables, we cling to our God, Guns, The Constitution, Religion, Bibles...
And you can ad honest elections to that list now..

Hey Joe, your part of the same liberals who called every trump voter deplorable, who burned and looted cities, who have threatened our jobs and the ability to feed our children, now want us to drink their Kool-Aid. I can humbly assure you that we have no plans to unite with hypocrites like you Joe. We have no plans to remain silent Joe... We have had enough of you Already Joe......

Hey Joe, We the People will " Unite" the same way all of you dems unite with us..... N.O.T...............

Hey Joe, we have figured out that fox news is now run by the liberal swamp... Disney bought them out... Hey Joe, got your mickey mouse ears on? I cannot support anything from Fox news anymore. I looked for the truth and got your communist manifestos.. Fox news has become cnn Lite...All communist, all the time..Good by Fox news. A former loyal fan...

Hey Joe,the media was side by side with the democrats on demonizing Trump and anyone who backed him. The media gave no news for 5 years, only their opinions.
And after all that, you think that we are all just gonna hug and be buddies now?????

Hey Joe, After years 5 years of attacking trump,
and you were in on it with obama, you now
ask for Unity????????

The Democrat definition of unity is everyone "simply
just do everything our way and agree with us" and there will then be unity ????????

Hey Joe, all across the nation, dem candidated did horribly. Yet, were asked to believe that you Joe, a walking , mumbling cadaver who ran a campain from your basement with no bond to voters, got more us votes in history than any other U.S. president. LoL

Hey Joe, you want to Unify with who?? Legal gun owners?
Citizens who believe in secure borders? With those who know we need police? With those who know ANTiFA is not an idea, but an actual real life group. With those who know BLM is a Marxist organization? Your campaign was never about unifying all factions of the country, but dividing us into them, and the rest of us...

Hey Joe, no there won't be any cooperation or unity.. Sorry. You dems divided the nation at trumps election.
You dems preached hate for 4 years..
That will not be forgotten...
All you dems will reap what you have sown...

Hey Joe, the next 4 years will be payback fun. What good for the goose, is good for the gander. Joe, you are not my president. You are compromised for taking money from China. "What does china have on you"? Plus you had to cheat to win. Doesn't matter if there isn't any evidence.There wasn't any evidence of Russian collusion either. We are going to impeach you Joe for taking money from China.

Hey Joe,

A woman claims that in 1993 Joe Biden pinned her against a wall, stuck his hand under her skirt, and, uh, “digitally penetrated” her.  There were no witnesses.  Several people have said they remember her telling them of the alleged incident at the time she claims it occurred.  But most contemporaries claim no memory of her ever telling them.  Biden himself has vigorously denied it ever happened.  So whom should we believe?

What type of democracy are democrats selling Joe?
1. When they lose an election, they try to unseat a president...
2.They change the intelligence to spy on people, the president, congressmen and senators.
3.They preach science, up till Trump is defeated, and Fauci doesn't even call democrat demonstrations super spreaders, like he calls trumps..??
4. A virus plan that relies on governors mandates on masks.
5. While working with China, call trump a moscow stooge.
6. A candidate that never goes for a health checkup in front of people.
7. A candidate that has sold this country to china, russia, ukraine, Uzbekstan..
8. 'Bad voting machines.
9. No accountability or monitoring and checking on how they repair voting sheets..
10. No id requirements for voting..
11. When their gangs kill black or police they hail, and when one dies for personal defense from cops, they burn cities...

Hey Joe, are you sure your a good Christian.
God added a new commandment...
Thou shalt not steal ( elections.)

Hey Joe, sure, i'll support you if i see the liberal media and democrats harrass you like they did Trump for 5 years.
Sure I'll support you when your impeached and found guilty of the allegations made about your son. (your business partner)...
Sure I'll support you if you give back the money from you received from china and other countries, and tell them that the U. S. is not for Sale...!!!
Sure I'll support you if you continue president Trump's successes......... Until then Joe , you are not my president....!

Hey Joe , you don't want "UNiTY",
you want "OBEDiENCE", that of which,
you WiLL NOT, get out of me...

Hey Joe, you are NOT, my mail order President...
I will show the same respect towards you , that you and the liberals have projected towards Trump.... Some would say were gonna put the screws to ya. Put rocks in front of your tires on your ride down the gravel road... Should be a bumpy ride Joe.... Hope your ready for it...

Hey Joe, Democrats have completely bought into the lies about trump, that the so called news media, broadcasts to their brains.. They walk like puppets, listening , then doing what ever the so called media infects them with...
Its like a virus. They think they will be immune from their social change agenda, which would strip them of their freedoms and rights, if they just show faithfull support to their party. So Joe, would you say, when you look in the mirror, do you look like your in a hypnotical trance?????

Hey Joe, I think the senate needs to convene a ComeyLike investigative committee to investigate every aspect of you and Cum Allah, every statement you have uttered, everything youve written, every person you have ever met, we need to investigate your spouses, children, siblings, cousins, every job you have ever held, every business deal you have ever entered, every financial transaction you have ever made at any time... I think we need to do the same to you blow fish and cum allah, as you democrats did with trump. And even if we find no evidence of anything, we need to impeach you both anyways..The entire senate should be focused on this and only this and pass no other legislation and approve no judicial or executive nominee until full impeachment is accomplished..!!!! Same as You Joe Blow Fish did to Trump while you were on your way out as vice president for Obamladin, and 4 years while trump " was president."

Hey Joe, your numb skull along with the democrats tried to cancel my vote in 2016 by impeding trump at every step along the way. Now i think you, may have, actually, cancelled, my vote for real, in the 2020 election. Hey Joe, I think, "Unity", is off the table.....

Hey Joe, is obvious we have two oposing ideologies..
One believes in personal responsibility and equal opportunity as the basis for happiness and success...
The other believes that regardless of personal irresponsibility, it can simply control the outcomes...
In short, one believes each of us is responsible for ourselves, and the other believes they have the capability to play god... I don't know about you Joe, but i have no doubt, the latter of the two is impossible... Joe, which category would you say you fall to your death in ????

Hey Joe, when you speak of "Unity" during
a campaign, i think your lying... No Joe, "UNiTY", is democratic socialist code for GOP submission..
Your not about "UNiTY" JOE... Your about conformity..

Hey Joe, after 5 years of you and the democrats calling Trump supporters " RACiSTS" , you don't get to now, call for unity... If we the people really are RACiSTS, then you shouldn't want us to be on your team...And if you've been lying about us the whole time, then we wouldn't want to be on your team anyways...

Hey Joe , Fuck your Unity...
Go back to sucking Obamas Dick, along with Larry Sinclair, Donald Young ( Trinity Church Chicago..)
you walking babling zombie skull fucker....

Sincerely , Savage Rhymes


Hey Cum-Allah,when you were nominated, there was much discussion about your identity..There are many South Asia voters that are upset that your identity has long been downplayed..Some black voters debate, whether your skin is truly "Black enough" to be called the first black Vice Prez?? Why does the news stations say your black, if your East Asian and Indian?

Hey Cum-Allah, you wrote in your 2019 Autobiography, called "The truths we hold", about how your Indian mother raised you with her appreciation for Indian culture.

Hey Cum-Allah, that doesn't mean that your indian or Asian heritage isn't part of your identity either..

Hey Cum-Allah, how many times did you call trump a racist on your campaign, to try and gain the respect of black people?

Hey Cum-Allah, Isn't it funny how the party (Republicans)that freed the slaves and fought for civil rights is being call "racist", by the party (Democrats) who owned the slaves and started the KKK...

Hey Cum-Allah, maybe you can negotiate a fair trade agreement with China.We the People will provide a home to every Hong Kong protester waiving the American flag, and We the People can send China every ungrateful athlete who kneels during "OUR" national anthem..

Hey Cum-Allah, Chevy Volt just recalled 68 thousand green electric cars due to the batteries catching on fire and possibly exploding.. Maybe you could help Cum-Allah. Could you tell us what you know about asian batteries? Would you say they are reliable?

Hey Cum-Allah, since your of east Asian ethnicity,
could you tell us anything about who was putting poison in the puppy food a few years back? Wasn't that a communist socialist owned dog food company?..

Hey Cum-Alla, what kind of poison will you use on Joe, to become the President.. Will you put it in his food, or his drink? Because you know, America didn't elect Joe. He couldn't even get anybody to come to his campaign rallys. Just a few people sitting in cars honking their horns...??

Hey Cum-Allah, you just got caught stealing a section of one of Martin Luther Kings speeches..
Were you trying to make your self look Black.
Because remember Cum-Allah, you are half Indian, and half east asian according to the book you wrote about yourself...

Hey Cum-Allah, why would you try to make yourself look Black, if your not Black...???
Would that not be a punch in the lower gutt ,
to black people.. Lying that your part of their heritage and background...

Hey Cumm-Allah, are you friends with Elizabeth Warren..?? LoL.....